Electric Car-Owners Shocked: New Study Confirms EVs Considerably Worse For Climate Than Diesel Cars

Tyler Durden — Zero Hedge April 22, 2019

The Brussel Times reports that a new German study exposes how electric vehicles will hardly decrease CO2 emissions in Europe over the coming years, as the introduction of electric vehicles won’t lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions from highway traffic.

According to the study directed by Christoph Buchal of the University of Cologne, published by the Ifo Institute in Munich last week, electric vehicles have “significantly higher CO2 emissions than diesel cars.” That is due to the significant amount of energy used in the mining and processing of lithium, cobalt, and manganese, which are critical raw materials for the production of electric car batteries.

A battery pack for a Tesla Model 3 pollutes the climate with 11 to 15 tonnes of CO2. Each battery pack has a lifespan of approximately ten years and total mileage of 94,000, would mean 73 to 98 grams of CO2 per kilometer (116 to 156 grams of CO2 per mile), Buchal said. Add to this the CO2 emissions of the electricity from powerplants that power such vehicles, and the actual Tesla emissions could be between 156 to 180 grams of CO2 per kilometer (249 and 289 grams of CO2 per mile).

German researchers criticized the fact that EU legislation classifies electric cars as zero-emission cars; they call it a deception because electric cars, like the Model 3, with all the factors, included, produce more emissions than diesel vehicles by Mercedes.

They further wrote that the EU target of 59 grams of CO2 per kilometer by 2030 is “technically unrealistic.”

The reality is, in addition to the CO2 emissions generated in mining the raw materials for the production of electric vehicles, all EU countries generate significant CO2 emissions from charging the vehicles’ batteries using dirty power plants.

For true emission reductions, researchers concluded the study by saying methane-powered gasoline engines or hydrogen motors could cut CO2 emissions by a third and possibly eliminate the need for diesel motors.

“Methane technology is ideal for the transition from natural gas vehicles with conventional engines to engines that will one day run on methane from CO2-free energy sources. This being the case, the German federal government should treat all technologies equally and promote hydrogen and methane solutions as well.”

So maybe Elon Musk’s plan to save the world with electric cars is the biggest scam of our lifetime…



3 responses to “Electric Car-Owners Shocked: New Study Confirms EVs Considerably Worse For Climate Than Diesel Cars”

  1. Too many LIES used by the “green” scammers.

    Carbon Dioxide is NOT a pollutant, but is in fact essential to life. Industry produces vast amounts of REAL pollution, but blaming a life-giving gas is the height of dishonesty. We are a carbon-based life form, as is all life on Earth, and without Carbon Dioxide there could be no plant life, and hence no food.

    If coal and oil really were “fossil” fuels, the world’s supply would have been exhausted long ago.

    As the author rightly points out, in addition to pollution resulting from the manufacturing process, electric vehicles merely transfer their running emissions to the power source rather than truly producing “zero emissions”.

    Pollution resulting from the use of electric vehicles will always be greater than those using “conventional” fuels because of unavoidable losses every time energy is converted from one form to another.

    Conversion processes in a traditional power station include.

    1 – Coal or oil to heat.
    2 – Water to steam.
    3 – Steam to rotational energy.
    4 – Rotational energy to electricity.
    5 – Losses due to imperfect thermal insulation, friction and wear on mechanical components.

    Add to this the inevitable losses in the actual distribution lines (resistive and inductive effects) and conversion losses in high-to-low voltage transformers, plus imperfect thermal and electrical insulation at all stages, and the total losses become considerable.

    Admittedly wind and water power, once installed, are somewhat less polluting, but wind is unpredictable, and as the author points out, these “alternatives” can supply only a small percentage of the world’s energy needs.

  2. This article brings up the salient point that electric cars are charged from the grid. If you are in North Amerika, most of the electrical grid is coal and natural gas fired.


    Coal is pure carbon and natural gas is CH4. Burning either produces about 50% water vapor and 50% CO2. So electric cars “produce” CO2 when they are made, because a huge amount of carbon in the form of coke is used to smelt iron ore into steel. (Same for windmills).

    Electric cars are gimmicks sustained by state subsidies. Without tax deferments is questionable of how many they could sell because they have limited range and high price. And I would like to point out that Tesla stock (today it’s $228) is in the stratosphere and con man Elon Musk milks the carbon subsidies to sell his high tech wonders that often catch on fire and fry the driver before they can even open the door and escape.

    Never park within 50 feet of a Tesla.

    Let’s do some math. I have a $500 dollar Geo Metro that gets 52 mpg. How can a $60,000 dollar Tesla beat that for cost per mile over the next 100,000 miles? It can’t, the Tesla is an overpriced piece of spontaneous combustible piece of tax subsidized crap. $228 per share, yeah right, they have never ever posted a profit. Try $2.28 per share suckers.

  3. It’s all about United Nations Agenda-21, the elite business plan for the 21st Century: the masses herded off the rural areas and crammed like sardines into the Habitat Areas or the compact cities for their orderly extermination; austerity; zero accumulated monetary savings and assets; cashless economy; total information awareness; no private property; and rental and public transportation only.

    The expensive, under-powered, unreliable and inefficient solar cells, wind turbines and electric vehicles (which only the wealthy will be able to afford, for at least the time being), which are being forced on us because they are “clean and green”, are intended to make sure that it happens. Since oil, gas and coal-fired, greenhouse gas-producing power stations won’t be allowed to be used any longer to charge environmentally destructive and polluting electric vehicles’ batteries, then that just leaves deadly and expensive nuclear energy. But that just fits right in with the depopulation agenda anyway, through radioactive contamination-induced sterility, disease and death and Fukushima Zionist Israeli style nuclear sabotage.

    Sorry folks, but free energy, electro-gravitic levitation and top-secret, miracle medicine will NOT be allowed!