Google Now Running Bilderberg Type Gatherings

Prince Harry ‘gives barefoot speech’ at secretive Google Camp climate change conference in Italy in front of A-list crowd including Leo DiCaprio and Naomi Campbell, as it’s revealed celebs arrived on total of 114 private jets

Hide Out Now – Aug 2, 2019

Prince Harry gave a barefoot speech at a secretive Google Camp climate change conference in Italy according to reports, in front of an A-List crowd who flew in on 114 private jets.

The Duke of Sussex is said to have given a passionate speech about saving the planet while being watched by Naomi Campbell and Leonardo DiCaprio, among other celebrities and power brokers.

It comes just a day after he revealed his determination to be kind to the planet by having no more than two children in an article with environmentalist Dr Jane Goodall in the edition of Vogue guest-edited by his wife Meghan.

Tech giants and celebrities flocked to Sicily to show off their green credentials for the camp that focuses on global warming – but many failed to leave their private jets at home.

More than 110 fuel-guzzling planes are scheduled to land at Palermo, the nearest airport, between now and August 4, reports Giornale di Sicilia.

Others brought their super yachts to the three-day conference which has A-lister attendees including Harry StylesKaty Perry and Bradley Cooper.

Buckingham Palace refused to confirm Prince Harry’s attendance at the event or how he travelled to Sicily.

A spokeswoman told MailOnline: ‘This is not something we are commenting on.’

These A-List stars were spotted in Monaco after attending the Google Camp. From left to right in the back: Sacha Baron Cohen, Noel Gallagher, Woody Harrelson, Lars Ulrich, Bono, Matthew McConaughey, Bill Gates. Front: Guy Oseary, JR. Click to enlarge

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  1. They’re all Jews in this photograph including the half mad Woody Harrelson….who has yet to make the list of known perverted Hollywood stars.

  2. I bet Greta Thornberg is there and will choppered out to that luxury yacht she’s traveling to the US on, supposedly.

  3. bunch of foul and disgusting hypocrites, pumping hundreds of times more CO2 into the air than the average person, from their private jets and gas guzzling luxury cars.

  4. A who’s who of the biggest virtual signalling hypocrites on the planet.

  5. The elite are in complete desperation to save their system, and climate change scam is their answer for global governance. There is no evidence whatsoever that humans are changing the climate – and it is impossible to change the climate if you simply look at the numbers for earth’s heat equation.

    The sun’s input to earth is 175,000 Terawatts (Tw) per HOUR and humans burn 160,000 Tw per YEAR. The sun is 9400 times greater heat than anthropocentric heat. Thus, humans can not change the heat equation and thus can not warm the planet.

    CO2 is another ruse. There is no evidence whatsoever that changing CO2 concentrations will force temperature. Ice core data shows that CO2 follows temperature on all time scales. Previous earth ice ages CO2 has been over 10 times higher, CO2 did NOT prevent an ice age at high levels. There is absoultely no evidence that CO2 is a “pollutant” nor is there any negative evidence that the current level of 415 ppm is harmful.

    Evidence showing the planet greening. Increased CO2 is having a huge positive effect on photosynthesis. Crop yields are doubling because ice age CO2 levels WERE SO LOW that plants stopped growing. At some time periods 20,000 -50,000 years ago CO2 levels were so low plants died (along with the megafauna) and the planet was enveloped in dust storms. Just look at the charts.

    Ocean levels are NOT rising. Ocean levels went up about 270 feet when the last ice age ended. When temperatures went up the huge ice caps melted over a period of 10,000 years. The ocean reached it’s maximum interglacial level early on during the Holocene.

    8,000 years ago temperatures reached optimum (maximum), since then they have cooled steadily. It was warmer than today during the Minoan and Roman periods.

  6. “Hate” to break it to young Harry but to achieve “Carbon neutral” shoes he’d have to cut off his feet as well.
    That picture looked like something out of Miami Vice from the 80s. Not the good guys but the cocaine dealing cartels.

  7. They are no fools, they know what they are doing it, and as good Sayanim, they serve the Messianic project, and WWIII s going to be.

  8. They are the past. The last stand of the Boomers.

  9. They look like a bunch of smarmy faggots about to engage in a circle jerk. Oh wait, the whole “conference” was nothing but a circle jerk….