Moon Landing Hoax?

Man behind SATURN V Apollo rocket now says NASA faked Moon Landing

Sean Martin – Daily Express July 17, 2019


In 1969, NASA made history when it sent Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong to the Moon, with the latter two becoming the first people to step foot on the lunar surface. However, one man who played a key part in the mission believes the whole thing WAS FAKED so NASA and the US could turn a profit. Bill Kaysing was head of technical publications for Rocketdyne – the company which helped to build the Saturn V rocket which launched the Apollo 11 crew – and he believes NASA never sent anyone to the Moon.

Mr Kaysing, who died in 2005 at the age of 82, began asking questions of the authenticity of the Moon landing shortly after the mission and by 1976 he published a book called ‘Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle’.

In his book, Mr Kaysing established a list of reasons why NASA never took astronauts to the Moon.

He believed the space agency simply did not have the technical expertise to put man on the Moon.

Mr Kaysing also claims that the photographic evidence does not stack up for the space agency, claiming that there were no craters near the lunar landing module.

He wrote in his book: “In all NASA animation of lunar flights, there is shown craters being created below the lunar landing module by the jet blast of the landing engine.

“In every official NASA photo of the lunar landing module on the moon, there are not craters. In fact, the surface looks completely undisturbed!”

Mr Kaysing also questioned the lack of stars in official photographs, and unexplained “optical anomalies”.

What Mr Kaysing believes happened is that NASA sent the astronauts into orbit, much like the International Space Station (ISS) is, and returned them after eight days.

He said in a 2001 TV documentary ‘Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?’: “The astronauts were launched with the Saturn V.

“Then, in order to account for their disappearance, they simply orbited the Earth for eight days and in the interim they showed these fake pictures of the astronauts on the Moon.

“But on the eighth day the command console separated from the vehicle and descended to Earth as, of course, was shown in the films.”

However, Mr Kaysings’ claims have been largely dismissed, with Jim Lovell, an astronaut who flew to and orbited the Moon in 1968, calling him “wacky”.

Mr Lovell said: “The guy is wacky. His position makes me feel angry. We spent a lot of time getting ready to go to the Moon. We spent a lot of money, we took great risks, and it’s something everybody in this country should be proud of.



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11 responses to “Moon Landing Hoax?”

  1. Just one question ??
    How did they went through the Van Alleyn Belt radiations ??

  2. Not true. The Jodrell Bank radio telescope tacked the landing module down to the surface of the moon.

    Als a radar relector was positioned on the moon, and is still detectable.

  3. My dad worked at an aerospace company for 30 yrs.
    He died in 2016, but before that i asked him on numerous occasions about us “going to the moon”.
    “We never went to the moon, son”
    The logistics make it impossible to shield from not just the radiation, but from the intense cold and heat.

  4. Many years ago I had the opportunity to visit the Space Centre in Florida. My impression was that it was all fake. The Saturn rocket that would make a return to the moon, some 250,000 miles away did not seem possible. The Moon lander was so far away you could not tell anything about it. We supposedly can track this tiny space craft, but we cannot find lost massive ships or aircraft right next to the earth?
    The space dust just did not gel. Black volcanic ash would reflect more. Now I am a lot wiser there are still many things that I cannot understand. If we look at the moon sometimes we will see that it is clearly in front of the clouds. Sometimes you will see clouds behind the moon and some times in front of the moon. You do not need binoculars or anything. I do not understand what I see but I have hundreds of photos of the moon and the sun in these situations. My camera is not special.I put my shades in front of the lens for pictures of the sun. The other thing is that I bought an inexpensive thermometer for under £10 and measured the temperature in moonlight and out of moonlight. In the moonlight it was colder than out of the moonlight, by many degrees as many as 14F at times. Therefore the moon cannot be reflecting light from the sun.
    It is cold. I do not have the answers, but I do know that they are lying to us about almost everything, so why not this as well. Yes, Mr Reynard the Van Allen Belt is another insurmountable problem.

  5. Simply one of many — maybe countless — official hoaxes! Can you name another big one? (H*ll*h*ax)

  6. Guys, it is so easy to prove no one went to the moon. The lunar module and lander are supposed to have coasted to the moon after orbiting the Earth a time or two, but the moon is within the Earth’s gravity field, otherwise the moon would drift out of orbit. In fact if you look at the bar graph at the bottom of the “Earth’s Busy Neighborhood” page you will see that the Earth’s gravity extends to almost four times the distance from the Earth to the moon. You can’t coast uphill guys! Werner Von Braun said they would need a rocket the size of the empire state building to get to the moon because he knew they would have to thrust the whole way, which they did not do. Forget the fake pictures and video, its just basic physics!

