Trying to Shine the Light

Coping with negativity

I lit a yahrzeit candle to commemorate the anniversary of my mother’s death. This is the only Jewish observance I keep. The candle burned for about 36 hours and then the little jar sat dark and empty.

It seemed to symbolize her life, indeed life itself. The flame burns for a set time and then only a lifeless body remains.

I think of what my mother’s spirit meant to me. I can’t express the love she gave to her family and me without crying.

The candle is a good metaphor. I am swamped with negativity and filth daily, it’s hard to keep that candle burning. It’s hard to express love for my fellow man, let alone my family.

I feel so helpless in the face of the satanic conspiracy that I forget that I still have great power over my personal life. It seems I neglect to exercise this power, using the sorry state of the world as distraction and excuse.

The battle with the forces of evil is not just taking place “out there.” It’s taking place in my home. Satan isn’t content with owning and controlling the planet; he wants my Soul too. And he gets it.

Increasingly I realize the world is deliberately organized by his disciples to capture souls.

For example: since 1980, mass participation in the stock market through mutual funds etc has exploded. The stock market is another way we are enslaved to money and who controls that?

I’ve noticed examples of obscenity on TV and in public that would be unthinkable even five years ago. The other day I saw a bumper sticker that read, “My other ride is your mother.” That’s some attitude to take to the rest of humanity.

War in general, the abuse of Iraqi prisoners, and the publicity given to it, all are designed to brutalize and demoralize and to make us regard the obscene as normal.

Dealing with Addications

Remember what Jesus said to the rich man? Give away all your money and follow me. Jesus was so filled with the Love of God that nothing else was important. Inversely most of us are so far away from experiencing God’s Love; we seek security in money, social status and other addictions.

I wrestle with how best to handle my addictions. A reader from Australia “Malcolm” tells a parable of a good wolf and an evil wolf fighting in our souls. Which will win? The answer: the one we feed.

Is this the best way to handle the evil wolf? Starve him to death? Go cold turkey? If I can’t even do that, how can I pretend to change the world?

I sometimes think the best course is to feed the evil wolf a little so he doesn’t bother me so much. I admit I am afraid of the vacuum left in my life if I give up all my addictions. As a friend said, “My addictions have become my friends.”

I have been starving the good wolf instead. I need to start listening to music again. Going for long walks, cleaning and making order in my life. Fixing things that need fixing. Reading works of inspiration. Meditating.

The key is to avoid negative thoughts. The mind must be an altar. Every thought is an offering.

The world has been under satanic domination from the get-go. This hasn’t prevented people from affirming God for centuries.

What is God?

God is universal love, goodness, truth and justice. We know intuitively that these things exist yet we have allowed Luciferians to convince us they don’t.

Their Masonic message is that there are no God, no universal standards. This is behind the promotion of “tolerance.” It is taught in universities and from pulpits. It is necessary if Luciferians are to create their own reality and establish satanic dominion.

It does seem contradictory but the way to find happiness is to love others. Only then will people love us. This is the Divine plan. You get what you give.

This is the essence of civilization and the genius of Christianity. Yes, people are becoming harder and harder to love. Vulgar, arrogant, selfish, obese: Satan’s victims. Yet Jesus was able to love the lepers.
We need to reject negativity and shine the light in our personal lives. Shine it so strong that it overpowers evil. That’s what we’re here for.

Henry Makow Ph.D. is the inventor of the board game Scruples and the author of “A Long Way to go for a Date.” His past articles exposing feminism and the new world order are stored at his web site He enjoys receiving feedback at Indicate if you do /not/ want your email posted on his site.