Epstein Arkancided or he’s the Scarlet Pimpernel. Why is it so Crowded on the Highway to Hell?

Visible Origami – Aug 10, 2019

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Now we know why that ‘conspiracy thinking is a crime’ thing was booted up by the FBI. In any case, Epstein DID NOT kill himself. Epstein was/is a narcissistic psychopath. Under NO circumstances do people of this ilk take their own life.
On the matter of corruption, there is zero doubt that those FBI agents and CIA operatives and what have you from wherever, are aware that a small handful of Stone Age Arabs DID NOT attack the United States on 9/11. It was a joint effort between Israel and rogue elements of US intelligence services. The complete article by Warrior for Truth; Christopher Bollyn can no longer be found but, here is a little something by someone else.
He was running the world’s biggest honey pot scheme for the Mossad. That’s your bottom line for the whole escapade. Everything else is just window dressing and obfuscation.
I was just coming in here this morning to write something about Epstein, finally. I’d been up late last night composing an outline. Then I come in here this morning and I am told the man is dead. I had said hardly a word about him all this time. I had a theory or two that I wanted to put out there. Never mind, on that account, now.
Epstein’s suicide is as fake as Ellen Degenerate’s talent, meaning it is as fake as fake can be. His previous staged event would (100%) have put him on video suicide watch. He also complained that the lights in his cell were so bright that he couldn’t sleep. If it is said there is no video, or that… heh heh… the system was down, you KNOW he was Arkancided or whisked out of there by those concerned about him being Arkancided. We shall see. Meanwhile, surely you KNOW that he took steps to protect himself against this very thing by the threat of releasing damning evidence… so… wheels within wheels, with no lubricant whatsoever. It’s how you get the squeaky wheel. There is a whole demographic of people who specialize in squeaky wheels. Here is the biggest squeaky wheel of the last few centuries.
I’ve got nothing more to say about The Epstein Barr Boy; called that because Epstein Barr is known as, ‘the kissing disease’.
There’s not a lot to be inspired by anymore. There are no more poets; one or two maybe, here or there. Poets are the highest expression of the simpatico between the internal Sophia, the radiant muses and… are that human being touched by the angels of the invisible. A few decades ago we had Pedophile NAMBLA boy, Alan Ginsberg and Rod Mckuen, both gay as it gets. Mckuen wrote Hallmark Greeting Card verse and made more money in one year (six million dollars) than ALL THE POETS in the century preceding. Poets don’t make much. They get paid in other coin. Then Maya Angelou came around, she was Rod Mckuen, after the sex change operation. Then came Poetry Slams. Kill out the poetry, shut out the real artists; it’s all explained in two parts here. More than 90% of all the art galleries are owned by Tribe members. Pervert music, until it is a direct offense against Lady Nature and all of the higher muses AND… you have a culture in decline, falling off a very high and very steep cliff.
Here is AC/DC performing at the Grammy’s this year. You’ll see some famous faces. Tune in at the 4:00 minute mark and you see Katy Perry, pantomiming where it’s all at for them. You see Lady Gagme and then you see a whole row of celebrities with red devil’s horns on their heads. Of course, the scalded cat lead singer, is howling about how he’s on the Highway to Hell. It looks like the audience agrees with him. Lucky for us, the timeless and inspired lyrics scroll down the screen, so you can see the lyrics in all their intricate and inspired splendor (a retarded Chimpanzee could have penned a more articulate song) . Right. I can’t quite figure out what the guitar player is doing but I REALLY don’t want to know. If you want any insight into AC/DC, this pretty much nails it. I’ve got deeper and more definite evidence of many related things but… it doesn’t matter.
I’m not going to get into the argument about, “if it walks like a duck” or “by their works ye shall know them”. I don’t argue to begin with. We are at that point where EVERYTHING is coming out of the closet; sex freaks, Satanists and everything hidden, now revealed. We are in an apocalypse. That means, literally, ‘revealing’ and ‘uncovering.’ You can see it all right in front of you, no matter what direction you look in. If you can’t see what I am talking about, you have your eyes closed.
As is EVER the case, the sincere and informed believers are very, very few. Add in the lip servers, the dilettantes and week end dabblers and the numbers swell considerably. Add in the hypocrites and the self serving, who use religion and spirituality as a cash cow …and the numbers REALLY swell.
The faithless and the feckless are locked in a death dance. Their fear makes them tremble and they fight with all their might to disentangle from their shadow image. It’s isn’t even real but… they think it is. As you think it, so it is. THE DEVIL IS GOD AS HE IS SEEN BY THE WICKED! There is ONLY one force and one source and all permutations of temporary and particularized force, are from the same place. We determine the nature and direction of the force by INTENTION.
