Is Epstein Arrest a Mossad Deception? — July 12, 2019

Epstein and Wexner (right)

Jeffrey Epstein is the creation of Zionist billionaires like Les Wexner and Marvin Adelman. A strike against him is a strike against Trump. But who is exerting this pressure on Trump? Zionist or Communist Jews?
The Southern District of New York Federal Court is a Rothschild field office Is Epstein’s arrest part of the Communist (Rothschild) – Zionist (Trump) Jewish feud?
Brabantian follows up on his  “What’s Behind Jeffrey Epstein Arrest Now?  (where I suggest Trump is indeed vulnerable if Epstein talks.)
LatestTrump is not the targetThere is no mention of Lolita Express or Pedo Island in the Indictment  If Trump is not the target, why are they throwing Epstein to the wolves, a la Harvey Weinstein?
————— Trump is indeed the ultimate target of Epstein Arrest

by Brabantian — (

Jeffrey Epstein was a member of the CFR Council on Foreign Relations & the Trilateral Commission
Epstein’s house in New York City, just raided by police, was bought by a trust run by Epstein’s patron – paymaster? – Les Wexner (born 1937), a key figure of the Jewish billionaire ultra-Zionist 1990s ‘Mega Group.’
The Wexner trust still owned the house long after Epstein said he had bought it … When Epstein needed to sign guarantees for a few million, Wexner signed for him.
In 1988 Epstein filed a financial statement giving his net worth as only US $20 million … he’s a billionaire now? How? Epstein claimed he made his money ‘foreign currency trading’ … which crushes most people who try to do it … Is this standard cover for getting cabal funds?
At age 20, university drop-out Jeffrey Epstein, was hired to teach maths & physics to teen-age girls & boys, at the elite Dalton School in Manhattan, during 1973-75.
The headmaster hiring Epstein was Donald Barr (1921-2004), father of Donald Trump’s current Attorney General William Barr (born 1950.) Young William at the same time, 1973-77, was working for the CIA. Now he is prosecuting Epstein?


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2 responses to “Is Epstein Arrest a Mossad Deception?”

  1. An excellent summary, but the question is epstein still mossad ?
    no jew can refuse mossad, if they come to your door to borrow your passport or ask you to hide someone, every jew has to obey,
    I moved to a very jewish area some years back, first week there a knock on the door and two jews said to me, we have come for your donation to buy guns for israel,
    i explained the jewish guy had moved out, and i was just moving in
    they quickly covered up by saying oh no we meant trees for israel…
    Henry Makow is much respected among christians a jew who tells the truth is a rarity
    its only his views on Hitler which experts dont like, i have no truck with hitler folowers
    but we do need truth

  2. Unfortunately, Donald Trump is just one more US presidential shill of the Masonic-Zionist cabal running things in the West.