Jeffrey Epstein Dead? I Seriously Doubt It!

Northern Truthseeker – Aug 10, 2019

I honestly was wanting to take today as an “off day” from this blog just to spend time with family and a few friends… I am supposed to be off to a barbecue party shortly, and considering how short the summers are here in central Canada, I do not want to miss this one… BUT I do have a bit of time to fire off one major article today, and it does concern a major incident that happened, supposedly, earlier today when that pedophile Jewish freak, Jeffrey Epstein, was supposedly found “hanging” in his jail cell in an act of suicide….

Yes, the mainstream Jew spew media has been all over the reports of Jeffrey’s “demise” and what they are screaming to the masses as a “suicide”… But there is so much wrong with this “suicide”, considering that this Jew Epstein freak of nature has been on a “suicide watch” in that prison meaning that the guards and other attendants are watching him closely to make sure that he does not do away with himself before his important trial coming up for his charges of child molestation, and pedophilia…

I smell a rat here in terms of this “suicide” and several of my fellow Canadian bloggers have been all over this “suicide” and have posted some interesting material at their own blogs… I do want to start with an interesting report that Greencrow, who of course hails from the wild and untamed region of southern British Columbia, and writes the important blog: “Greencrow As The Crow Flies” at…. Here in fact is the link to Greencrow’s own assessment of this “Epstein suicide” right here for my own readers to ponder:

OK, I do agree with Greencrow on some of the facts that she presents… And I had to laugh when I saw the title of “Tangential Titilation Terminated” for it is indeed priceless….

And yes, Greencrow is like myself in being skeptical of what we are being told about this “suicide”…Nothing adds up at all, and we are getting a lot of strangely different reports coming out from the Jew spew media even now as they for the strangest reasons simply cannot get their stories or facts straight… Therefore something is terribly amiss in terms of this entire “suicide”….

And of course we have another report from another fellow Canadian, Penny, who of course hails from the “centre of the universe” aka “southern Ontario”, and writes the blog: “Penny For Your Thoughts” at…. Here in fact is the link to Penny’s article about this “Epstein Suicide” right here:

OK, Much like Greencrow, Penny also has a LOT of unanswered questions about this “suicide”, and just like her and of course Greencrow, I am “skeptical”….

In all honestly, something definitely does stink to high heaven in regards to this “suicide”…. And knowing that the “tribe” does always attempt to protect ‘their own’, I do wonder if we are seeing nothing but an elaborate hoax and Epstein is still alive!

Well…. Lo and behold, but I am not alone in questioning this entire “suicide” and wondering if it is part of a sick game to have Epstein now “disappear” instead of having the scumbag have his day in court for his crimes against humanity and especially against children….  For apparently Jim Stone, who writes his articles at, has filed an amazing report today showing strong evidence that this “suicide” was a fraud and right now Epstein is either in hiding in America OR is right now on a plane to that sicko state of Israel that has NO “extradition” policies… Here is Jim Stone’s article here:

Click to enlarge


Someone posted a Google street view of this ambulance bay. It matches the picture on the left. However, the picture on the right is not of that ambulance bay (despite it being made to look as such) because on Google, the sign has 4 lines of text that go out to the edge, in this image it has 3 and in this image the lines stop half way down, in the Google image they go to the bottom, the gurneys are missing the FDNY print despite sort of looking the same, and why would a private hospital have FDNY “on site, AT THE FIRE” type gurneys in it anyway? Hospitals and ambulances don’t use those, street view has a hoax picture, that’s why. In the top image the vehicle is parked the wrong way for this ambulance bay, and even if some are convinced both are from the same ambulance bay, it can’t explain Epstein’s photoshopped head, where it is so much larger than it should be he might as well be a different species. You know – those Brazilian giants. That was a critical photoshop error they cannot get past, it by itself makes any errors I might have made here (DOUBT IT) irrelevant.

I am not going to issue a redaction, I think that similarities were pasted in by Google and they did not get them all. Usually Google street view is very clear, and even in this picture of the ambulance bay it is VERY clear except for where it matters, in this case “where it matters” they delivered a “limpet mine”.

Would Google hoax this enough to instill a plausible deniability doubt? YOU BET, they do nothing but censor and push lies, and They forgot that if they are going to hoax it, details, like where the text actually appears on a sign or gurney AND THE TYPE OF GURNEY MATTERS. No hospital or ambulance would ever use those, why are they hanging there at a private hospital? They would use what Epstein was pasted onto, not a fire department rescue gurney.

Hey, let’s say I am TOTALLY WRONG above. (doubt it). But, if so, there is THIS:


I have said this LOTS: If they wanted us to believe the official story, they should not lie so damn much!

GET THIS: Epstein’s death was not recorded because the jail had “camera problems”.


I have noticed “chatter” that indicates something huge may happen over the week end. It first started with predictions that there would be huge terror attacks on August 10-11 and stuff like that happens so much I blow it off. however, something just surfaced that made me decide to mention this.
A landscaper who works on elite properties has noticed that MANY elite are holding parties on August 11. The post is extremely poorly written, so bad it hurts the message, but IF it is true it begs the question: WHY would they be holding parties on the 11th?


