NYT says U.S. middle class must sacrifice clean, safe suburbs to make way for illegal aliens

Ethan Huff – Natural News July 19, 2019

If you like your neighborhood, you can’t keep it – at least not if The New York Times is successful in forcing middle class homeowners to sacrifice their quiet suburbs to accommodate more illegal aliens.

In a recent editorial entitled, “A New Approach on Housing Affordability,” those who run the Times attempt to make the case that it’s high time for average American citizens who’ve done pretty good for themselves to change their entire way of life for the benefit of poor “immigrants” who can’t afford to live in the same nice neighborhoods.

Using the buzzphrase “affordable housing” to describe what it would like to see more of throughout America, the editorial board at the Times laments that rents and housing prices are too high for millions of Americans, urging the government to intervene. But what the Times fails to mention is the fact that things wouldn’t be like this if the border was finally closed.

“The editorial starts with a complaint about housing prices – but it never mentions the obvious fix: Ending the federal policy of annually importing 1 million immigrant workers, consumers, and renters, which inflates housing prices and class competition for good neighborhoods and good schools,” writes Neil Munro for Breitbart News.

“Reduced immigration, in contrast, would raise Americans’ salaries, lower their housing prices, improve their schools, and also disappoint real-estate investors.”

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American families living in detached, single-family homes that aren’t surrounded by apartment buildings filled with illegals is a cause of climate change, claims The New York Times

Though the editorial never actually uses the word “immigrant,” Munro points out that a series of other articles and editorials that have appeared in the Times over the past several months reveal the true agenda behind this sudden push towards making housing more affordable.

In praising the city of Minneapolis for ending single-family zoning, for instance, the editorial board at the Times deliberately left out the fact that this change was made to accommodate the 50,000 some-odd Somalian immigrants who were sent there during the Obama administration.

Minneapolis’ political leaders had tried to argue that ending single-family zoning was necessary to address “racial discrimination” – which is the same thing Seattle tried to do. But the fact remains that none of the 50,000 Somalians were around 93 years ago when this alleged discrimination existed.

As for this latest editorial in the Times, reading between the lines reveals that the plan is to force suburbanites to accept more poor people and “minorities,” or else face the potential loss of federal infrastructure funding.

“Proposals to make federal infrastructure funding contingent on land use reform also might be usefully extended by requiring affluent communities to accept affordable housing projects,” the board writes.

In other words, suburban families will either have to comply with welcoming in anyone and everyone whom the government wants to send, or else be forced to watch their communities fall apart due to a withholding of funds for keeping them maintained.

The Times‘ editorial board further contends that the existence of single-family homes in middle class suburbs “contributes to climate change,” and that the only way to fix the problem is to pack in as many illegal aliens as possible into high-density apartments.

“It constrains the economic potential of cities by limiting growth,” is how the board puts it, the insinuation being that every neighborhood and community in America must be forcibly urbanized in order to stop global warming and increase the availability of “affordable housing” for poor people living in the United States – illegal aliens included.

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  1. Trump talks as if he opposes the immigrant invasion while at the same time he made it several times worse than it was under Obama.

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  2. And who runs the NYT? I’ll give you one (((guess)))!

  3. The New/Jew York Times says the besieged middle class should sacrifice what little is left of their dignity to accommodate the invading hordes, eh? I say we sacrifice the New York Times instead.

    The executive editor of that shit rag is Dean Baquet. He has a home address. He can have a choice; the mongrel invading hordes can show up at his door and he can take them all in or an unwelcome wagon of middle class citizens carrying torches and pitchforks can show up at his door instead.

    The shit rag apparently has shareholders with, interestingly enough, Mexican mogul Carlos Slim as the top shareholder. But don’t be fooled as I’m sure the kike Sulzbergers still wield a heavy hand at the Times. Slim and the Sulzbergers also have home addresses, by the way.

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    Baquet takes his marching orders from organized Jewry, of course, but I feel one either takes a stand against evil or is a willing accomplice, so fuck that guy. Anyhoo, there’s a sign on the entrance to his building which clearly states “No Solicitors”, but it doesn’t say anything about mongrel hordes or torches & pitchforks.