Holocaust memorial outside Parliament is set to be rejected

Complaints it would spoil the view just months after the government pledged a further £25m to the project

-> The monument and education centre would be in Victoria Tower Gardens
-> Plans have faced opposition from those who say it would spoil the view
-> Opposition list reasons such as ‘atmosphere’ and pollution’ for its objection

The proposed memorial would have been next to parliament. Click to enlarge

Terri Anne-Williams – Daily Mail Aug 8, 2019

A multi-million pound Holocaust memorial outside Parliament is set to be rejected following complaints that it would spoil the view.

It comes just months after the government pledged a further £25 million to the project which was first announced in 2015 by then Prime Minister David Cameron.

The proposals include a monument and education centre in Victoria Tower Gardens which sits next to the Palace of Westminster.

But the plans have faced opposition from locals in the heritage area who say it would compromise the landscape of the site.

The ‘Save Victoria Gardens’ group was set up to highlight why the memorial should not be built there, and list reasons such as the ‘atmosphere’ on the park as well as pollution and security

This is while the Holocaust Educational Trust sent a letter to the Westminster Planning committee on Monday to pledge its support for the memorial, with chief executive Karen Pollock having said the memorial is ‘wholly appropriate’ at a time of ‘rising antisemitism across Europe’.

In a letter released this week, Westminster City Council said that at that time ‘the application was heading towards an unfavourable recommendation.’

The scheme is currently being jointly led by Ed Balls and Lord Pickles and has been backed by Theresa May, Sir John Major, Tony Blair and Mr Cameron.


17 responses to “Holocaust memorial outside Parliament is set to be rejected”

  1. There were several big petitions by British people who felt why should we pay for it and why build it here ?
    surely it should be built in israel and paid for the jews ?
    To build such a monstrosity just for jews would appear extremely racist
    British people are sick to death of israel interfering in British affairs the latest being the attempted ruination of the labour party
    A recent poll of cambridge intellectuals showed just less than 82% did not believe it ever happened

  2. WTF look we fought two damn wars for the jews how much more do they want from us ?
    just stick the awful monument in israel some place
    thats if its all true which many doubt
    the onlt real holocaust is what jews did to germany and now palestine
    just watch that bastard nutenyahu as he said ” Today palestine ) tomorrow America “

  3. Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand till we have built Jerusalem in England’s green and now unpleasant land.

  4. Cameron, officially visiitng India as P.M. hadn’t the compassion to apologise for the Amritsar massacre nor for the 35 million (estimated) starved to death under the Raj; what then makes the Jewish holocaust so unique? My recent research for my book “Pro Patria” has left me horrified at the facts I uncovered…

  5. Its true Churchill took his orders from rothschild, he wanted as many deaths a s possible
    and churchill, ever gutless went along with it
    Amritzar was so wrong on behalf of all British people i apologise

  6. I don’t know why countries that fought to save Jews from Hitler have to have Holocaust museums everywhere. Fill up Germany or Israel with them if you want — but the Allies have zero guilt for the Holocaust and we don’t need to be beat over the head with it every. single. damn. day. We have a Holocaust museum in my city here in the US and there is no f’n reason why it needs to be here. We don’t even have a large Jewish population, so how they secured funds and land to even waste on stuff like that is beyond me. We do have a large black population — so it would make sense to have a museum of slavery or civil rights. Or even a museum of Native American History since many areas around here still have the original Native American names. But, nope, we don’t have that either. Our local officials think that wailing over the Holocaust is just more important. After all, they are the chosen people, aren’t they? We are supposed to bow down at their feet, aren’t we? Their suffering — even if it is just a hangnail — is so much worse than ours, right?

