Gun Massacres – Who Benefits?

Irish Savant – Aug 8, 2019

I’m not strongly into the ‘false flag’ theory to explain all and every violent event that occurs. I think many on our side are too quick to apply the FF label in the absence of convincing evidence. However it’s always correct to ask cui bono? (who benefits?) from such massacres. You don’t need to be of a conspiratorial mind-set to be highly sceptical of the explosive growth of such incidents in recent times. Because every such incident elicits a barrage of outraged demands for gun-ownership “reform”. Every time. This despite overwhelming evidence that such “reform” would prove worthless in terms of countering such attacks.****
Now the manipulators have successfully seized on the latest massacres to win over Trump and Congressional Republicans, hitherto the only meaningful defenders of the Second Amendment in the political arena.  ‘We must make sure that those judged to pose a grave risk to public safety do not have access to firearms, and that if they do, those firearms can be taken through rapid due process,” Trump said. “That is why I have called for red-flag laws, also known as extreme-risk protection orders.” Well done Donald, you’ve just lost about half his base while gaining not a single Dem convert. Not one. “Congressional Republicans, under pressure to respond to this weekend’s massacres, appear to be coalescing around legislation to help law enforcement to take guns from those who pose an imminent danger — a measure that, if signed into law, would be the most significant gun safety legislation enacted in 20 years.”
It would indeed be the most significant gun safety legislation enacted in 20 years. Because it would provide a mechanism to progressively chip away at gun ownership rights the same way so-called hate speech laws are used to progressively smother almost everything not consistent with The Narrative. Countries like Britain and Sweden, historically bastions of free speech and discourse, have been transformed into USSR-lite. And increasingly less lite as time goes on. Had Western peoples been aware of the eventual impact of seemingly innocent initial restrictions on “hate” – I mean, how could you not oppose hate? – The legislation would have been overwhelmingly rejected. But bit by bit the range and depth of what qualified as “hate” was extended until we are where we are today. Unless White Americans (because – be in no doubt – they’re the target) act now gun rights, like free speech, will go the way of the dodo.
Bad guys can always acquire a gun. Would-be murderers or terrorists can always get hold a gun or if not a weapon equally lethal. This applies especially in the USA where existing circumstances (hundreds of millions of guns in existence and Latin America lying across a porous border) render it impossible to disarm gang-bangers or terrorists.
Bad guys will ignore gun-free zone warnings. In the name of Jesus it should not be necessary to point this out but many otherwise normal people profess to think that sticking up a sign will stop would-be mass murderers. It’d be comical were not lives as stake.
The ownership/murder ratio does not hold up. The ratio of gun ownership does not correlate at all with the ratio of murders. For instance Norway, Canada and Switzerland lag only slightly behind the USA in the gun ownership ratio but the gun death ratio (especially in Norway and Switzerland) is but a fraction of America’s. Same within the USA, States and cities with rigid gun control laws have the highest ratios of gun crime.
The 80/20 rule applies: Analysis of race-delineated gun deaths shows that approximately 80% of White killers kill themselves while the ratio is reversed for black killers.
Gun deaths are actually declining: Despite the opportunistic hysteria that accompanies every mass killing in the USA the number of gun deaths there has actually declined since the nineties. (Last year 12 per 100,000, 15 for most of the nineties…a 20% decline).
Legally-owned gun-holders can deter or foil attacks. Think of the football coach who valiantly threw himself in front of his students when Cruz started firing. What if he had had a powerful gun? We know what would have happened. Cruz would have been offed and the death toll drastically reduced. Note that American politicians strangely enough have no problem with guns when its their own asses being protected. The takeaway: Guns don’t murder, the people who use them do.
The nigger in the woodpile: An appropriate metaphor here because the mystery ingredient underpinning all of the anomalies above is race. As FBI statistics show, year after year, blacks murder at about six times the rate of Whites, Hispanics three to four times the White rate. If you normalise the figures, i.e. isolate the ratio of gun murders committed by Whites, you’ll see that America is little different from most European countries.



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    The King’s Cross fire broke out on 18 November 1987 at approximately 19:30 at King’s Cross St. Pancras tube station a major interchange on the London Underground The fire killed 31 people. As well as the mainline railway stations above ground and subsurface platforms for the Metropolitan lines there were platforms deeper underground for the Northern Piccadilly and Victoria lines The fire started on an escalator serving the Piccadilly Line and approximately 15 minutes after being reported, as the first members of the Fire Brigade were investigating, the fire flashed over, filling the underground ticket office with heat and smoke.
    A fellow worker said he saw toilet paper being wound around lighting poles up the escalator, this is great for fuses a sit burns to nothing, we all said it was deliberate
    the rumour was some young boys were brought there as they were on a class action to name several high level abusers like greville janner
    The subsequent public inquiry determined that the fire had started due to a lit match being dropped onto the escalator and suddenly increased in intensity due to a previously unknown trench effect ?
    London Underground were strongly criticised for their attitude to fires. Complacent because there had never been a fatal fire on the Underground, staff had been given little or no training to deal with fires or evacuation.
    The publication of the report led to resignations of senior management in both London Underground and London Regional Transport and to the introduction of new fire safety regulations.