  7. Moon landing hoax, 911 hoax, Sandyhoax, Oklahoma city bombing hoax, Gulf of Tonkin hoax, war of terror hoax, fiat currency hoax, big pharma hoax, judicial system hoax, Washington represents “we the people” hoax, GMO hoax, 5G hoax, election hoax, to name a few. You get the picture. We do live in a matrix and all a rational person can do is keep their head down and their antena up.

  8. No photos of the background stars is very disturbing. While in orbit around the moon why didn’t they take nice sharp pictures of the background stars – especially when in the moon’s shadow. On the moon the aperture could have been adjusted to see the stars. No stars on the moon, huh. Why? The answer is obvious.

    According to mainstream astronomy they did go to the moon. There is even a Wikipedia page for third party evidence for Apollo Moon landings:

    The bottom line on how this debate gets settled is an orbital drone with high resolution camera is sent to the moon and takes a million crisp clear pictures of the landing sites and all the tracks, moon buggies, LEM, flags and all the rest of the crap littered on the moon surface from Apollo – which because of the lack of atmosphere will be perfectly preserved as the day it was created.

    My wild theory is that we didn’t go (at least like they say) because I say aliens infest the moon, the moon is a grey alien control base from which to manipulate the earth human population. If we went we encountered them and were told to stay away – so we have a perfectly good explanation why no manned missions ever went back. This extraterrestrial presence of a superior race in our solar system is the real reason for all the secrecy. MJ-12, National Security Act, and Solar Warden (military space program).

    The maddening drive of the development of Artificial Intelligence is actually being driven by aliens who own and control earth. Once implemented Space Ai will merge with Earth Ai and humans will once again be totally controlled by the gods. Ai will be our downfall as many are forecasting but not in the way they think.

  9. nelms above is wrong. Satellites in orbit are going at a velocity relative to their distance above the earth to maintain an equilibrium without have to constantly use thrust to escape being pulled back by the earth’s gravitation. The moon, for example, is the largest known satellite orbiting the earth. It’s orbit is a perfect balance between its velocity and its distance from the earth in order to maintain the equilibrium of its orbit. To slow down a satellite it will then start to be sucked toward the earth. Equally so, to increase the velocity of the orbiting satellite will all the satellite to move further away from the earth and establish a new orbit. To have the body move away from the earth to the orbit of the moon you do not need constant acceleration. All you need is enough thrust to reach a velocity with a trajectory to establish the equivalent balance of the moon’s orbit. We have sent objects around the moon and the moon does have its own gravity to pull objects toward it as long as that object is in a balance with its velocity relative to the earth not to be sucked back toward the earth at the same time. As for sending a man to the moon, I seriously do not believe we have the technology yet to do it without first killing a lot of monkies and people. The so-called “race to the moon” of the 1960’s was all propaganda for the alleged political purposes of trumping the Russians. It was not scientifically motivated and it occurred at a time when the fake cold war with the USSR was at the height of its money making bullshit trajectory. Like 9/11 the establishment maintains a constant equilibrium with the thrust of the media and fake science to keep all of those big turds in orbit floating around above our heads.

  10. “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
    – William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting, 1981)

    “Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the State.”
    – James Angleton, head of CIA counter intelligence from 1954-1974

    Many historians remember Angleton as the Mossad liaison at the CIA when JFK was killed. Peter Janney in his book describes Angleton as the operational mastermind of a CIA organized hit. JFK was the last President to issue sovereign US Treasury currency in lieu of Federal Reserve notes. I wonder if he would have perpetuated the moon landing hoax in his second term in order to score the glory points he was seeking for the space program, but I doubt it given his more courageous stands against the big lies that proliferated once he was out of the way.

  11. @ Fred B Excellent comment, sir, and that last line, “Like 9/11 the establishment maintains a constant equilibrium with the thrust of the media and fake science to keep all of those big turds in orbit floating around above our heads” almost made me spit coffee on my keyboard in laughter.

    So, New Orleans was my home base for some years and it’s actually a big NASA area as there are a couple major NASA facilities on the outskirts of the city. I know several literal rocket scientists and their reactions have been very interesting when I broach the topic of the moon landings and express my skepticism. One time I was at a party where there was no shortage of liquor and I was engaged in conversation with a career NASA engineer who had a few drinks under his belt. I asked him about the alleged moon landings and he snorted, laughed, and said, “Umbra, have you SEEN the lunar lander? That piece of shit couldn’t make it from here to Metairie (the closest neighboring suburb of New Orleans) let alone to the fucking moon”. A couple years later, I asked another career NASA engineer I knew pretty well about the moon program, expressing my doubts, and he wouldn’t give a straight answer and was obviously quite uncomfortable. His reaction said it all.

    One of the most entertaining takes on the US space & moon programs I’ve come across is Wagging the Moondoggie by Jim McGowan, which is widely available for free around the web. It’s definitely worth the read.