For the true, Supreme Being, dispensing with evil is as simple as cutting off access to the force which permits them to act. That is probably not how it will go down because evil ALWAYS destroys itself. It is in the nature of evil to do this. The entire drama of life, across the centuries, is the working out of the dance of relative good and evil. You get rewarded here or you get rewarded elsewhere OR… mysteriously- you get rewarded in both locales. DESIRE IS THE AGENT OF GOD’S WILL.
I don’t care one way or the other about Epstein. External icons of power and privilege are empty suits with feet of clay. Temporal force with all its trappings, is an exposition of temporary lives that cut a deal, or earned a momentary play, to strut and fret their hours upon the stage. It’s all meaningless; “you’re nothing but a pack of cards!” Soon now, it will be coming around the mountain when it comes. The invisible is going to be made visible. What seemed to be, will be revealed as what it really is. God is not mocked …and for sure, you can’t make light of or abuse the Divine Feminine. Ooh she is the very face of patience itself but eventually… eventually… she is going to get angry. The she is going to ‘shake’ and ‘tremble‘ with rage. Count on it!
We are in a time of social reformers and… social reformers were the biggest killers of all time. Go back over the last century and you will see that the most powerful movers and shakers, who killed the most people, were social reformers. Social reformers; millions of people died. Today we have Antifa born and bred out of the minds of Tribe professors, of Atheist and Communist perspective. How is it that some intelligent ‘guys’, here and there, have not seen this and brought it to the world’s attention? Why is the pattern of the players and their racial allegiance not known and PROCLAIMED! Right… right. If you want to know who is running the show, just ruminate upon who you are not allowed to criticize. Socialism always finds its way to Communism, the same way all bi-sexuals become Gay.
You know someone choreographed those shootings, right? (oops that’s a Federal crime isn’t it? Who decides what is a conspiracy fantasy and what is reality?)
Back when I took LSD, every three days for a long long time, I thought everyone saw the things I saw when I was tripping. Out in the parks of DC at night, there were green holographic Buddhas in the shrubbery. Enormous varicolored serpents moved in and out of the earth. There was a vibrating, hieroglyphic flame alphabet, inscribed upon everything. These are what I saw, without fail, every time.
Generally… I usually took acid when I was in Nature and it was a common feature for me to see the holographic goddess down in the meadow and in the eaves of trees. Voices would appear out of nowhere. My life was a beautiful thing in those hours. I would run through the forests, singing up the trunks of the trees and then out through the branches and leaves, it was a fluid series of eclectic sounds and harmonies were formed, in the chorus of all of Nature’s creations; from babbling brooks to clouds upon the sky. At the time I knew that everything was sound. Those moments are few and far between now. The times are different and good acid is as rare as hen’s teeth.
Nothing going on out there in the world is of any real importance. It is just endless changes. Sometimes it is peaceful and sometimes it is stormy. There are wars and plagues that come and go. Kingdoms rise and fall. People find and lose themselves. It’s all a movie and I’ve no real interest in watching it. I do watch it because I comment on it here and at various locations but it is always with the intent of weaving the conversation back to the Supreme Being. I can see why it is possible that great destruction is in the Event Horizon. There is a phrase in The Bible; “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” How true that is. Scripture is being torn and mutilated into unrecognizable forms. Here are all the variations of that phrase at the moment and… those are changing too.
There is nothing I can say to anyone that will alter the course of this world. I can alter my own course but… I’ve already done that. I am walking into and through the Kingdom of God. I am working for the Kingdom of God. Everyone is doing what they are doing for whatever their reasons are. This is what I am doing, as well as reminding myself, EVERY time I am able to remember, that God is Real and… practicing the presence of the indwelling and awaiting the day that the wind shall rise and swell the sails of my ship of eternal being and there I go… disappearing into the mist that hangs like a curtain upon the ocean of life and death… off to the blessed shores. It is one of life’s most curious mysteries that, given this is true (and it is), why do not more people give it their everything and all? It’s a simple requirement. You give it all, you get it all.
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I’m walking into and through… the kingdom of God. I’m walking through and into… the kingdom of God♫

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  1. “We are in an apocalypse. That means, literally, ‘revealing’ and ‘uncovering.’ You can see it all right in front of you, no matter what direction you look in. If you can’t see what I am talking about, you have your eyes closed.”
    This is VERY important.

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