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Darkmoon.me – Aug 14, 2019

Presented by Lasha Darkmoon
with pictures, captions, commentary and video.

From the air, it looks like the perfect Caribbean island – a billionaire’s holiday playground with its 70 acres of beaches, palm trees, pools, a tennis court, a mansion, outbuildings and, of course, a helipad.

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Very few would turn down an invitation to spend a few days at Little St James in the United States Virgin Islands, which is why the roster of those who visited the late Jeffrey Epstein’s lair in paradise was truly A-list, including Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Naomi Campbell, Peter Mandelson and, of all people, the late Stephen Hawking.
But while the island appears to be undoubtedly a heaven on earth, for many of its more reluctant visitors, it was hell.
For it was here that the late financier is said to have pressured underage girls to have sex with him, to the extent that it has been dubbed ‘paedophile island’ or ‘orgy island’ by those on neighbouring islands.
These lurid, throwaway epithets do not, however, lessen the horrors that Epstein inflicted on the girls, nor the lasting emotional damage he caused them.
Their claims were made public last week after documents were unsealed in a defamation suit filed by Virginia Roberts Giuffre against Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s friend and alleged procurer-in-chief.

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[LD] Ghislaine Maxwell (pictured),  daughter of disgraced Jewish newspaper tycoon and Mossad agent Robert Maxwell , is widely reported to have been Epstein’s chief procuress of underage girls. Epstein would then “gift” these girls to the top politicians and international celebrities who found their way to his sex paradise in the sun. 
Curiously enough, all these elite hedonists deny any involvement with Epstein’s underage girls and claim to be of spotless virtue. They were just enjoying an innocent holiday in the sunshine — with topless underage Lolitas lounging languidly  by the swimming pools or cavorting  around in the lush gardens like frisky nymphettes.
These virtue-signalling sybarites included Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz, actor Kevin Spacey, and film director Woody Allen who has in the past faced sexual assault charges against his 7-year-old daughter Dylan.   [LD]
Take the case of a 15-year-old Swedish girl who, in 2005, recalled that while she was “distraught and shaking … literally quivering”, Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein’s assistant, Sarah Kellen, had pressured her into having sex and even confiscated her passport and phone.
Another who allegedly had her passport confiscated was Sarah Ransome, who also claims to have been one of Epstein’s victims and who once tried to swim away from Little St James. She was eventually tracked down by a search party that reportedly included Epstein himself.
Then there is the statement made by Virginia Roberts Giuffre herself, who claimed in her 2015 lawsuit that she was one of Epstein’s sex slaves, and that when she was on the island, she was allegedly forced ‘into an orgy with numerous other underaged girls’.
And let us not forget Ms Giuffre’s much-publicised allegation that it was also on the island that she “was forced by Epstein to have sexual relations” with Prince Andrew when she was a minor. (Picture of Prince Andrew with teenager Virginia Roberts Giuffre). The allegation is strongly denied by Buckingham Palace, who claim ‘any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue’. (Picture of Prince Andrew with Epstein).
In April 2015, a judge threw out the allegations against Prince Andrew and ordered them to be struck from the record as being “immaterial and impertinent”.
Shockingly, girls of such a young age appeared to be all-too frequent visitors to the island, according to Cathy and Miles Alexander, the couple who managed Little St James for Epstein for eight years until 2007.
“I saw some girls who I thought were very young-looking — about 16 or 17, easily — and it bugged me because I have a daughter and, although she was in her 20s, I didn’t like the idea that another woman’s child was in that situation,” Cathy Alexander revealed in an interview.
“I didn’t feel comfortable about it. They looked like they had stepped out of an underwear catalogue.
“They walked around with very few clothes on or lounged by the pool with nothing on. It was like that most of the time. I was concerned about their ages. A few of them looked very young and I couldn’t help but wonder if their mothers knew where they were. One very young-looking girl was called Tila. I just thought ‘you really shouldn’t be here’ but I made myself switch off, as I had no proof.”
On many occasions, Epstein was insistent that Miles Alexander should smuggle the girls on to the island and have them circumvent immigration control on the nearby island of St Thomas.
Mr Alexander refused to help but, as he acknowledged, there were others who were more than willing.
“What Jeffrey wants, Jeffrey gets,” said Mr Alexander.
