Boris Johnson Shows His True Colours

Commentary — July 26, 2019

Boris Johnson with Mike Pompeo. Click to enlarge

As Boris Johnson has just moved into Number Ten he has enacted a sweeping cabinet purge. Seventeen of the Ministers appointed by Theresa May have been asked to stand down or been sacked.
Johnson is now replacing them with loyalists and like-minded Brexiters.
Sajid Javid is the new Chancellor of the Exchequer and Dominic Raab will takeover as Foreign Secretary.
However, one appointment resonates rather ominously. Disgraced former International Development Secretary, Pritti Patel, has now been appointed as Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s new Home Secretary.

Priti Patel has has just been appointed UK Home Secretary. Click to enlarge

While we would not argue with Patel’s position on migration and asylum, we do have misgivings about her on one thing.
Patel had been sacked as International Development Secretary in 2017, after it was revealed that she had been holding secret meetings with Israeli officials and government ministers. We do not know what was discussed in these meetings but some would see holding “secret meetings” with representatives of a foreign government as tantamount to treason.
Yet Boris Johnson has just appointed just such an individual to a key position. Even though holding SECRET TALKS with Israeli government officials should have been enough to exclude her from any future post, particularly one as important as Home Secretary
While it’s true, as Home Secretary Patel will not have direct control over UK foreign policy, her remit will include policing and national security. This will enable her to oversee the passage of new legislation on issues such as terrorism and, of course, “anti-Semitism”.
While Patel’s past dealings should have prevented her posting, Boris Johnson himself makes no effort to hide where his sympathies lie. Indeed, he is on record as saying that he is a passionate Zionist” who “loves” Israel. So his appointment of another Brexiter and a low-key Zionist enabler should come as no big surprise.
What this says about who is really in control of British politics is another question though?
Does this mean that instead of being forced to accept dictates from Brussels Britain will now be more beholden to the Council of Deputies and Tel Aviv?
Time will tell but what is happening in the UK right now mirrors what happened when Trump entered the White House. He had campaigned on promises to draw back U.S. military involvements overseas; together with promises to “make America great again”. In much the same way that Johnson has pledged to protect Britain’s interests in pursuing Brexit.
This all echoes an earlier age with calls to “patriotism”.
However, once in office Trump appointed ardent Zionists like Bolton and Pompeo to key positions. These men are committed to serving Israel’s interests, over and above America’s, and often with the blood of U.S. soldiers, as in Syria.
Neither Bolton nor Pompeo are in any sense of the word true “patriots”.
With tensions growing in the Persian Gulf we suspect that Johnson-Patel will now be more likely to throw their weight behind Bolton-Pompeo for a full-on military confrontation with Iran. Ed.

5 responses to “Boris Johnson Shows His True Colours”

  1. A very well observed commentary.

    (It might be a stretch…but is Patel an Indian crypto jew or,as is often the case married to one?)

    Global Jewry appears to be lining up the ducks in preparation for “the big push”….an attack on Iran…..surely they’ll need another false flag for this time around?.

  2. You know, it’s just so obvious how this game is being played, isn’t it, to those who are awake that is?

    Problem – Everyone hates Israel and disagrees on its wholesale slaughter of Palestinians and theft of their land.

    Reaction – launch wars against the middle east, destroying Islamic nations and fomenting the same hatred for the west, by Muslim, that the west has for Israel. Promote mass immigration of refugees from those lands into the west, creating civil strife in the west, while treating the refugees as first class citizens and the indigenous as second.

    Solution – The indigenous begin to hate Muslims, thus begin to become more nationalistic, beginning to remove their anger and hatred towards Israel and see them struggling against Islam, fighting to survive. Then they begin to promote trade with Israel and the west as they move out of Europe – nationalists siding with nationalists, only that the Jewish nationalists see themselves as the only ones to be nationalist, while making the other nationalists think otherwise, supposedly uniting with them in their struggle against mass immigration, yet 100% behind it and its promotion.

    It’s disgusting to state the least.
    The ignorance of the average white man, the Tommy Robinson supporter truly beggars belief.

  3. All those other races and peoples brought into the heart of the British empire have risen to prominence and have infiltrated the British state. They are easily turned into Israeli moles. Britain is doomed just like Amerika. The entire world is being turned into shit by the Satanic Jews, and the only question is if China and/or Russia decide to nuke the UK-Israeli-Amerikan military beast out of existence.

    The Yank army is also full of other races who gladly kill for ZOG. So desperate is the Pentacon to recruit new tank fodder they have upped the bonuses for enlistment.

    JACKSONVILLE, FL – The U.S. Army is offering up to $40,000 in bonuses for new recruits who enlist by the end of September.

    Current incentives include up to $40,000 for selecting infantry, up to $16,000 for near-term ship dates, up to $25,000 for critical skills, $10,000 for Airborne or Ranger options, up to $40k for certain civilian acquired skills. The maximum allowable total bonus per individual is $40,000.

  4. Boris is a ZIONIST and , does not matter what he claims ,but people like him are faithful first of all to the Apartheid entity of the Middle East and very last to the state that pays them .
    I am surprised that in Great Britain could not be found a non JEWISH person capable of doing his job of Prime Minister . So May was a Jewess and now Boris , similar story in France :Sarkozy, Hollande and now Macron owned by the Rothschild .
    It is a common story a disgrace , a monument to the stupidity of the western people after what happened in Russia where , when the Soviets ( mostly members of the tribe ) were in charge , millions of citizens were killed . A demonstration that political power should never be granted to people who are likely to work for the benefit of somebody else .
    So will Boris put the interest of the Apartheid state first and the interests of Great Britain last ? We will see how they are going to engineer a war for the rogue state Number one .
    The people of England allowed the Declaration of war by the Jewish Council to happen in 1933 when those people should have been at least reprimanded .
    So who started WW2 ?
    Those people , often traitors should never be put in position of power .

  5. Please appreciate one thing which is applicable to the theme of this piece. All British PM’s must be a Bilderberger.