  7. They are SO Stupid – they call it ‘chutzpah and think that it has won them great victories in the past, this is true, the strategy of Always ‘doubling down’ generally does ‘win’ – until it doesn’t, then it fails catastrophically. That’s when they get kicked out of another country – trouble is this time it’s the whole planet they are pushing TOO Far.
    It’s almost as if they are trying to create a REAL ‘holocaust’ where we humans actually do come to the conclusion that they can’t be rehabilitated but MUST be exterminated along with their filthy Talmud…

  8. Too many holes in the official holocaust story.

  9. According to the Russian records released after Perestroika more Christians than Jews died at Auschwitz

  10. There is no chosen people, do you think god would have chosen people as the ones who murdered jesus ? its all bullshit, and chosen for what ? to be murdering robbing child molesters may be.
    The result is that British males will no longer go to fight wars for the jews
    see this

  11. Hey scars, Hitler wanted to save us all from the jews, and past few decades people have realised what fools we were not to have joined him.
    Anyway the massive increase in asthma COPD etc is a direct result of chemtrailing
    watch this please

  12. This will all be vomitted out soon – but the Jews cannot ever seem to learn that they are resented when they force themselves on others, so relentlessly.

  13. I have lived in london all my life, older family members have told me that during ww two
    Jews would get excused war duties for flat feet short sight etc, while these same doctors would push through many British men who were either too young or unfit for war duties
    during the war while our men were away fighting, the jews ran the capital loan sharking forcing single mothers who got behind with their payments into forced prostitution
    those who resisted had their faces slashed, this is where the term razor gangs came from
    Protection rackets were made on every shop or prosperous looking homes, and Mad Frankie Fraser said on TV that he helped the jewish gangs raid many shops in the blackout
    then they would set it alight and claim it was a stray german bomb.
    We lived in fear of the jewish gangs, thank god for Oswald Moseley who stationed men
    on street corners and near shops to protect them and us
    TO think that after what the jews did to us and our British people while we were fighting the war for them, and now we have to have this awful jew memorial in our faces
    makes me sick

  14. We did a petition in central london most people did not want to waste money on this when we had thousands of our own people on the streets
    One man a historian said what about a memorial to the thousands the jews killed in the great fire of london ? when they wanted to clear the land for the bank of england.
    Or the numbers of British nationals killed fighting wars for the jews ?
    Our figures of almost 1000 people polled 17% were in favour, the vast majority for mixed reasons did not want it.
    several folk said if the jews want it let them pay for it and let it be in israel

  15. Princess Diana went to Silfield primary school, this still exists and is at 85 Gayton Rd near the Q E hospital. Norfolk England.
    The head gardener there, i cannot remember his name, but he said as British troops poured into Germany at the wars end, he was shocked at the total appalling desolation,with very few buildings still standing, the whole country was a bombsite.
    This man as a young British soldier said he was part of a team who had to go round with flame throwers, kick in the doors to the cellars and ignoring any screams, give a 30 second burst into all cellars.
    He said he was following orders, the whole team were, but on kicking in one door heard a small baby cry, he called out, come out come out now !
    and a stream of starving dirty frightened German women with babies and small children came out blinking in the sunlight.
    He realised that there were no German men, all either dead or captured, and the FT Team ( flame thrower team ) had been burning women and children, he said the Russians and Americans were the worst shooting hundreds maybe thousands of surrendering German troops, and fleeing refugee columns
    Those close to Churchill had told the FT Team that the killing of Germans was the most important goal of the war, he said no one really took much notice of Churchill as most orders he gave were when drunk, he later forgot what he said and changed the orders, this man said the ordinary soldiers hated Churchill.
    Its interesting with the recent Zio-encyclicals that the white Anglo-Saxon race must be exterminated, and it endorses what the old gardener to the School said when he was on the Flame Thrower team to kill as many as possible.
    a monument to all the german christians we killed for the jews would be more appropriate

  16. I live near this and i object most strongly
    people come from all over the world to be photographed peeing up the churchill statue
    there was a huge facebook page on this until recently, and the statue always stunk of urine.
    The holocaust memorial will be a monument to hatred and racism
    like all other holocaust memorials, we do not want symbols of jewish hate

  17. This is good news at last something to be proud of
    the boycott of jew goods and shops