Israel drops a slot in 2019 Military Strength Ranking, still behind Iran

The Global Firepower ranking uses over 55 factors to determine a country’s ranking, allowing smaller, more technologically-advanced nations to compete with larger nations.

Netanyahu appearing before the UN General Assembly in 2012 to warn of the threat posed by Iran. Since then we’ve seen no hard evidence of Iran’s nuclear weapons drive, although we’ve heard plenty more allegations.

Alex Winston — Jerusalem Post Aug 12, 2019

Israel’s military is in 17th place in the latest 2019 Military Strength Ranking index by Global Firepower.

Israel comes behind the standard military powerhouses of the United States, Russia, China, India and European powers Germany, the UK and France, but has moved down one place from 2018 when it came in 16th.

However, out of the top 30 countries, including Egypt, Brazil and Japan, Israel is still punching above its weight and has by far the lowest population with only 8,424,904 people.

It also lists Israel’s defense budget at $19.6 billion, far exceeding many of the countries in the top 20.

Perhaps the surprise of the index is that Israel ranks behind regional enemy Iran for the second year in a row, despite international pressure and sanctions against the Islamic republic, although full US sanctions have only been re-instated since November 2018.

Global Firepower state that Israel has 170,000 active personnel in all branches of the armed forces, with a further 445,000 people in reserve, meaning a total of 7.3% of Israel’s population are somehow involved a military role. Compared to Iran, which similarly has around 873,000 people on active duty and in reserve, but only 1.1% of the population is involved in the armed forces.

Muslim countries Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey and Indonesia also rank ahead of Israel in terms of military power.

The Global Firepower ranking uses over 55 factors to determine a country’s ranking, allowing smaller, more technologically-advanced nations to compete with larger nations. A nation’s financial stability is taken into account as a determining factor, perhaps making Iran’s place in the top 15 even more surprising.

Rankings are based simply on the size of an army, number of weapons a country may have and other factors such as geography, natural resources and local industry. Nuclear weapons or stockpiles are not taken into account. However, recognized nuclear powers are awarded additional points.



3 responses to “Israel drops a slot in 2019 Military Strength Ranking, still behind Iran”

  1. What absolute Tosh!
    Global firepower? The zionists punch way above their weight. What about the firepower of 400 nuclear warheads in Damona?

  2. What about Dimona? Nothing, just a target! Read the following or go to the line with two stars ** if you don’t want to read everything.

    “There will be NO war, and we WON’T negotiate!” Iran’s Supreme Leader

    If you are familiar with Game Theory, you should know how these things work. Iran’s strategy used to be retaliation with second-strike, then reached deterrence strategy with first-strike and since about 8 years ago based on what IRGC claims, Iran’s strategy against US has become preemptive. In deterrence doctrine there are 4 main issues.

    1- Balance of terror: To be able to scare your enemy!
    2- Flexible response: In case of an enemy action, having the ability to choose from a wide array of different responses.
    3- Big Retaliation/pay back: Being able to respond to an enemy action with a bigger counter-action.
    4- Total war: Being able to drag the situation or escalate to total annihilation or total war

    Iran achieved capability in these 4, years ago! and that is why it has not been attacked like others. So Iran is very scary in the eyes of its enemies in various ways. It has the ability to respond very flexibly and thus able to greatly surprise its enemy. Can retaliate with a bigger response against every enemy action. Can easily expand the conflict to world war.

    ** Regarding nuclear weapons… Iran has indigenous radars that can detect a nuclear armed Jericho missile launch from Israel, Iran then can launch a barrage of highly accurate advanced Dezful missiles to take out Dimona within 7 minutes from Iranian land (iron-dome is a propaganda). Or even better Hezbollah could do it up close. Perhaps Israel would experience a nuclear explosion earlier than Iran even though they launch first! This is a sure deterrence. The NATO Turkey hosts a US base that has nuclear missiles stored, it can be targeted too.

    Now take Pakistan as an example, it has nuclear weapons but what is the benefit? There are more than ~340 cases of US drone attacks, with high collateral damage in Pakistan, often hitting Wedding parties, compare this to Iran, has no nuclear weapons but captures RQ-170 and has the biggest collection of destroyed or captured US and Israel drones in the world! And recently downed a Global Hawk for the first time in the world in a very high altitude. So one can ask what is the point of actually maintaining an arsenal of nuclear weapons? Specially considering that if Iran really wanted it could make them relatively quickly (If Iran couldn’t make nukes, its scientists wouldn’t have been targets of successful and failed assassinations) and besides Iran already has conventional deterrence for enemy nuclear weapons!

    It is essential to understand that Iran does not need to fight a classic war, number of aircraft carriers, number of tanks, number of fighter jets, etc… mean nothing when Iran can fight asymmetrically. IRGC’s main strategy in case of total-war is to inflict great number of causalities on Americans and to drag the conflict for a very long time! air-craft carriers and US bases in 30 or more countries around Iran are really opportunities according to General Hajizadeh head of IRGC’s aerospace division!

    Closing strait of Hormuz is easy however IRGC already has plans to close strait of Bab Al Mandab too, not to mention on the other end the Suez Canal. All regional oil pipelines and refineries go up in flames too. Hoothis of Yemen can do these things too as they have shown!

    So as you see main strength of Iran is its local allies and missiles, without its very wide array of deadly and accurate missiles and locally made various radars, it would probably have been attacked by savage barbarians already! That is why Iran has developed vast underground missile cities with tunnels under the mountains and secret launch silos. Iran now also has submarine launch capability.

    As we see the confusion in US government and contradictory remarks from Trump we can only conclude that US is trying to save-face and can hide behind more sanctions! think about it, Trump designates IRGC as a terrorist organization, then later says attacking air-defense sites would kill 150 IRGC personal (terrorists) manning them and this would not be a proportionate response. The fact that he is worried to respond proportionately means US can no longer act preemptively. Elsewhere he said he appreciates that Iran didn’t shoot down the accompanying P8 plane with 35 crew that was flying along with the Global Hawk and that it was very wise!

    So really “There will be NO war, and we WON’T negotiate!”

  3. Thank you for such an informed answer Mr. Faithfulness! Long my you prosper!