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Lasha Darkmoon – Darkmoon.me July 24, 2019

Attack Dog and Poodle — or Harbingers of Peace?

We are now at a vitally important crossroads both in the United States and in Britain. What happens next in either country  remains uncertain, but it seems more than likely that we are in for a bumpy ride during the next few months.
The two major events that loom large and overshadow all other peripherals are, firstly,  the escalation of tensions in the Middle East vis-à-vis Iran, and, secondly, the accession to power in Britain of a new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who is widely mistrusted and finds himself cornered by a pack of wolves in his own country who threaten to tear him apart unless he does what he is told.
Boris Johnson is seen in many quarters as a loose cannon, a highly dangerous and unstable man, who has tried to assume the gravitas of a Winston Churchill but is, nevertheless, a man without moral scruples. He is more than likely to cuddle up to Donald Trump, another dangerous and unstable man, and play the part of America’s new British poodle. Nothing new here. Having lost its empire as a result of two disastrous world wars, Britain can only survive by serving as a satrapy of the United States—a country which itself is arguably under the domination of international Jewry.
My own prediction, for what it’s worth, is that the next few months will witness a rollercoaster of unexpected events  leading to a fever pitch of hostility toward Britain’s new prime minister. He may well attempt to out-Trump Trump and prove even more divisive and controversial. That he has his implacable enemies who would gladly see him eviscerated and skewered goes without saying. In order to survive, Boris will have to take extraordinary steps. He will have to become Machiavelli.
Allow me to present some different viewpoints of the background situation. The reader will then be able to see how complex and yet interrelated things are. I will attempt to draw these disparate strands of opinion into a coherent whole and then present my own assessment of the situation at the end of this article.
Ron Paul presents the American viewpoint, a dissident viewpoint which I happen to share: “The UK got a taste of its own medicine this week,” he tells us, “as Iran seized a British tanker, the Stena Impero, just two weeks after UK Royal Marines seized a tanker near Gibraltar carrying two million barrels of Iranian oil.”

“As could be predicted,” Ron Paul continues, “the US and UK media are reporting Iran’s seizure of the Stena Impero as if it were something out of the blue, pushing the war propaganda that “we” have been attacked and must retaliate.”
This is of course typical. The playground bully attacks you, and when you stand up for yourself he breaks your nose for daring to defend yourself. The bully then accuses you of “starting it all”. The bully looks for a pretext for destroying you by creating that pretext. The United States and Britain have been doing this for so long that they have mastered the art of belligerence.  These thugs need no tuition in creating pretexts for war.
Ron Paul:
The truth is, the UK seizure of the Iranian ship was calculated to force Iran to retaliate and thus provide the pretext the neocons need to get their war.
As usual, Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton is in the thick of this operation…. it is becoming clearer that Bolton was playing a role behind the scenes pushing London to lure Iran into making a move that might trigger the war he’s long been yearning for.
We must be clear on how we got to the very edge of war with Iran.
President Trump pulled out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) promising he would exchange it for a much better deal for the US. He quickly re-applied all previous US sanctions on Iran and demanded that our allies do the same. The US policy would be to apply “maximum pressure” to Iran which would result in Iran capitulating and agreeing to all US demands.
US economic warfare against Iran would bring the country to its knees, the Administration claimed, and would deliver a big win to the US without a shot being fired. But the whole plan has gone terribly wrong.
The American people themselves have no appetite for war, but Trump knows that his chances of reelection increase exponentially if he can start a war with Iran, or, failing that, emasculate Iran and bring it to its knees.
This, after all, is what Trump’s Jewish controllers expect of him. Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s fanatical leader, is not going to be happy until Iran is thoroughly tamed. Nor is Jewish financier Sheldon Adelson likely to go on shovelling vast amounts of money into Trump’s Republican coffers unless he gets value for money: the destruction or thorough ruination of Iran for his beloved Israel’s sake.
Let’s now turn our attention to Britain, America’s ever enthusiastic lapdog. Perfidious Albion, how thou dost disgust me!
Here is Peter Oborne in the Daily Mail, an enormously influential British tabloid that presents the mainstream view. As you would expect, most of the writers for this paper are either Jewish—but conceal their ethnicity under nice anglo-Saxon names—or support the Zionist line to the hilt. From this they dare not deviate. Not if they wish to keep their jobs. They have to sing the right song for their supper.
“Until this seething geopolitical crisis is dealt with,” Oborne notes. “Brexit will have to wait. And our new Prime Minister will immediately find himself caught between the machinations of Iran’s ruthless Republican Guard and the rather heavy-handed diplomatic abilities of Donald Trump. On Friday the Iranians seized the British-flagged tanker, Stena Impero, deepening our involvement in an already dicey situation. It is one that I fear could, without swift and decisive action, escalate into a shooting war.”
Oh, the evil Iranians! — seizing a British oil tanker going its innocent way in the Persian Gulf! Note carefully: no mention of Britain seizing an Iranian ship only two weeks before that off the coast of Gibraltar, confiscating all its oil.
Oborne continues breathlessly:
With so many great powers involved – Russia and China have a keen interest in the region as well as the United States – any conflict could develop into a version of World War III.
Even if such a catastrophe is averted, it is worth pointing out that if the Strait of Hormuz were to close to international shipping in the event of any military conflict, the consequences for the global economy would be horrific.
Almost a fifth of the world’s oil passes through this strait between Iran and Oman, which is 21 miles wide at its narrowest point. If the supply ceased due to the strait being blocked, the oil price would rocket, risking global recession, with the prospect of tremendous economic uncertainty and civil unrest. The stakes could scarcely be higher.