    I worked on the refurbishment, for London Underground, of that and 96 other stations within the immediate aftermath of that fire. It was officially said that the Kings Cross fire was caused by someone dropping a lighted cigarette down the crack in the escalator; that’s complete dross! I can back up what the police surmised. Over all escalators are sprinkler valves, to quell a fire. If, what they said was true, the sprinklers would have gone off. They didn’t go off because a fireball went up the escalators, vapourising the sprinklers! Those of us in the survey and design team knew that but had to keep quiet about it and toe the official line. London Underground were very strict about dealing with the press, even though we were all freelance workers under contract. Everything had to go through their official press office. The office we worked in was rented by London Underground specifically for the purpose of upgrading the stations. There was no evidence the office was anything to do with London Underground; we were kept apart from the other London Underground Offices and funding for our office came from central government. When the project finished the entire place was shut down, leaving no evidence we had ever been there. What caused the fire ball in the escalator is a question that many of us had, but the question was never answered. At the time we assumed it was due to methane gas leaking from Victorian sewers that had been left, unmaintained for years, due to government cutbacks. That seems very unlikely as air is constantly being pushed through by the trains and by (on some stations) mechanical ventilation although I’m not sure about Kings Cross. A couple of us initially thought it could have been a bomb, but at that time there was no phony terrorist hype (it was long before 9/11) and the IRA were reasonably quiet so we dismissed that idea. Later, a bomb did go off, in a pub, just behind our office in Covent Garden. This made us think again? It’s a complete mystery as the pub was not the type of target the IRA would go for at that time. There is a lot more that can be said about other projects. I’ve decided to keep quiet as building industry whistleblowers do not last long. Nowadays I am very careful what I divulge on the Internet and especially over the phone! It’s a dangerous world. Working mainly on Industrial and Commercial projects, I occasionally worked on some highly classified jobs. As a freelance worker I was given information on a need to know basis (usually the basic minimum) and was never anywhere near the upper echelons who had key information. Even when I was a Site worker I was still kept in the dark and was deliberately denied relevant information that would fill the gaps. I was also kept out of high level meetings as freelance people are sub-contractors and used to fill the gaps on high pressure projects that need to be done in a hurry. Sometimes though, some snippets of information did accidentally leak out. On large projects, in-house design teams are usually too small to deal with the workload, hence the reason they employ freelancers. It’s usually very frustrating when working on such projects as the in-house teams are usually very tight lipped and deliberately treat freelancers as the lowest of the low and the dregs of the industry.

  2. Trump never intended to protect the 2nd Amendment! He works for Netanyahoo and is instructed by his creepy son in law.

    Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov,​ known to us all as Lenin was a Rothschild operative, The Czar of Russia refused to allow Rothschild to bring in usary, so the the jews began whipping up the peasants, the Czar begged his cousin in England to take the family in, but Rothschild forbad this, then Rothschild had the Czar and his family murdered, and the Czars bank accounts in London and Paris seized.
    Lenin was part of a group of jews who set up a false front and begged London for money and arms, suposedly to fight communism, these were duly sent and of course fell straight into the hands of the Communist revolutionaries, who actually ran the opposition.
    Lenin led the Revolutionaries and took power on November 7
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    Dementiav explained that Communism was derived to take the money and the power of the people into the hands of the few, often called the elite.
    Lord Victor Rothschild gave a speech in the early 30s in Cambridge and told
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    “by the year 2000 Britain will be communist, it may not be called that, but thats what it will be ”
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    If you want a real patriot look on youtube for Jez Turner, he is not well known because he is genuine, and said to be the best British leader since Enoch Powell or Oswald Mosely.

  4. “Gun Massacres – Who Benefits?”

    ” Now the manipulators have successfully seized on the latest massacres to win over Trump and Congressional Republicans, hitherto the only meaningful defenders of the Second Amendment in the political arena. ”

    We, the True Jews, are totally opposed to the use of force as a means to an end. We are involved in a spiritual war, a war of words. Any person who even picks up a stone to cast at another, commits an unpardonable transgression. Open this door:

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