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Gilad Atzmon – July 16, 2019

Yesterday, prosecutors revealed that Jeffrey Epstein kept a fake Saudi passport in his home’s safe along with diamonds and piles of cash. It also emerged last week that Epstein invested millions in a deal with former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak.  Barak acknowledged to the Daily Beast that he, like other world leaders, visited Epstein’s Island and that he was first introduced to Epstein by Shimon Peres, former Israeli prime minister and president.
Barak’s high-tech company financed by the arch sex trafficker is called Carbyne. The Israeli enterprise develops “call-handling and identification capabilities for emergency response services,” essentially it seeks total access to your phone, its GPS system and its camera. This shouldn’t take us by surprise. By now we know that Epstein was very excited by cameras.
In a world with functioning media, the Guardian, the New York Times, the Washington Post and every other Mainstream Media (MSM) outlet would compete mercilessly to dig out the dirt all the way from Epstein’s Island to Tel Aviv but, it seems our MSM is doing the opposite. It conceals the shame. It invests its energy into diverting attention from that which has become obvious to the wider public: Epstein wasn’t just a disgusting paedophile. It is likely that he was serving an intelligence agency and perhaps more than just one.
Four days ago one of the most courageous writers around, former CIA analyst Philip Giraldi, produced a detailed article dealing with the  obvious question: was Epstein an Israeli spy? Giraldi ends his piece: “it will be very interesting to see just how far and how deep the investigation into Epstein and his activities goes. One can expect that efforts will be made to protect top politicians like Clinton and Trump and to avoid any examination of a possible Israeli role. That is the normal practice, witness the 9/11 Report and the Mueller investigation, both of which eschewed any inquiry into what Israel might have been up to. But this time, if it was indeed an Israeli operation, it might prove difficult to cover up the story since the pedophile aspect of it has unleashed considerable public anger from all across the political spectrum.”
I admire Giraldi and would like to think that he is correct here.  In Britain, however, the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, pretty much collapsed when Lord Janner, became a centre of its focus. Lord Janner was a former chairman of the BOD, a Body that claims to represent British Jews. He was also the founder of the Holocaust Memorial Trust. Some people, so it seems, are either above the law or beyond scrutiny.      
We may have to admit that in a world where the Labour Party is terrorised, in the open, by a foreign lobby, in a world where Penguin press stops publishing  a book because it referred to the Rothschilds a as an ‘influential Jewish family,’ in a world where the British national broadcaster is reduced into a Zionist propaganda unit, no one in proximity to power dares to look into the possibility that the intelligence agency of a close ally might have invested millions if not billions of dollars in the formation of a spectacular blackmail apparatus that abused underage children through sex trafficking.
If Epstein wasn’t a lone operator, it is time to ask what his senders had in mind when they formed such a sex trafficking operation. Did they think of the possible consequences if the network were exposed? Did Ehud Barak or Shimon Peres consider the possible implications of their association with a convicted sex offender? Did they care about the possible ramifications to world Jewry, or Israel’s reputation, or Israel’s political affairs and its relationships with the USA? Did they have a plan B? Or maybe you don’t need a plan B in a world where the political class is deeply compromised and the mainstream media as a whole does little but veil the truth.
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Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

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  1. Saudi Arabia ?? You mean Yehudi Arabya more likely ??

  2. Dear Truth Seekers,

    I know your messages are all full up for the Health Ranger article on the California San Andreas Fault nuclear time bomb (, but I’d just like to quickly add:
    Strange how many crusading, top alternative media personalities who regard 9-11 being a false flag as a foregone conclusion that you’d have to be a real dimwit not to see, steer well clear of the Fukushima “natural disaster”, which is many orders of magnitude worse then 9-11 in terms of body-count, property losses and environmental damage, which we haven’t even begun to see the worst of yet, of being a Zionist false flag atrocity, blaming nature, as a no-go-zone.

    What the Hell are they waiting for? For atomic reactors to start going off, melting down left-right-and-centre, all over the planet, when Israel pulls the nuclear blackmail trigger on all those she has under the gun?

  3. Dear Truth Seekers,

    Just some updates on the false flag, Zionist, Fukushima environmental, and other acts of nuclear terrorism:
    The correct link to the Jim Stone Fukushima Report on pdf is: However since so many of Jim’s articles are being blocked, at least here in Australia, I don’t know how many will be able to access it.

    The late Australian researcher, Joe Vialls, has put out a lot of articles on his website; defunct since 2005; detailing many incidents of Zionist nuclear terrorism. From memory I’d like to list as many as I can:

    The Bali Bombing:
    The Jakarta Australian Embassy sub-surface micro nuclear bombing:
    The Jakarta Marriott Hotel sub-surface micro nuclear bombing:
    The Australian ABC’s propaganda TV documentary put out to brain wash the public into the lie that surface blasts from car and truck bombs produce craters to cover for the craters produced by sub-surface blasts, like in the Bali Bombing and others, and to make the public fear that any terrorist wannabe can make home-made monster bombs from materials obtained off the shelves of hardware stores:
    The Zionist political assassination in Lebanon by a roadside subsurface micro nuke, targeting the politician’s convoy:
    The fact that the 1st attempt to bring down the World Trade Centre towers in the 1990’s, showed evidence of being a micro nuke planed in the lower basement levels of the parking garage:
    One or more terrorists bombings in London that may have been sub-surface micro nukes that were blamed on the I.R.A.:
    Evidence that the 2004 Asian Tsunami may have been from a nuke planted in the under-sea Asian Trench:
    A ship that was nuked (actually the 1st nuclear test) before the end of the 2nd world War in the San Francisco Harbor (Port Chicago, I think it was called?).

  4. Another good dose of the truth from Gilad Atzmon. I respect Mr. Atzmon for having the courage to speak truth to power, even if that truth gets him ostracized from his own far-too-powerful tribe.

    Jeffrey Epstein is such a disgusting criminal degenerate. Epstein needs to be impoverished, stripped naked, dragged through the streets by his ankles down to Wall Street, flogged vigorously, rolled in pig shit, imprisoned and forced to live in wretched poverty, then flogged again and nailed ot a rail and floated out to sea.

    As for Carbyne, sounds like a good investment. I mean, what could possibly go wrong by giving a satanic terrorist Jew like Ehud Barak total access to people’s cell phones? His Mossad buddies already had that access anyway. ..