Click to enlarge

Oborne now puts in a good word for Trump, praising his remarkable restraint and hunger for peace on earth, leaving the reader a bit mystified as to why the peace-loving Trump should appoint his warmonger buddy John Bolton to high office in the first place.
Much of what happens next will depend on the American president himself. Compared to some of his recent predecessors, Mr Trump has shown no great appetite for war. Whatever his other faults, he has instinctively held back from military confrontation with North Korea, Syria and Russia.
Well, it’s nice to know that the American president has fallen under the spell of St Francis of Assisi.  Though Oborne muddies the waters somewhat by adding: “But Iran looks different. Trump appears to have been agitating for conflict with the Islamic Republic for more than a year. On June 25 he threatened some areas of the country with ‘obliteration’ if there were any attacks on US interests. A few days earlier he had claimed that his military was ‘cocked and loaded’ to strike after Iran shot down a US surveillance drone in the Strait of Hormuz.”
So here we have a St Francis of Assisi who is beginning to look a bit like Genghiz Khan.
To give Oborne his due, to whom I owe an apology for parodying his viewpoint, he has much to say that sounds reasonable and fair. This is what he goes on to say:
It is important to bear in mind that the current crisis with Iran was emphatically not provoked by the country’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. It was instead manufactured in Washington. For it was the Trump administration that broke the nuclear agreement painstakingly negotiated with Tehran by Barack Obama and signed in 2015.
According to recent revelations in the Mail on Sunday, Mr Trump smashed this peace deal to spite Mr Obama. He then imposed eye-watering sanctions on Iran, with severe financial penalties for any state or country that breaches them.
Allies of Iran have said this tactic has left the aggrieved country with no choice but to respond. In my judgment they have a point.
Who could disagree with that? Only Mr Trump’s most fanatical followers.

Oborne adds judiciously: “Now I fear that, with Bolton (pictured above) whispering in Trump’s ear, and a deeply risky situation unfolding in the Strait of Hormuz, we may be on the verge of repeating some of the same calamitous mistakes [we made in Iraq]. How delighted Bolton must be that Britain has been dragged, willing or not, into his dangerous project for a new war with Iran.”
He now brings in Boris Johnson, telling us that Boris “is no warmonger”. Hmm, so it appears the new British Prime Minister is a bit like Trump in this respect—a man of peace being reluctantly sucked into war by the evil Iranians. Gosh, these dreadful Muslims in their crazy turbans, hellbent on world domination and sharia law! The sooner they are obliterated, the sooner our dear ally Israel will be able to relax.
Oborne ends on a scary note:
I don’t suppose for one moment he [Boris Johnson] shares Mr Bolton’s thirst for a new war. But, terrifyingly, now that he has become prime minister, he may not be able to stop Britain becoming embroiled in such a conflict. If Mr Johnson refuses to join in any new American military project, he risks offending the notoriously thin-skinned Mr Trump.
He knows that Britain, as it leaves the EU, must do everything it can to forge relationships with its allies beyond the European continent. Key among these will be a new trade deal with America.
Mr Johnson may find himself faced with an unwholesome choice between fighting an unwanted war and damaging Britain’s standing with its most important bilateral ally.
Can the new prime minister dare to offend Washington? We will soon find out
We need to shift our attention now to Britain’s dodgy new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, a man so hated and despised  in his own country that he finds himself pretty much in the same position as Donald Trump in America: an object of widespread detestation.
Here is what Patrick Cockburn has to say in an article with the ominous title: Why Boris Johnson is Even More Dangerous Than Trump.

Boris Johnson. Click to enlarge

“More dangerous than Trump”.

