Iran’s new air defense system is superior to Russia’s S 300: Russian analysts – The Syrian Reporters Aug 12, 2019

A prototype of Iran’s Bavar 373 was first unveiled in August 2016. Click to enlarge

Iran has developed a new air defense system that is superior to the Russian-made S 300 system, according to a well-informed Russian aviation analyst team reporting via the publication site Avia.Pro.

The analysis article brings forth some worthy points about the superior aspects of Iran’s domestically-produced Bavar 373 air defense system in regards to its more effective, longer-range and accurate early warning and fire-control radar units.

Chief among this is the Bavar 373 complex’s ability to detect stealth aircraft such as the F-22 and F-35 at ranges beyond the S 300’s capabilities, allowing for greater warning time to respond to such a threat in a combat situation.

A final point the Avia.Pro team notes is that even if, at the very least, the Bavar 373 is equal to the S 300 in terms of air defense capabilities then it is, for a fact, vastly cheaper than the S 300 – which for an Iran under heavy sanctions is a good thing.

Bavar 373 air defense

Iran began developing the Bavar 373 air defense system many years ago amid legal complications that led to Russia halting its delivery of twelve S 300 systems that Iran had already purchased some time earlier; these were eventually delivered in 2015 however.

As the first Bavar 373s began to undergo their trials, some Iranian officials claimed that although the S 300 deal with Russia was going to be seen through to arrival, they had nonetheless lost interest in the Russian air defense system compared to their own domestically-made system.


Comment – Aug 12, 2019

Given that the S-300 PMU2 supplied to Iran was first displayed in Moscow nearly two decades ago, Iran’s Bavar 373 could well be superior.
The final version of the indigenously developed air defence system is due to be unveiled on August 22, Iran’s National Day of the Defense Industry. When that happens you can be sure that U.S. intelligence analysts will be watching the rollout very closely.
If the Bavar 373 is indeed more capable than the S-300 then it will be a very serious obstacle for U.S. air strikes. That being the case the White House may have to put on hold any planned military strikes on Iran. Ed.

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  1. Look ! They are stumbled by a bunch of Camels herders in Afghanistan, armed only with old Lee Enfield rifles for the last 18 years & they dream to win against Iran ??? Do they think that Iran is Grenada ??

  2. @Mr Reynard
    You are partly correct, the reason they struggle against the Vietcong, Iraqi republican guard and Taliban is simple, the US military is a conventional fighting force with a few special ops branches, apart from the spec ops branches, the rest of the military is trained to fight conventional warfare like ww2.
    When they come up against guerilla tactics, they get hit and run all over the place, then the enemy blends back into the background.
    So bar Zionist tactics of making the populace pay for each attack on them, there is not much they can do to prevent being attacked when they are exposed or vulnerable.

    Which is why you see them setup safe zones like Kabul or Baghdad, so called green zones. Then they can run operations out of these safe areas, with little fear of being attacked in the safe area (it still does happen, but takes far more resources and planning, something the guerilla forces lack most the time, plus they know it will be a suicide run, so bar fearless muslims going to God a maryter, there is less people willing to volunteer for such a mission).

    But anyways back to my point, Iran has built up most of its military forces to fight conventional warfare, so tbh if the US invaded, they could genuinely steam roll Iran in that fight, but what would come later with the guerilla forces led by the Revolutionary forces, they would more than likely suffer heavy losses on a daily basis, so much so that it would be like Vietnam all over again, eventually they would have to pull out of Iran due to all the body bags coming home.

    Now this is based on Iran standing alone, but we all know that is unlikely given the reasons Russia would have to get involved in any conflict, to preserve there own countries integrity. The lucractive oil deals they just signed and have previously agreed on, the access to the Iranian ports to project their power globally, help tie in with China naval forces more. Numerous reasons they would back Iran to benefit themselves in the long run.
    Pakistan is the nuclear neighbour, who may not get along well with Iran because of the old Shia vs Sunny aspect, but given the prospect of them being next, they would more than likely support Iran, be it overtly or covertly, the Pakistani intelligence agencies have proven themselves world class over the decades.
    Should they deploy troops in Iran, you can be certain China will be assisting Pakistan to help the relations between these two nations, as China relies on the new highways through Pakistan to their new Chinese built ports for renewal of the old silk road, which will eventually go through Iran into Europe one day.

    So either way you look at it, any strike on Iran be it limited or sustained warfare, will have the potential to spark ww3 or even a regional war that lasts for decades.

  3. I suspect the Russians are helping in many ways as much as possible. The US didn’t think Iran could bring down a Global Hawk. Iran has two nukes from the Soviet era and the US knows all about this. I used to be friendly with a London based Iranian and he had a brother in the Iranian military & he said it was common knowledge. He also said the policy was to use the nukes before military systems became degraded.