Why The BBC acts as a Propaganda Outlet for Israel– An Insider View

Gilad Atzmon – gilad.co.uk July 14, 2019

“The BBC is institutionally pro-Zionist and institutionally spineless” says former BBC senior editor.

The BBC’s Panorama channel ‘investigation’ into Labour’s ‘anti-Semitism’ was so blatantly one sided its broadcast as ‘news’ demanded an explanation. In an attempt to grasp why the British national broadcaster fails to fulfil its core mission to report the news in as unbiased a manner as possible,  I interviewed a former senior editor for the BBC. The editor, a 35 year veteran of the BBC, reveals the culture that has steered the BBC into its present position as a Zionist mouthpiece. 
In acting as a whistle blower, the former editor risks severe consequences.  In Britain leading journalists have been locked behind bars and put under threat of extradition for reporting information whose truthfulness has not even been challenged.  
Sadly, this danger is heightened under the present toxic political atmosphere in Britain, as demonstrated by its purging of a major political party and its tolerance for abuse of its judicial system to deter and punish anyone who dares to question the Zionist narrative. 
Q: When did the BBC become openly biased?
A: The BBC has always been biased towards Israel, and its bias has been well documented.  The reasons for this bias have long been the subject of serious academic studies, the best known of which is Greg Philo’s and Mike Berry’s More Bad News from Israel. In fact, in 2006 an independent report commissioned by the BBC’s own governing body concluded that the BBC’s coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict “does not consistently constitute a full and fair account of the conflict but rather, in important respects, presents an incomplete and in that sense misleading picture.”
Q: Who and what drove this cultural and political direction within the corporation?
 A: There are a number of drivers behind this biased BBC culture. The most important is the fact that a small number of hardline Zionists occupy key positions at the top and middle levels of the corporation, as well as at the shop-floor level, by which I mean the people who select what to publish or broadcast on a daily basis and who provide editorial steer to journalists. This has been widely publicised and has been in the public domain for some time — see, for example, this http://tinyurl.com/ydhjzeek, these (a) http://tinyurl.com/y7mjtkc6, (b) http://tinyurl.com/y7k39vsh, and (c) http://tinyurl.com/y3x9nktl. Also see this http://tinyurl.com/y6ne4apn and this http://tinyurl.com/y7l88zwl.
Q: What about political impartiality, supposedly a core BBC value?
A: Unfortunately, there are many examples of  such pro- Israel hype, some blatant and others who slant the news by use of emphasis and/or  omission. For instance, there was Sarah Montague’s interview with Israel’s defence minister, Moshe Ya’alon, in March 2015, Head of Statistics’ Anthony Reuben’s reflection on fatalities in Gaza   (http://tinyurl.com/ycc9p8d4), and the utilization of  Gil Hoffman, an Israeli army reservist and chief political correspondent for the Jerusalem Post to write for the BBC News website (http://tinyurl.com/yanppk93) to mention but a few.
Q:  Does the broadcaster have the means or inclination to fix itself ?
A: In my opinion, the chances of the BBC fixing itself is about zero. Apart from what I have said above, it is a cowardly, spineless organisation. Not only does it always pursue the path of least resistance by selecting to broadcast what is least likely to upset the Zionist lobby, but it is also deadly afraid of what the Daily Mail might say about its output. Very often, and by that I mean almost on a daily basis, one would hear senior managers ask at the morning agenda-setting editorial meetings, “What would the Daily Mail say about that?” Invariably, they would choose what is least likely to be picked up and criticised by the Daily Mail. Please remember, this is a public broadcaster that is funded by taxpayers (yes, the License Fee is a tax) and is supposed to “Educate, Inform and Entertain”, not propagandise on behalf of Israel.
Q: Some of the so-called Labour ‘Whistleblowers’ were exposed by Al Jazeera as Israeli Lobby assets. Is it possible that the BBC was so bold as to interview these characters hoping that no one would notice or was it simply  a matter of a clumsy decision making? Can the BBC match the journalistic dedication of organisations such as RT or Al Jazeera?
A: There is no chance whatsoever that the BBC would do anything approximating Al Jazeera TV’s programme on Israeli infiltration of the Labour Party (http://tinyurl.com/yad6fslm). The BBC is institutionally pro-Zionist and institutionally spineless.
Q: You worked in the corporation for 35 years, did you notice a deterioration in the quality of people hired? Was there a change in employees’ attitudes and their willingness to express themselves freely and critically?
A: I worked for the BBC’s English-language outlets as an editor and senior editor for 35 years. Since the early 1990s there has been growing intolerance of criticism of editorial management decisions, even in internal forums which internal BBC propaganda claims are meant for staff to speak freely. This applies across the board on all matters. But certainly with regard to Israel and Zionism, any questioning of BBC impartiality would attract accusations of anti-Semitism and would certainly spell the end of one’s career, no matter how privately and confidentially such criticism is conveyed.
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Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

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  1. I’m still puzzled about BBC ??
    Is BBC = British Buggering Children ???
    Or is it BBC = British Bolshevik Cabal ??
    Which is it ??
    The former, or the later ?? Or maybe both combined ??

