Epstein Crime Map (Updated)

Ryan Dawson – July 18, 2019

2 responses to “Epstein Crime Map (Updated)”

  1. Ryan Dawson says Trump is following the Israeli 8 point plan for war on Iran. This is the video link:

    Youtube: “Trump still following Israeli plan for Iran +Epstein update”

    1. Oil Embargo
    2. Arab Separatist Attack
    3. Bomb boats in Hormuz
    4. Fly US drone into Iran airspace
    5. Cyber attacks on AD UEF
    6. Hit Iran troops in Syria/Iraq
    7. Airstrike on Uranium enrichment
    8. Israel attacks

    Like I keep saying, Trump is a pathetic errand boy for Israel. Is the Epstein case being used to keep the D.C. WHORES in line with Bibi’s will?

  2. the UK is outraged that yet another israeli puppet politician is poised to take over as UK prime minister Brits are so sick of this that most refuse to vote as there is never a british candidate just jewish puppets
    Brits would not be allowed to stand in israel so why do we have foreign people allowed to stand for our parliament ? its horrific racism displayed against our own eelctorate