Taiwan Will Be Easy Pickings for China, says Ex-Pat

henrymakow.com – Aug 13, 2019 

Taiwan is anything but prepared for an inevitable Chinese invasion.
“Let the world hear this, the legalization of “gay marriage” and the accommodation of Islam are the opening of the floodgates of Hell & New World Order chaos for Taiwan. China knows it. They have sponsored all of it: get the boys skinny and gay, get the women androgynous, let the wolves come in, and the rest is a cake-walk.”
The same applies to the West in general.
“When I first arrived in Taiwan, I was struck by the near-absolute lack of manliness in the culture…”

by Aspen — (henrymakow.com) 

There has been much speculation concerning how the tensions between Taiwan and China will play out. There have been reports, even books claiming “China is afraid to attack Taiwan”;  etc. It’s all nonsense, designed to disguise the fact that Taiwan will offer little to no resistance to invasion by China.

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen is an Illuminati go-fer

 Taiwan has no gun culture, no cowboy culture, no combustion engine culture, no history of valiant victory. Christians are a tiny minority. There are no public campaigns urging the men of the land to mobilize in defense of “democracy” and independence. All the Taiwanese really care about is making just enough money, living a life of ease and peace, and convincing themselves that they can be “nationalists” without having actually to fight for it.
While there may be a reserve of something resembling actual warriors in the Taiwanese military, the overall structure, and composition of Taiwanese forces is a joke. Every major military purchase and upgrade of ships, missiles, weapons systems, etc., is nothing more than a publicity stunt. Since the time of my arrival in Taiwan, mandatory military conscription periods have been reduced from two years, to 18 months, to 14 months, to 11 months, to — drumroll, please — four months.



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  1. Those rifles appear to be 40+ year old CAR-15s! They ought to buy some new, US Made, M-16s and M-4’s from Syria, which were left lying around by the US’s imported (and exported to your neighborhood – and probably Taiwan -Sunni Head Chopping terrorists from US sponsored/created ISIS/AQ.

    Syria keeps finding huge caches of the things, along with all sorts of other weapons, that would probably help Taiwan last 45 minutes instead of 30. At least they can afford it.