The Conspiracy Against Women – July 27, 2019

Women are submerged in a toxic online stew that fosters feelings of Grievance and Entitlement. Men confront this resentment everyday as the Illuminati seek to cuckold them, destroy marriages and foster lesbianism.

by Henry Makow PhD

My wife sent this link to an article and podcast with Caroline Criado Perez, author of “Invisible Women – Data Bias in a World Designed by Men.”  The thesis is that women are disadvantaged because everything is designed with men in mind.
“Males are often the default subjects of design, which can have a huge impact on big and critical aspects of everyday life.”
The first proof offered is a “gender study” done by a small town in Sweden that found that snow ploughing favored men by cleaning the main arteries first which men tend to use to get to work. Women on the other hand use side streets to bring children to schools and shop on the way home from their jobs.
“Is this a joke?”  I asked my wife.
“No,” she answered, “It’s about how design failed women.”
I am the man she hates to love. No wonder. The world is designed solely for people like me.
Rather than aggravate her, I emailed back, “Well you’re a (web site) designer, you can fix all that.”
Luckily, she does not read my website.
The article lists the following examples of how male-oriented design fails women.

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4 responses to “The Conspiracy Against Women”

  1. Why do people like Makow have to be raging sexists in order to “battle” feminism? Honestly, the truth is with neither side — it is somewhere in the middle.

    The cartoon is an example of this. Those phallic symbols that the cartoon posits are a product of overimagination are real. If you know anything about the Satanic cabal that runs the world, you know they worship the phallic. That is why the run pornography and gravitate towards filth and perversion. Everything is reduced to lust and greed and every other inversion of the good. (For example, sex within a committed relationship is good — but mere lust isn’t.) That is also why you see so many of them engaging in homosexual behavior. It is the combination of their love of the phallus and their fascination with feces and other bodily emissions. They wallow in any filth they can.

    As a woman, I can tell you that manspreading is a real thing. It might be hard for the decent guys out there who would never do such a thing to imagine it is a real problem, but it is. I recently took a train trip and on both the departure and return, I sat next to men who did that very thing. One was older than me and one much younger — so it isn’t just a generational thing. There is no way that their genitalia was so large that they couldn’t sit with their legs close together and in their own seat. I had to sit for hours next to men who had their legs not just accidentally touching once in a while but actually pressed up against my thigh. I don’t think they were sexually harassing me — because I am an old, no longer attractive lady. They just didn’t care if they were taking up a third of my seat so they could spread their legs. It was very uncomfortable and when I moved as far over as I could, they just spread their legs wider. A decent man would never do that. Unfortunately, there are quite a few of those indecent men out there. When one of them fell asleep, his arm was then pressed up against my thigh the entire time. And he was the younger man. In my day, a younger man would have been mortified to touch an old lady like myself like that. But, in this day and age, manners are personal space no longer exist.

    I don’t agree with feminism because the ultimate goal of feminism is to make women more like men and men more like women. Again, it is their fascination with inversion of the natural order. They don’t value or appreciate the feminine. Men and women are equally important to society, although the values and skills that they bring are very different. Society can’t function properly without either one. Instead of celebrating the ways we complement one another — we are jockeying for position in the social hierarchy. We see this with racism. We see this with the political divide. In every area, instead of working together for the common good and uniting against our common enemy (the Satanic cabal), we fight each other instead while they laugh.

    Makow doesn’t help the situation with this type of stuff. What he does is further divide and keep the men as angry as the feminists keep the women. He is there to keep the war of the sexes going by triggering men.

  2. Those are called buildings, not “phallic symbols”, the reason for the shape has to do with gravity. Idiotic comment “scars” has about manspreading. Scar, let me give you a hint: If you see your son or husband holding his legs together, joint at the knees, you are probably observing a homo-sign. Or perhaps the result of a mother/wife harassing and causing a repression of a natural instinct. As a woman, you should want to have masculine men in your life, not feminine ones. When the shit hits the fan, all the fagotry will be useless to defend you from real physical conflict. Stop the crap and wake up.

  3. Who started the war on woman? Hint: it goes way back into antiquity. When men penned the original Abrahamic texts they deleted all female references of the deity. The goddess was diminished and God became a male. A RAGING HE GOD made in the image of the raging Hebrew/Judas Priest writers.

    Abrahamic religions are malevolent psychosis gone wild. God is an angry man and women must be subjugated. All hell followed and it has lasted thousands of years. It was brutal, millions upon millions of women have been beaten by their husbands as the will of God. Some times men burned women as witches if they got to far out of line with male dominance.

    Henry betrays his Jewish roots, he still rages against women.

    How is this male dominated society going to end? Well, if you think about it will end when all the male dominated nations fire off their giant rocket powered nuclear tipped phalluses at each other. Only a matter of time when they get WW3 kicked off in high gear then it will be males expressing their rage (and hormones) at each other in one grand finale orgasm.

    What did North Korean wocket man say to his generals? Fire the Dongus Humongus at the dog Trump, I no wike his tweet.

  4. Well, mayB Feminutts need to WEAR a “pink collar” around their neck so that the WHOLE world can AVOID em like the plaque.

    Just a thought