The following is not sourced, it is just floating around out there, and the nature of how it was written is spooky, this is NOT someone screwing around, this was posted by someone not very literate so it fits the profile perfectly as legit: . . . . .
“I’m a landscaper and I work on properties that are owned by billionares and millionaires that are oil company executives ceos of large investing companies s and p 500 investors basically extremely powerful people and like 10 different clients are throwimg a party on August 11th even tho its not necessarily unusual for some of our clients to throw a party every now and then its highly unusual for this many of our clients to throw a party on the same exact day and ive been hearimg about this date from you and many fish I think these people know about somthing everone has been really secretove about it I asked what the party was for and no one knows”

My comment: NOW WE KNOW. It probably will not be a terror attack, they are all having “Epstein flies to Tel Aviv” parties.

How did Epstein die on suicide watch?


I wish I had a football. If I had one, I’d be spiking it repeatedly now . . . .

OK, I have looked carefully over the photos that Jim presents, and yes there are some things terribly wrong with the bullshit story that the Jew spew is presenting… And therefore I am leaning on Jim’s assessment that Epstein is NOT dead at all, but is right now either in Tel Aviv or enroute…..

The facts are that the crapola that the Jew spew media is trying to sell us right now is exactly that.. pure crapola and nothing but lies…. That crap was obviously put out there to sell the gullible masses on the assertion that this creep “committed suicide” and “good riddance”… Meanwhile, like I said before the “tribe” does protect their own, and right now this freak could well indeed be laughing his face off as he goes to Israel and never ever has to be “extradited” or face any trials for his long list of crimes against children….

I also do wonder what happens now, especially with all of the eyewitnesses and others now coming forward wanting to go to trial to see Epstein be put away forever… Now the criminals in charge in the US will simply have the trials “dismissed” under the assumption that Epstein is now “dead” and there never will be justice…. Yes, readers, this may be all part of the sick game the Jewish freaks continue to pull as they allow this freak to escape justice!

I do again want to thank Greencrow and Penny for their articles and their skepticism in terms of this Epstein “suicide” fraud…. Knowing what we have already seen in regards to previous hoaxes, it does not surprise me at all that they have “hoaxed” Epstein’s “suicide”, thus allowing that monster to get away scot-free!

More to come




9 responses to “Jeffrey Epstein Dead? I Seriously Doubt It!”

  1. death certificate required funeral arrangements to be maid and estates to be sorted out keep an eye on it

  2. The whole thing is a stinking cesspit
    Prince Andrews ex wife Fergie was one of these girls, she was a beautiful teenager
    and she loved sex, thats how they met, through Epstein,
    Film of a young Hilary wearing a strap on dick, kept being removed from youtube
    the young girls in it looked very young to me, i would say underage for sex.
    The corruption with these people is awful
    but a rothschild once said ” We promote those people who will have to serve our cause
    or we expose them”
    Its funny bit when the noose gets close to a jews neck they always dash back to israel and the news says they are dead

  3. Yet another jewish molester of kids, arent we a bit sick of all this molestation ?
    Join the boycott of all israeli goods and shops, this had led to a massive upsurge for our own hard working farmers markets where you can buy fresh locally grown produce
    The aims of the boycott are ;-
    Israel must renounce all terrorist actions world wide
    No more land grabs
    all killings must stop
    no more banking swindles stock and bond crimes insider dealing and schiesting
    Pay reparations for past crimes
    finally to join the human race

  4. Psychopathic jew Mark Regev s secretary was over heard in a conversation reported on the conspiracy hour to say quote, ” Epstein dead, no hes home from the CIA flight and tucking into a nice steak dinner back in Tel Aviv as we speak, i have no doubt”
    i dont know if this was said seriously, but i would not be surprised
    just make sure Jonathan Pollard and Bernie Madoff dont disappear the same way

  5. Interesting images which support a non suicide and cover story. Good chance Epstein is alive. A little plastic surgery and identity change and he is off. He cut an internal deal. He will never talk. Being Jewish helped but no guarantee . I believe Rubin from the JDL years ago was taken out by a Mossad directed operation as he was a wild man and a huge liability to Israel.

  6. The 3 possibilities on Epstein are: Suicide, Murder or Identity Change / Managed Escape. No doubt the identity change-managed escape scenario would require a lot of input from top of the line individuals on his behalf since there is always the chance of him talking. I would say that he has made enough friends in the elite as well as the Mossad to accomplish this. A contingency plan if he was caught and somehow identified ( some how escaping mass media control ) would be to immediately take him out. Dead men don’ the talk. Bonifide suicide here is the least probable in my opinion.

  7. I don’t believe Epstein committed jewicide but i also don’t believe that landscape gardener bollocks either. It wouldn’t be too difficult for a so called elite inbred to trace him or her and bury him in his or hers own flower bed. That one is a red herring I’m afraid.

  8. Response to Mick. No doubt the murder the safest way to go for the elite. Absolutely no loose ends. Everyone can sleep at night and not a worry in the world except if you believe in Karma

  9. Everyone I have talked to regarding the “Suicide” of Epstein has remarked that he was murdered or the suicide suspicious. I mean EVERYONE. The deep state I am sure hopes that everyone would go away on this one and hopes that time will “soften” the impact of the lie.