Russia Commemorates the Romanovs

Irish Savant – July 21, 2019

Last year Russia saw massive numbers of its people commemorate the centennial of the murders  (Wikipedia calls them ‘executions’) of the last Czar and his family. (And by the way the same project saw to the virtual extermination of the country’s whole ruling class and its intellectual elties, providing Lenin with his desired population of ‘white niggers’.) According to Russia Insider “This year, 60,000 Orthodox faithful gathered for the nighttime Liturgy at Church on the Blood in Ekaterinburg, built on the site where the Royal Family and their faithful servants were brutally slain, and the following procession to the Monastery of the Holy Royal Passion-Bearers in Ganina Yama, built on the site where their holy bodies were discarded”.
But not everyone was happy, as the following bizarre headline in Western propaganda outfit The Moscow Times indicated:

A Conspiracy Around the Romanovs’ Murder Has Alarmed Russian Jews

Almost 100 years have passed, but the Russian Orthodox Church cannot let it rest

Doesn’t that beggar belief? In any event the Tribe has good reason to feel uncomfortable about the Romanovs’ fate because just about everyone associated with it – from the killers themselves right up through the chain of command to the very top – was Jewish.  The murders were carried out under the direct command of Yakov Yurovsky, who had armed himself with several revolvers, a bayonet and a short-handled axe. Presumably because young girls are hard to finish off.  Aleksandr Beloborodov (Vaysbart) was Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Ural Regional Council which controlled the region where Filipp Isayevich Goloshchyokin* was Military Commissar. Nothing happened there without their approval. The direct order for the murders came from Yakov Sverdlov (Yankel-Aaron Movshevich Solomon), Chairman of the Communist Party Central Executive Committee in Moscow. It’s not a well known fact but around this time Sverdlov was better known and more powerful than either Trotsky or Stalin. All of these were Jewish, while Lenin, the man who gave the final sign-off, was quarter Jewish and grew up in a Yiddish-speaking household.
Well maybe the chain of command went even higher than Lenin.
“The order to murder the Tsar and his family actually came from New York. The Bolsheviks had been forced to flee from Yekaterinburg in such haste that they had no time to destroy all the telegraph strips. Those strips were later found in the telegraph house. [White leader] Nikolai Sokolov took care of them but could not decipher them. This was done only in 1922 by a group of experts in Paris. Sokolov then discovered that the strips were extremely revealing, since they dealt with the murder of the Tsar and his family………. The chairman of the Central Executive Committee, Yakov Sverdlov, had sent a message to Yakov Yurovsky where he relayed that after he had told [Bolshevik financier] Jacob Schiff in New York about the approach of the White army, he had received orders from Schiff to liquidate the Tsar and his entire family at once.”
So maybe the Tribe have reason to be worried. I guess we can expect a call from Bibi to his BFF Putin to clamp down on such dangerous developments.
* Not many people can claim to have had their own personal genocide named after them but Goloshchyokin is one (the Goloshchyokin Genocide). His was in Kazakhstan where up to one third of the population starved to death under his  forced collectivation programme. His mom must have been so proud.






3 responses to “Russia Commemorates the Romanovs”

  1. As long as Americans retain the right to bear arms they should be safe from a repeat of this type of massacre in America itself.
    But keep in mind that the Jews power in America is now all encompassing…..they now always run both candidates who run for president.
    The Jews usually start murdering large numbers.bers of people when or before the people have a chance to organise themselves.Key assassinations removed obstacles to their drive to power… the Kennedy brothers or the WW2 general who would have gone on to be elected president….but “unfortunately ” died in a car accident……
    Perhaps an artificially induced famine then….the Jews are well versed in this form of mass killing.

  2. Th royal family insider Sir Anthony Blunt claimed that Rothschild was behind the elimination of the French and russian royals in the plan to bring communisim to the world under jewish control from jerusalem, he said his freind lord rothschild considered disposing of the British royals after W W 2 Blunt wanted to have Buck palace as a grand art museum for all the stolen paintings collected by the jews, Rothschild refused this as he said British royals were like the saudis secret jews.
    De Mentiev said communism was devised by the jews to put all the money and power of the people into the hands of the elite ( jews )
    Rothshild was saying from the early 30s that communism would sweep the world
    and israel would then be in charge

  3. Communism, Democracy, Socialism, Liberalism, are different labels Jews use for the same thing in replacing goyim rulers such as Czar Romanov with Jewish controlled political puppets and Jewish controlled government.

    One big Jewish objective in their liberal government schemes is making it sound great, like something people would love. The Jews Media made Romanov look bad at the same time they made Communism seem like heaven. The sheeple thought they would be trading hell for heaven by replacing Romanovs with Lenins and Stalins.

    In their Protocols of Zion, Jews discuss how goyim rulers, kings, goyim monarchies, were a threat to Jewish power and had to be replaced with communism, democracy, etc –

    Jews arrange goyim governments so they can be divided against each other along political party lines such as democrats vs republicans.

    Even with the world government, the United Nations, the Jews have the 5 permanent UN members, the 5 charter members, the 5 nations with veto power, divided against each other.

    The 5 charter members are –
    USA which has the UN capital at Jew York City, Russia, China, England, and France

    The Jews divided these 5 UN charter member nations against each other along the lines of East vs West with Russia and China vs USA, England, and France. The Jews Media still uses the phrases “The West” and “The East.”

    “The East” and “The West” usage comes from Jews dividing the Roman Empire against itself into the Eastern (Byzantine) Empire headquartered at Constantinople vs the West (Roman) Empire with headquarters at Rome.

    In similar fashion the Jews eventually divided the Catholic Church into the Eastern Orthodox and the Roman Catholic divisions, east vs west.

    Jews have been attacking Christianity and Christian nations by dividing them against each other down through the ages.

    WW1 and WW2 are more examples of Christian nations divided against each other by Jewish manipulation.

    Jews are still determined to keep Church and State from uniting again as they were once united in the Roman Empire. Zionist Jews view that as very strong competition.

    Jews still prohibit Christianity in schools, government, prayer in school, pledge of Allegiance, ten commandments plaques in courthouses, etc, to prevent unity between church and state, united christian government.

    Daniel 2:41 GNT – You also saw that the feet and the toes were partly clay and partly iron. This means that it will be a DIVIDED empire.

    Prophecy shows that the children of the devil (John 8:44) and their father will continue their war on Christianity until Satan is bound and the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our Lord.