So what is it that makes this smiling rapscallion so “dangerous”?
To start with, Boris has a pretty bad record. Forget his womanising. That’s the least of his many faults. He seems to combine bungling incompetence with an enormous capacity for telling lies. A man therefore not to be trusted. For a man who has been caught out telling lies more than once—and even threatening to have his enemies beaten up!—is most unlikely to keep his campaign promises. What we appear to have here is an unscrupulous liar who has managed to gatecrash his way into 10 Downing Street, with his trendy mistress in tow, meanwhile wearing the mantle of Winston Churchill and putting on airs of recently acquired gravitas.
Coburn notes:
Johnson’s supporters say that one should not take too seriously his overheated and mendacious campaign rhetoric, implying that he will adopt a more moderate approach in office. I would not count on it: many in Washington said the same about Trump, claiming that once in the White House he would come to his senses. Commentators forgot that leaders who believe that they have won power by demonising foreigners and minorities, and accusing their opponents of treachery, see no reason to abandon a winning formula.
On the contrary, Trump has double-downed in his attacks on non-white American politicians as being non-Americans and haters of America who should leave the country. Pictures of Trump whipping up his followers into hate-filled chants at a rally in North Carolina by denouncing Ilhan Omar, one of the four Congresswomen he has targeted, shows that there are no limits to his exploitation of racial animosities.
A few days after Trump spoke, Johnson was on a platform in Canning Town regaling his audience with a little story about excessive EU regulations strangling the business of a kipper smoker in the Isle of Man. This was the sort of invented, attention-grabbing tale by means of which Johnson launched his career as a journalist on The Daily Telegraph based in Brussels between 1989 and 1994. Then, as now, his stories portraying the EU as a bureaucratic monster sucking money out of Britain were exposed as false, but to little avail because they chimed in so neatly, as they were intended to do, with the prejudices of readers like the Conservative Party members who [have chosen] their new leader.
Trump’s poisonous demagoguery in North Carolina may have rallied his true believers, but it also created a counter-reaction. By way of contrast, Johnson’s kipper story was treated derisively but tolerantly, a bit of joke, showing once again that “Boris is a bit of a card”, not to be taken too seriously.
I wonder if Johnson’s approach is not more dangerous than Trump’s because it is more insidious.
Trump’s rhetoric is more belligerent and frightening than anything said by Johnson, but the latter could turn out to be the more dangerous man. The reason is that, for all his bombast, Trump has a streak of realism and caution and has yet to go to war with anybody. It is easy for him to claim to have “made America great again” because the US was already the most powerful state in the world, even if that power has begun to ebb.
Johnson has a far more difficult path because Britain’s power in the world has long been weaker than people in Britain – and Conservative Party members in particular – realise. Confronting the 27 states of the EU is going to make it that much weaker and the only alternative alliance is greater reliance on the US at a time when its policies are becoming more mercurial and egocentric. British collaboration with the US in confronting Iran, while at the same time trying not to be targeted as a US proxy, is an early sign of the dangerous path ahead.
(See here)
Allow me to summarise now, as briefly as I can. Please feel free to reject everything I say as dangerous nonsense. But I can only present the world through my own eyes, as I see it.
If Johnson doesn’t play his cards right, a hard-left Marxist government under Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn could crash into office within the foreseeable future, bringing with it a sweeping programme of nationalisation and a catastrophic fall in the value of the pound. Under Corbyn, mass immigration, already set in motion by the iniquitous Tony Blair, would continue unchecked.
One way for Boris Johnson to survive, it would seem, is to cynically break every single promise he has made to the electorate by blaming the new war in Iran for changing the entire situation. “What was possible in peace time is no longer possible now that we are at war,” he could claim. The easiest way for Johnson to get his implacable enemies off his back is to join them and become a Remainer, exactly in the same way the traitorous Theresa May did who had started off by saying “No deal is better than a bad deal” and ended up by saying “Any deal is better than no deal.”
Is it any wonder that politicians are despised as the lowest riffraff of humanity when they say today the opposite of what they said yesterday and yet assure the public they are saying pretty much the same thing? Theresa May did that, a traitor who was quite prepared to trample on democracy and betray her own people who had voted for Brexit. 17.4 million British voters were betrayed by this traitor. (See this picture, which tells you everything you need to know about her.) And today is the day that this female Judas Iscariot will be shaking the hand of the Queen of England! Tragic. Truly tragic.
But to return to Boris Johnson, the man who has stepped into Mrs May’s shoes. I cannot help feeling strongly that the longsuffering  British people are going to be sadly disappointed as it slowly dawns on them that they have just stepped from the frying pan into the fire. Never forget Johnson’s roots: Eton and Oxford. He is the ultimate toff, with the words “elite” and “privileged” carved onto his very soul. He represents the rich and powerful and will make absolutely sure that social injustice will continue under the Tory party, with the gap between the haves and the have-nots growing wider every day. Johnson spends more on a single bottle of wine than a state pensioner gets to live on for an entire week.
I predict that Johnson will be more than willing to sign on as Trump’s poodle if and when war breaks out in the Persian Gulf. Somewhere in the not too distant future I see Britain becoming America’s 51st state, a thoroughly Zionised satrapy blithely taking orders from the state of Israel. The sole beneficiaries of a war in Iran will of course be organised Jewry.
There will be no letup, under Boris Johnson, in the number of Third World immigrants swarming into Britain. They will keep coming in endless waves. The result is only too easy to predict: an Orwellian Britain convulsed by race riots, knife crimes, gang rapes, acid attacks. This will soon become a country in which vast numbers of indigenous Brits will find themselves desperately frightened and insecure, ill at ease in their own homelands.
Goodbye to England’s green and pleasant land! It hasn’t been that for centuries, if truth be told, nor does Merrie England have much to be merry about unless you belong to the elite upper classes.
Dystopia looms. An Orwellian dystopia. This will be a hell world of drug zombies, alcoholics, gamblers, sex addicts, perverts, with most Brits being on the verge of nervous breakdowns.
The last exciting game in town will be — suicide.