Buy Your Gun Yet?

Brother Nathanael – Aug 6, 2019

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Jewish born convert to Christianity and outspoken critic of zionism

3 responses to “Buy Your Gun Yet?”

  1. Brother Nathanael understands and exposes the Jew World Order, the children of the devil, better than almost anyone else.

    When the Jews Media uses divisive hate speech labels like white supremacist, racist, white nationalist, anti-semite, it’s done to accuse their victims of the supremacist and racist evils which Jews actually commit.

    Accuse your enemy of the evil that you acutally do yourself, is an ancient Jewish tactic promoted by the Jew Saul Alinsky in his ‘Rules for Radicals.’

    No other race besides Jews have a state for their race only, that is, the Jewish Sate aka Israel.

    After the Bolshevik Jews murdered the Czar and his family and seized power in Russia they established their own Jewish autonomous province of Yevreyskaya in Russia –

    It is Jews and only Jews who are obsessed with setting up a world government to rule over all the other races.

    Q. Sasquatch, an anti-semite, the tooth fairy, a white supremacist, and a lying Jew were walking on the moon when they saw a $50 bill next to the moon buggy. Who got the $50 bill ?

    A. The only one who could get the $50 was the lying Jew because all the others are just fictitious creatures who exist only in fairy tales and Jews Media stories.

  2. Just as when the jews wrote the bible we have now, they said in the event of violence dont fight back turn the other cheek, love your enemy, show those who would hurt you love upon love, They also put the crap old testament on the front of the christian bible, the fact that it was a different god who asked for sacrifices of children and animals, was not important to them.
    Israel is a rogue state who already claim they own the USA remember the words of Nutenyahu ” palestine today tomorrow america ”
    It was after the first world war in the UK when British people had their guns taken away
    just before winston churchill turned out the army to shoot striking miners,
    there were hunger marches on london with people begging for food for their families
    america, learn from the British, do not give in to the jews and keep your guns

  3. I love jim crowstein, i am not queer or anything but i do enjoy his posts