France: Algerian Football Fans Riot, Wield Chainsaws, Loot Stores

Paul Joseph Watson – Summit News July 12, 2019

Algerian football fans in Paris, Marseille, Lyon and other cities celebrated their soccer team’s Africa Cup of Nations win by rioting, looting stores and wielding chainsaws in a night of chaos.

Algerians poured out onto the streets following their team’s victory over Ivory Coast last night.

Police were deployed to the center of Paris to keep order as vandals threw fireworks. One video even shows a man wielding a chainsaw.

Another clip shows aggressive fans, some wearing the colors of Algeria, smashing shop windows and breaking in.

The fans shouted “Allahu Akbar!,” “Nique la France” (Fuck France) and “on va baiser des keufs” (We are going to fuck the cops) as they attacked store fronts.

“Tensions started boiling by around 11pm with at least one Molotov cocktail thrown at police lines. Riot forces responded with tear gas and rubber bullets to stop the crowd from vandalizing cars and looting shops,” reports RT.

Similar disturbances were also reported in Marseille, Lyon, Valence and other French cities.

Another clip shows French police deploying tear gas as fans flee down a street.

As we previously reported, during last year’s World Cup, a woman and her partner were viciously beaten in Paris by a group of Algerian men the sin of shouting “Vive la France!”

French cities were also besieged by anarchists and migrants after the World Cup final, with shops being looted, vehicles set alight and buildings torched.


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4 responses to “France: Algerian Football Fans Riot, Wield Chainsaws, Loot Stores”

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  2. Regardless of what has happened in their lives there is no excuse for this type of behavior. One would think if they felt relief at leaving their home nation, and were taken in by another, they would show respect for such, even an animal will not poop where they eat, but these things don’t seem to mind or care. Should not their new home be the team they root for now anyway? That would be called assimilating to the fullest, these things prove they are not there to essimilate, but destroy. My first suggestion is , stop televising and or having their home team ever again play in their new nation, let others around the world watch and enjoy and leave these things to learn the results the slow way. My 2nd suggestion is when the police arrive with these things possessing chain saws and probably many other weapons, the police shoud not use tear gas first, but open fire on the first group the encounter, shoot them dead, and leave the bodies lay in the street for the other things to observe, making them thin wisley if they would like to continue their rampage on innocent society and business. I have a 3rd but will leave that for the day they think they will and can do it in the nation where I live.

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