    Back in the 1930s Lord Rothschild gave letters of introduction to the BBC for his Apostles, those left wing homosexuals who did so much harm to Britain’s W W 2 war effort.
    Many of these men had appalling records of abusing boys, but this was ignored by the BBC.
    A highly publicised comedy show called “Round the Horne was full of cheap homosexual innuendo and double meanings,
    similarly the children’s show Captain Pugwash had the hero’s called ” Roger the cabin boy” and “Seaman Staines” among other homosexual gags, but the
    tots programme ” Teletubbies” blatently had one of the creatures wearing make up and carrying a handbag, the BBC admitted after many enquires that the creature was homosexual,
    this is a pre school tots programme.
    Sydney Cooke who took over running many homosexual rings across the UK after the death of Sir Anthony Blunt, told while in prison of many high fliers at the BBC
    who were boy abusers, some such as Jimmy Saville came to the BBC with a warning from his ex employers Mecca Ballrooms that Jimmy was a predatory homosexual,
    the BBC tried to hide this up by saying he only abused girls which was a complete lie, but along with Wilfred Bramble Allan “fluff” Freeman Boy George Frankie Howard Danny La Rue Paul Gambacinni and Cliff Richard were advised to see the famous sex therapist Dr Ruth Seiffert at the Maudesley psychiatric hospital in London,
    Cliff Richard was so blatent about being a teenage rent boy and his activities that the BBC actually banned his records for some time in spite of the usual financial kickbacks, BBC DJ Pete Murray complained to the BBC that almost all their DJs were exploiting kids from care homes and lost his job over making the complaint.
    The ex BBC board member Graham jones, said on the Conspiracy hour that many BBC employees would go to party nights at a Brighton Hotel where young boys were bussed in for their sexual amusement, the spiritualist newspaper the “Psychic News” actually went bankrupt because every employee was homosexual and they were only pushing homosexual mediums for the churches through their newspaper and spending the magazines money on these Brighton Boys Club nights called “Pink ballets”and famous names Colin Fry and Keith Hudson were among those regularly abusing boys at the Hotel.
    The Psychic News was run by David Miller who had sexual convictions in his own name so used the name Tony Ortzen,
    “Brighton Boys Club” ( BBC ) nights was a thinly veiled jibe at the BBC, Graham Jones said at the BBC internally it was known as the Boy Buggerers Club.
    Such stars as Terry Wogan David Frost and David Icke worked closely with Jimmy Saville said nothing about his activities, until The Truthseeker .Co UK broke the news the day after his death, as they knew Rupert Murdoch was monitoring all emails and snail mail at work and at home for the BBC where employees knew they would lose their job and possible be imprisoned for breaking the official secrets act on speaking out.
    Rupert Murdoch was caught opening mail and reading emails of the murdered schoolgirl Milie Dowler, he also monitored communications from soldiers letters home from Iraq
    and any potential whistleblowers were coincidentally killed by friendly fire.
    Fred Seaman was an Evangelical preacher in Kings Lynn Norfolk, he also ran a small printing press where he was the first to print the homosexual magazine ” BumBoys”
    with explicit naked photos of young boys from care homes, after his caution by police, it turned out much other interesting information, which was duplicated in Operation Ore
    the Longford papers and the Nene report into the sexual abuse of boys through the care system came out, these was D noticed by Tony Blair as it implicated many in the New Labour party in homosexual abuse.
    Cabinet member John Prescott would joke to secretaries that he was the only heterosexual in the party.
    New Labour had a remit to grow the homosexual community by 5% per year, New labour was a Mossad front party run by boy abuser Pater Mandelson, money was channelled through Israeli banks from Rothschild and allegedly David Aaronovitch David Abrahams and Tony’s boyfriend and handler Lord Levy for a war on Iraq on non existent WMD’s etc.,
    and the jew run BBC was complicit in this mass murder.
    The BBC has always had a senior director who is jewish, or pro jew, one head of the BBC said the most appalling racist statement to the press that the BBC was ” hideously white”
    this racism extends to blurring over what is happening in Palestine.
    The Nene report documented homosexual abuse in 16 London care homes, implicating several at New Labour some Conservatives but many at the BBC
    the daily independent TV news show UKcolumn described this abuse as on ” an industrial scale”.
    The BBC sacked popular children’s conjuror Paul Daniels, as they said he was ” too heterosexual” often gently flirting on stage with his pretty wife Debbie Mc gee,
    he was replaced with the homosexual abuser Derren Brown, they also sacked singer Tom Jones from a BBC panel game for the same reason, A comedian recently lost his BBC job and broke conditions of his contract by going public and saying they BBC did not like him being a white Anglo Saxon heterosexual.
    We pay a license fee for Jewish propaganda pro=homosexual perversion and a rubbish news.
    The BBC is anti British, pro Israel and heterophobic, i agree with Gilad its time to close it down.

  3. The public are sick to death of being lied to
    vaccinations moon landings ww 2 the bolocaust the iraq war WMDs the list goes on and on.
    In the USA people are demanding the truth about UFOs, and almosta milion plan to march on area 51 unless they get some truth on the mater
    In a democrasy the government would be open to its electorate

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  5. The BBC announced some months back they were bringing back the smash hit series “Dixon of Dock Green” But this time it will feature a black homosexual policeman who sings rap in his spare time.
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