Trump, Brits Tireless in Attempt to Get War on Iran Going

Kurt Nimmo – Another Day in Empire July 12, 2019

On Thursday evening, social media posts claimed the UK flagged and Japanese owned crude oil tanker Atlantic Pioneer had crossed over into Iranian territorial waters. According to the Marine Traffic website, on Friday morning the tanker was in the Gulf of Oman.

I don’t know if these social media reports are accurate, but considering the recent behavior of the US and Britain, I cannot discount it. The US, with the help of the UK, is attempting to goad the Iranians into taking action and thus providing a pretext to get the next neocon war going.

Around the same time reports about the Atlantic Pioneer appeared on Twitter, Trump’s secretary of state posted the following about an earlier incident which was not independently verified and therefore in doubt. The US and UK governments—both with considerable track records for pathological lying—are the only sources for this supposed violation of (economic warfare) sanctions.

Iran has denied the incident.

The corporate propaganda media dutifully regurgitated what the British defense media said about the alleged incident.

The neocon-infested Trump administration will ultimately have its war against Iran and the consequences will be catastrophic. The US and UK have increased their “military presence” in the Persian Gulf ahead of the inevitable.

Meanwhile, on Trump’s favorite neocon war propaganda network, Sean Hannity and the detestable Rudy Giuliani—his pockets bulging with terrorist MEK cash—continue to distract from core issues with lies (“cash on the tarmac”) and the never-ending and completely irrelevant dickering between the two sides of the one-sided corporate state political party.




4 responses to “Trump, Brits Tireless in Attempt to Get War on Iran Going”

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  3. “The US and UK governments—both with considerable track records for pathological lying—are the only sources for this supposed violation of (economic warfare) sanctions.”

    Discussions should be centered on neutralizing these hyper criminals in “the US and UK governments” and punishing them according to the law. They are certified pathological liars, insane criminals and despicable torturers and murderers of innocent civilians the world over.

    “The UK is to increase its military presence in the Gulf by sending a second warship, the HMS Duncan, to the region. The warship’s deployment has been brought forward as a result of the deepening crisis with Iran.”

    The Citi of London bankers headed by the notorious Rothschild Crime Syndicate is increasing its terrorist provocations as well as its media prevarications regarding Iran.
    The UK branch of this terrorist organization has “quacked” that it is sending the HMS Dumcan to join a fleet of sitting ducks in the Persian Gulf. The Iranian Duck Dunters Association has announced that it is looking forward to an excellent duck hunting season.

    Once a few ducks are plucked, it is as easy as duck soup to predict that the lying media will go into overdrive and attempt to convince the masses of bullshit worshiping idiots that the only proper response to this evil Iranian attack on innocent ducklings is to bomb the crap out of this Nasty Duck Dynasty, Iran.

    Go DuckDuck Go!!


  4. (DISASSOCIATED PRESS) – The Iranian Duck Hunter Association has declared open season on all foreign ducks swimming in Iranian waters or flying in Iranian airspace.

    Admiral Ayatolya Stayda Hellout declared on FARSS TV: “The Duck Stops Here!” and… “No more ducking around!”

    He was later rumored to say: “To hell with those mother duckers!”

    Meanwhile, back in the zew infested swamps and sewers of Brainwashington and Pentagoonia, Chief Donald Sitting Duck, accompanied by a drunken cacophony of quacks, turkeys, vultures and chicken hawks were heard singing like canaries in a coal mine:

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    Go DuckDuck Go!