Joe Sobran: The Jewish Establishment (1995) — July 20, 2019

Joe Sobran, 1946-2010

How does a tiny country like Israel control the most powerful country on earth, the USA?  Israel is the Rothschild’s personal fiefdom – their army, nuclear arsenal and secret service. The Rothschilds produce US currency in the form of a debt to themselves. This is something the US and all countries could do themselves debt-and-interest free. The US is the Rothschild’s bitch. Indeed anyone who wishes to succeed must be a witting or unwitting collaborator in the Rothschild’s scam. They must enslave mankind in order to protect this scam and collect. This is the essence of Communism.  
For essays like The Jewish Faction,” Joe Sobran, an editor at the National Review, was fired, which only proves his point. 
No country that allows its banking system to be controlled by its arch enemies can expect to remain free. The world has been colonized by the central banking cartel using Freemasonry & Organized Jewry as its instruments.  He says “Jews” think they’re persecuted when in fact their leaders persecute mankind. This has become evident as Westerners see their cultural values, freedom and security eroded, and genocide promoted by migration and miscegenation.
“At any rate, Christians knew from the start how the Tribe felt about them, and nothing has changed since then except that today’s Christians have become remarkably naive about it. Christ tells us to forgive our enemies, but he doesn’t ask us to pretend that they are our friends… “

The Jewish Establishment (Sept. 1995)

by Joe Sobran — (Excerpt by 

The Jewish establishment, it hardly needs saying, is predominantly secularist and systematically anti-Christian. In fact, it is unified far more by its hostility to Christianity than by its support of Israel, on which it is somewhat divided. The more left-wing Jews are faintly critical of Israel, though never questioning its “right to exist” — that is, its right to exist on terms forbidden to any Christian country; that is, its right to deny rights to non-Jews.
A state that treated Jews as Israel treats gentiles would be condemned outright as Nazi-like. But Israel is called “democratic,” even “pluralistic.”
Explicitly “Jewish” organizations like the American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League enforce a dual standard. What is permitted to Israel is forbidden to America.
This is not just thoughtless inconsistency. These organizations consciously support one set of principles here — equal rights for all, ethnic neutrality, separation of church and state — and their precise opposites in Israel, where Jewish ancestry and religion enjoy privilege. They “pass” as Jeffersonians when it serves their purpose, espousing rules that win the assent of most Americans. At the same time, they are bent on sacrificing the national interest of the United States to the interests of Israel, under the pretense that both countries’ interests are identical. (There is, of course, no countervailing American lobby in Israel.)
The single most powerful Jewish lobbying group is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which, as its former director Thomas Dine openly boasted, controls Congress. At a time when even Medicare may face budget cuts, aid to Israel remains untouchable. If the Israelis were to begin “ethnic cleansing” against Arabs in Israel and the occupied lands, it is inconceivable that any American political figure would demand the kind of military strike now being urged against the Serbs in ex-Yugoslavia.
Jewish-owned publications like the Wall Street Journal, The New Republic, The Atlantic Monthly, U.S. News & World Report, the New York Post, and New York’s Daily News emit relentless pro-Israel propaganda; so do such pundits as William Safire, A.M. Rosenthal, Charles Krauthammer, Jeane Kirkpatrick, and George Will, to name a few.
That Israel’s journalistic partisans include so many gentiles — lapsed goyim, you might say — is one more sign of the Jewish establishment’s power. So is the fact that this fact isn’t mentioned in public (though it is hardly unnoticed in private.)



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2 responses to “Joe Sobran: The Jewish Establishment (1995)”

  1. What whistleblowers like Freedman, Sobran, and Makow say is obviously so true. But what can we do about such wrongs and abuses of power and wealth? In Spain the Jews supported the Muslims against the Christians and as a result were expelled. Is that the solution? The Spanish establishment ever since has been under economic siege by the same money controlling cabal. Look at what the Nazis did, whether most of those who dies were were murdered or died of the diseases in the camps, it shouldn’t matter because we say that no matter the number it was wrong or evil.

    However, what is the basis of anyone these days saying that anything is really wrong or evil. There must be a standard of good for Sobran or anyone to say what the Rothschild cabal has been doing is wrong. No doubt the principles of the Rothschild’s and Jews who follow the Talmud, or who follow the money which sustains their security, think that the laws of morality and natural justice are exclusive to their own tribe. In a world of moral relativism, or where exclusive religious or national interests trump all universal ones, things become very sociopathic. In my time and since my conversion to Christianity which gave me instanously a sense of universal justice, I have questioned not the introduction of Aristotle mainly by Aquinas into the religious thought of my Church, but rather the fact that after his death the more pragmatic power brokers turned his theological contributions, which he considered when he died as “only straw”, into rigid scholastic dogma and the straw in the manger of Christianity. The idea became that one could come to a belief in God and live a life pleasing to Him without actual conversion to the person of Christ. The irony is that with the realism of Aristotle the principle authority for morality shifted more to the secular and university realm, and then with the ensuing diversity, we have seen nothing but fragmentation such that the only real morality left is one moral relativism.
    I have given reasons in various little comments like this as to why the Jews should covert not only for their own spiritual salvation, but also for the renewal of Christianity and the advancement of mankind. Unless our standards in which we judge matters of right and wrong, good and evil, are based on spiritual knowledge, connections and beliefs which go right to the heart of God, we have no real and substantial authority for our laws except brute force, and we are left with the present mess of moral relativism, totalitarianism, the half truths of Islam, the dead, atheistic and false universalism of communism, and all of the sectarian religions like Judaism, Sikhism, or some kind of myopic nationalism in which the moral laws of one’s group extend only to the boundaries of that group. Why in such a world should anyone with power and wealth be universally good to others outside of their group or refrain from harming and exploiting others? The simple answer is that if they do not, then they guarantee more wars and suffering. But the fact is that if they do not covert they will never have the real power to make the world a better place for everyone.

  2. Q. Sasquatch, an anti-semite, the tooth fairy, a white supremacist, and a smart blonde were walking on the moon collecting moon rocks when they saw a $20 bill by the moon buggy. Which one got the $20 bill ?

    A. The only one who could get the $20 bill was the smart blonde because the others are just fictional creatures that exist only in fairy tales and the Jews Media.

    Just like with racism BS, Jews use antisemite BS to make white people feel like they are guilty of mistreating non-whites. Jews direct racism bs only against white people.

    When non-whites commit real racist hate crimes against white people, mass media doesn’t report it. The Jews Media covers it up and pretends like it doesn’t exist.

    A black man recently threw a white baby off a 3 story building, but mass media is silent on it. A websearch shows mostly just small media reports on it –
    “Black Man throws” “white baby” “Mall of America”

    There are many many horribly vile racist crimes committed against white people that the Jews Media hides instead of reporting, ie the Christian Newsom torture murders –

    ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN, AP, NY Times, and the rest of the Jews Media hide real racist hate crimes against white people while falsely accusing white people of racism or wildly exaggerating and lying about events like with Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

    It’s the evil Divide and Conquer schemes of the Jews that incite races, nations, and religions against each other. Jews are behind the racist atrocities.

    One ancient Jewish tactic recommended by Saul Alinsky – Accuse your enemy of the evil that you do yourself.

    When Israel accuses Iran, Russia, Syria, of a crime its a fairly safe bet that Israel did that crime.