The West Belongs to People of European Descent — July 19, 2019

There is a race war. But it is not between whites and coloureds. The “war” is actually an insidious campaign by Organized Jewry, an arm of the Rothschild banking cartel,
to use immigrants to displace people of European descent and erase their heritage.
It’s about time we recognized that the “hate” is all coming from them. It’s time we called “globalists” what they are, communist traitors.

by Henry Makow PhD

I confess that I was pleased that Trump told “the squad” that if they think America is so bad, they can leave.
I am not the only one.  Trump’s support among Republicans rose 5%.
I also welcomed the chant, “Send her back” at the rally in North Carolina.
Under fire, Trump was forced to walk back this sentiment but it truly expressed how the majority of white Americans feel.
Of course, the squad trotted out accusations of “racism.”  Why not? Crying “antisemite” has always worked for their Jewish sponsors.
But no one is buying it. What does condoning and promoting terrorist violence against the federal government and Trump supporters have to do with race? Ayanna Pressley encouraged her followers to “bring the fire”; one attacked an ICE facility with an automatic weapon and was killed.
As with Organized Jewry, it’s their behavior which defines them, not their race.
Then, they trot out “white supremacy.”
Why don’t we hear about Jewish Supremacy? That’s what this is really all about. Why don’t we ever hear about Chinese Supremacy in China or Indian Supremacy in India?

Swedish government advert.

Our country is our home. This is like a home invader accusing you of being a “supremacist” because you don’t want to hand over the keys. 
Later, homeless, you discover that the invader had been working for your banker who foreclosed on your home. 
Whites represent roughly 15% of the world population. Yet they are slated for displacement. Their countries are being invaded by uneducated young men of military age. Their events are being cancelled and their supporters intimated and beaten. Their free speech is being eliminated.
Their cultural heritage is under attack. Statues are removed; schools renamed, and authors suppressed. Their values are ridiculed and dragged through the mud.
Protocols of the Elders of Zion–16: “We must introduce into their education all those principles which have so brilliantly broken up their order.” 
Berkeley is banning the use of gendered terms like “manhole” and “policeman.”  
Colorado State University has decided that the terms “America” and “American” cannot be used because they are not “inclusive.”
The Masonic Jewish bankers are running ads to encourage third world migration and are funding it.
Everyone but whites is entitled to a national home. And if whites so much as stir, they are viciously shamed, in true Communist fashion.



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7 responses to “The West Belongs to People of European Descent”

  1. I used to be be completely non-racist, but in my old age I have come to understand that races really do vary. Just lik dogs we are all the same genus but just as a collie is not like a pit bull terrier, different races of humans are different in looks and behaviour..

    I think we all share common characteristics but also differ in other characteristics. On average the chinese are more intelligent than us europeans. The Italians are better looking and probably cleverer) than us Brits. Blacks are more likely to commit murder than whites, and they better athletes.

    These are facts, not opinions, but you will be pilloried or locked up for stating the truth.

  2. Yes, I agree. Send all the whites back to Europe from Australia, Canada, North and South America, to strengthen Europe.

  3. Good article. The real reason Jews force integration, busing of white school children, diversity, interracial marriage, immigrant invasions, and all the other race mixing evil is to destroy the white race and Christian culture.

    Hebrew schools and Jewish institutions teach their children to marry Jews only, but they force race mixing on white people.

    Jesus labeled Jews the children of the devil at John 8:44. Like their father, Jews hate white people because white people spread Christianity from Europe to North America, Australia, South America, and most of the world.

    Like their father the devil, Jews are destroyers. Wars, terrorism, riots, arson, are incited by Jews, but the Jews Media is used to pin the blame on victims and provide cover for Jews.

    The Jews are doing exactly what they planned and documented in their Protocols of Zion over a hundred years ago –

  4. keep bashing this forcefully uprooted migrant. that doesn’t make you brave! its your son and daughter involed in social engineering. now you got mad when its efforts realized. you got the rob on your neck. The best you can do is shut your rational side and get mad ,senseless and racist to victims. organized Jewry has well prepared to deal with you. dump ass. organized Jewry has always know how to harness your weak spot racist and greed to lead you to extniction . its too late you forsaken God as a result you forget who are , who can help those who forsaken God, none

  5. I was raise strict Catholic and non-racist. My hard working German father always told me to judge a man by his character, not his skin. I was also taught to revere Jews, after all God choose them.

    I’ve changed my mind about other cultures, some cultures are very uncivilized down to the man, although I try never to judge because that is a Jewish trait. The judging Jude, the Jew has that name because of their extreme judgment on others.

    I found out what I was taught by my good Christian parents was mostly wrong. They are good people but completely duped by the mainstream media and Christianity, in fact I am certain my parents gullibility is due to their religious beliefs.

    Henry Makow is doing much good, but even though he says he is Christian he did something no Christian nor myself would ever do – that is he attacked Jeff Rense after a falling out and posted Jeff’s personal information on the internet. That, I have learned, is a very Jewish trait – vengeance with a passion.

    Posting a fellow patriot’s home address and pics on the internet is total warfare, and it was obvious that Henry was in hope someone would retaliate. Am I wrong about that? Not likely. But Henry is good at getting the word out like:

    “There is a race war. But it is not between whites and coloureds. The “war” is actually an insidious campaign by Organized Jewry”

    Is the West under a viscious Jewish attack? Absolutely. This article nails it, it is a race war spun under fighting racism and equality.

    As far as Ilhan Omar, she is karma sent to torment jackasses like Trump who play the race card for votes. GOOD FOR HER! Trump doesn’t give a rat’s ass about White people anyways, he is wholly consumed with Jewish everything, especially his Jewish daughter who he is love with. (The guy is some kind of perv)

  6. American hero, Charles A. Lindbergh was damned and downgraded because he told us that organized jews were one of three groups working to draw America into WWII. The other groups were the British and the Eastern establishment — but both were riddled with and controlled by organized Jews, so it was really only one large influence, wasn’t it. The man also started the original America First movement. His child was probably murdered for his trouble and ALL involved must understand that there is no statute of limitations on kidnap/murder. That includes accomplices and abettors of the perpetraitors [sic] and their knowing apologists. All must hang!

  7. Henry writes some good stuff its justa shame that his nonsense about hitler overshadows this