William Barr has Disturbing Ties to Epstein

henrymakow.com — Aug 12, 2019 

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Attorney General William Barr vows to investigate Epstein’s “suicide” but he and his family have longstanding ties to the  Mossad-run pedophile, another sign that Epstein may be in Israel. And what is Epstein’s connection to the rash of mass shootings that Barr predicted? 
Barr said “a major incident may well occur at any time that will galvanize public opinion”, and [FBI Director] Wray said, “The most persistent threats to the nation are homegrown violent extremists, domestic terrorists …” Those ‘warnings’ were quickly followed by the 3 white-guy mass shootings on 28 July, 3 August, & 4 August, followed by the calls for more gun & internet controls.

by Brabantian — (henrymakow.com) 

Never before have we seen a piece of official ‘news’ so instantly and widely disbelieved, as the alleged ‘suicide’ of Jeffrey Epstein in USA federal custody.
For example, world-leading financial site ZeroHedge, quickly ran material quoting prison professionals as to how Epstein’s ‘suicide’ as the USA’s most famous current prisoner, was virtually impossible:
The official ‘news’ seems absurd: Epstein already ‘having tried to kill himself’ a few days earlier, obviously being on special watch … drawings of Epstein in court looking very little like him …
The ‘body on the gurney’ seeming to have a different nose, ears, etc … it’s not even clear Epstein was ever in jail, after the fake-seeming ‘arrest’, with police ‘breaking in the door’ of a 27,000 square foot mansion with Epstein’s 24/7 live-in servants, covered in the two earlier articles on ‘Operation Epstein’:
Those articles spoke of the likelihood Jeffrey Epstein might soon be on a beachfront in Israel enjoying himself, which is exactly what many now think.


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