8chan: Another Mass Shooting, Another Internet Purge

Kit Knightly – Off-Guardian Aug 5, 2019

Last year, after the shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue, the new social-media platform Gab was attacked in the press and bullied off the internet. Earlier this year, following the Christ Church mosque attack, New Zealand briefly totally blocked access to several websites.

Yesterday, two men allegedly killed 30 people at a store in Dayton Ohio, and a mall in El Paso Texas.

Today 8chan has been totally shut down.

If you don’t know what 8chan is, well it’s like 4chan but without the sense of decency. If you don’t know what 4chan is, it’s like reddit went off its medication.

Both places could be, can be, kinda gross. But they could – can – also be amazing. Insightful. Useful. Free speech is like that. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly. If you cut off the ugly parts it’s not “free speech” anymore. This is something we all know, but the media is trying to force us to forget.

The boot-licking justification of this move was, of course, spear-headed by The Guardian: 8chan: the far-right website linked to the rise in hate crimes

The hand-wringers and pearl-clutchers in the media are happy to pretend this is about “hate” and “safety”, which is obviously not true.

Take the thrust of the Guardian article:

8chan…why is a website linked to such a high death count allowed to exist on the open internet?

Wouldn’t this question be better asked of www.cia.gov?

Or maybe one of these…


Hell, going by this absurd definition of “death count” – meaning, apparently, “someone who allegedly posted there, allegedly committed a crime” – then all Facebook and twitter have staggering “death counts”.

Known war criminals use twitter every single day. The alleged Christ Church shooting was live-streamed on Facebook (but it was 8chan that got blocked).

The Guardian itself published an opinion piece, a week ago, written by Alastair Campbell. A man with a body count 50,000x higher than the Texas shooting. That’s an El Paso every day for 137 years.

This isn’t about hate, they’re fine with hate. This isn’t about blood, they love blood.

8chan was no more hateful or bloody than any website on that list, so what was the real problem with it?

It was anonymous, fringe and uncontrollable.

It was free. Now it’s not. Any one of us could be next.


2 responses to “8chan: Another Mass Shooting, Another Internet Purge”

  1. “You are might as well know where the U.S. is heading now that Christians have allowed secular humanists to take full control.”

    “Because of having allowed itself to be chased out of the political arena in the name of separation of church and state or the “work of the Kingdom,” the Church will find a new challenge from a totally “atheized” secular government, which is now poised to begin telling the Church what it will say and do and what it must not say and do; what it can believe and what it cannot believe. Moreover, the governments of the West will continue their deterioration towards increased authoritarianism as the chaos caused by the new relative values continues to unravel the bonds that held society together under the Christian paradigm.We are simply following in the footsteps of those countries of the past, which embraced the humanist, socialist worldview; from Rousseau and the French Revolution to the Bolsheviks in Russia, to Nazi Germany, to Chairman Mao, to Castro’s Cuba. In each case, the holders of the new worldview knew they had to co-opt or defeat the Church in order to put their value system in place in the hearts and minds of the people, especially the children. Typically, the churches of those countries never saw it coming and in many cases actually participated in their own demise. In essence, been there, done that – but few of the churches see the oncoming danger.” https://www.thepropheticyears.com/wordpress/the-war-against-truth.html

  2. Mass Media is also called the Jews Media for good reason.

    Jews own ABC, NBC, AP, CBS, CNN, Reuters, Dish NW, Direct TV, NY Times, Hollywood, book printers, Simon and Schuster Publishing, major magazines, big sports, big entertainment, all mass media outlets,

    Even televangelists like Jimmy Swaggart or John Hagee get their platform, their air time, because Jews Media executives want them on TV.

    Jews want Swaggart on TV because he is such a bad reflection on Christianity with his fake miracles and history of getting busted for prostitution. Jews want Hagee on TV to preach that Jews are ‘the chosen people.’

    Jews try to buy out or shut down any competing media voice that voice tells on the Jews loud enough to be heard.

    Some hypocrite website owners complain about being censored from YouTube, Facebook, Paypal, Patreon, etc, then censor good clean viewer comments themselves even when comments are free of profanity or anything distasteful.