Parents explode as Republicans refuse to defend kids from library drag queens

LifeSite News – July 17, 2019

Angry local parents in Lexington Park, MD, led by a MassResistance-Maryland mother, stormed their local County Commission meeting on Tuesday evening, July 9. With strongly-worded, outraged testimony, they demanded that the officials deal with the horror at their local public library.

A “Drag Queen Story Hour” comes to town

On June 23, a “Drag Queen Story Hour” took place at the nearby Lexington Park Public Library, where homosexual men dressed as garish women read LGBT-affirming story books to young children ages 3–8. They also conducted a “drag queen makeup tutorial” for “tweens and teens” — children 9–19 years old. Their stated goal: “To capture their imagination and give kids positive and unabashedly queer, role models.”

The event at the public library was organized by the Southern Maryland Area Secular Humanists, a radical anti-family atheist group that often targets young people with sexuality events, and PFLAG — a national LGBT group targeting youth. The public is repeatedly told that Drag Queens are “role models” for children and have important lessons to teach young people.

Parents wondered: Just who were these Drag Queens who would be reading to the children on June 23? But both the library staff and the event organizers steadfastly refused to tell the public. It was very upsetting for parents. But a few days after the event, a local newspaper article revealed their stage names, and later the Drag Queens bragged about their “performance” on social media.

At that point, Georgia Kijesky — a local Maryland MassResistance mother of four young children — contacted Tracy Shannon, head of Houston MassResistance and an expert researcher. Tracy earlier exposed the sex offenders involved in the Drag Queen Story Hour in a Houston, TX library. (See reports here and here.)

A horrible discovery

It became clear why the Maryland event organizers wanted to keep this Drag Queen’s identity hidden. What Tracy discovered was truly frightening.

Here’s another photo “Stormy Vain” posted of himself on social media.

Tracy found that one of the Drag Queens, “Stormy Vain” (real name: Todd Musick), is involved with numerous lurid and pornographic sexual businesses and activities. He runs “Stormy’s Angels of Entertainment” and “Eroticasy.” Among his business offerings: male escorts/companions, nude maid services, sex toys, hiring out strippers for parties and one-on-one sessions, nude maintenance service, nude personal trainer, nude hair styling, X-rated candies, and “much more.” On his website (now offline), he offered “male companions” under a tab that warned “Nudity!! Must be over 18 to view.”

Our Houston MassResistance activist created a 70-page exposé on “Stormy Vain.” We sent a 45-page version of that to the local elected officials and also the news media.

“Who needs a nice Spanking Session” Let me know!” Click to enlarge

But that report is so graphic and disgusting that (for the first time ever) we have had to create a separate version for our readers. It’s still pretty bad. You can read it here.

This is a person that the library staff and the organizers believed was perfectly appropriate to be working with young children and teenagers! They clearly knew that the public would be outraged if this were known prior to the event — so they kept his identity hidden. This, unfortunately, is a common problem across the country with library staff these days, we have found. They are intentionally deceiving the public and acting as “change agents.

A history of sexual deviance at library

Continues …

4 responses to “Parents explode as Republicans refuse to defend kids from library drag queens”

  1. Why does the second thumbnail SCREAM, “I’m Yitzhak Goldstein!” ?

  2. Events like fag promotions at public forums such as public libraries have to authorized by governmental authorities aka political puppets.

    In the Protocols of Zion over 100 years ago, Jews documented their plans for forcing sexual perversion, pornography, and queer life on the goyim –

    Perverting the goyim is no longer just a plan, it’s a reality, like the plans to take over newspapers, publishing, media, banking, education, and most other POZ plans.

    The last plan in the POZ is Protocol 24 which includes establishing the “King of the Jews” as ruler of the world. Compare it to 2 Thess 2.

  3. Why are some parents exposing their children to deviants and perverts? Such parents are guilty of child abuse and do not deserve to have children..

    Power to the parents who care..

  4. Sweet weeping Jesus on the Cross….the depravity knows no bounds, but should have the bounds very firmly reestablished , post haste. Enough is enough.

    I’m in full agreement with the comment of Ingrid B above. What parent with an intellect above retardation level would expose their children to such deviancy? Any “parent” dragging their child to a freak show like that should be neutered, horse-whipped in front of the library, and their kids taken away.