Such complicity — and the turning of blind eyes — is, of course, what enables rich and powerful men like Epstein to indulge their criminal and abusive tastes.
Another man who worked there was Steve Scully, who recalled Epstein’s troubling approach to decorating his buildings throughout the island.
“There were photos of topless women everywhere,” Scully told ABC News. “On his desk, in his office, in his bedroom.”
It wasn’t just topless photographs that Scully saw when he was on the island but also topless girls, riding off-roaders and sunbathing, who “couldn’t have been more than 15 or 16 years old”.
Despite all the statements and all the interviews given by Epstein’s victims and those who worked for him, there is one part of Little St James that remains a complete mystery. It is a curious building on the southwest headland of the island that some suspect may represent the heart of Epstein’s sordid sex- trafficking activities.
Measuring 30ft square and about 30ft high, the box-like building had a golden dome until it was thought to have been blown off in a storm. The walls are painted in thick blue-and-white stripes and there is a locking bar placed across one of the doors.
Surrounding the building is a terrace featuring some sort of labyrinthine pattern.
According to the drawings in the original planning application, the building was supposed to be octagonal and to contain a bathroom and a living room, in which was to be placed a grand piano.
So what exactly is the curious building for?
LD: Here is a picture of Epstein’s mysterious temple of lust. Some claim that underage girls were kept locked up here behind a barred door. Here they were repeatedly raped and then ritually slaughtered, it is claimed, their bodies later on being dumped at sea. It is well known that vast numbers of children disappear every year in the United States, most of them ending up as heroin-addicted sex slaves in sleazy brothels, while other lie buried in the woods or in America’s vast open spaces.   
These lurid “conspiracy theories” surrounding Epstein are unlikely to be investigated, however, given that most newspapers and mainstream media dutifully accept the lame official storyline that Epstein committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell. The fact that he might have been killed on the orders of  “someone very important” — who will remain nameless here — is passed over in silence as if the idea would never occur to anyone except the nuttiest conspiracy theorist. 
The Daily Mail, to give it credit, does once mention that “some conspiracy theorists” believe that Epstein didn’t hang himself but was murdered, but the far more common conspiracy theory that Epstein is alive and well and is tucked away safely in Israel is passed over in deafening silence.
The J-word is never introduced once, even though the number of Jews implicated in this sleazy little sex scandal is significantly higher than what any reasonable person would normally expect: Ghislaine Maxwell, Alan Dershowitz, Peter Mandelson, Woody Allen, and of course Epstein himself. Speaking of the parallel Harvey Weinstein sex scandal, Haaretz has this to say: “While there has been no shortage of non-Jewish transgressors, the number and prominence of Jews [is] impossible to ignore.”
It would appear that Donald Trump, a Zionist stooge often accused by anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists of being a “crypto-Jew”, has blotted his copybook by singing the praises of his friend Jeffrey Epstein in the past. Association with this notorious sexual pervert has not done Trump’s reputation any good.  [LD]

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Some say that Epstein’s “temple” is simply a music room where Epstein — who was reputed to be a brilliant pianist — could tinkle the ivories. Others say it is a gym but that seems unlikely, given that the mansion house surely has such a facility.
Because the structure looks like a temple, you don’t have to be the biggest conspiracy theorist on the planet to suppose it is a place where Epstein carried out his sexual abuse IN AN ALMOST RITUALISTIC FASHION.
As one Chicago-based builder told the website Business Insider, THOSE LOCKING BARS SEEM POSITIVELY SINISTER. 
“What makes it peculiar is that if you wanted to keep people out, the bar would be placed inside the building,” said James Both. “But the locking bar appears to be placed on the outside . . . AS IF IT WERE INTENDED TO LOCK PEOPLE IN.”
(Emphasis added, LD) 
Even if the building was used for entirely innocent purposes, there is surely no sane parent on earth who would allow their teenage daughter to spend any time there with a man like Epstein.
In the months to come, doubtless more secrets about Little St James will emerge. And, more disturbingly still, it was not even Epstein’s only island — for he had also bought the nearby Great St James in 2016 and was in the process of trying to develop its 165 acres when he died.
The idea that Epstein was planning an even greater island of horrors is perhaps too much to bear thinking about.

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