Are White People Too Stupid To Survive?

Paul Craig Roberts – paulcraigrobertsorg July 11, 2019

There is a strong case that they are.  Having been demonized for many years and intimidated from defending themselves, white people are now intentionally discriminated against by the racial “minorities” (actually vast world majorities) of the people they have been pressured to elevate above them.  Once the “oppressed” are put in charge by dumbshit whites, the whites are really oppressed.

Heterosexuals or straights are also demonized and bullied.  White males are portrayed as rapists, but no one is permitted to say that about the flood of illegal Third World migrants that have overrun Europe and the US.  When young white girls 10 years old are gang-raped by the migrants, it is “racist” to complain.  Everywhere in the Western world, what little is left of it, the political leaders have abandoned the white populations. We only have traitors.

No one anywhere in the Western World represents the white populations except demonized leaders like Marine Le Pen, who the French government wants to imprison.  As she represents French people, she is considered to be a Nazi.

Trump intended to do something for the dispossessed whites who elected him, but he is too much under Israel’s control to be able to help Gentiles

Richard Carranza. Click to enlarge

New  York City’s white mayor, Bill de Blasio, appointed a Mexican to head the New York schools.  The first thing the Mexican did was to fire the white female executives and to impose an educational policy that discriminates against white kids.

Despite scandal after scandal and costly law suit after law suit, the white mayor clings to Richard Carranza, the Mexican, because he realizes that whites have no organized cohesion and therefore no political power.

I have written before about Carranza and his anti-white campaign as chancellor of New York’s public schools.  If you have any interest to wake up to your own demise, here are reports from the New York Post:

In far away Russia Vladimir Putin—the only leader the West has—has noticed that the Western peoples are being browbeat into submission to their enemies—the migrants that have overrun them.  Apparently, there is no fight left in white people.  They allow their historic memorials to be taken down, historic murals to be painted over, and submit to the brainwashing that has reduced white people to political impotence.

A professor in Denmark who was a brainwashed multiculturalist has had the light dawn on his foolishness from the destruction of public safety in Denmark.  He says it is time to build a wall around what is left of Europe:

Whites, a majority of America’s poor, were being charged double the price of “minorities’ to attend a musical performance.  Try to imagine charging blacks double the price of white admission.

The weird and unnatural LGBTQ movement is a tiny minority of the population in the Western world.  Yet this insignificant group calls the shots when it comes to sex education and to the recruitment of young children into the ranks of the abnormal. The Western world stands for this and the Dutch are even trying to legalize pedophilia.

“Diversity” has become a code word for white genocide:

Exceptional?  Yes, America is exceptional in its dissolution.  As for being indispensable, nothing is more dispensable than the Western world.  Twenty years from this date, there will be no “Western World.”


Paul Craig Roberts is an economist, commentator and former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

6 responses to “Are White People Too Stupid To Survive?”

  1. Frightening

  2. White people/Europeans have been decimated by two completely unnecessary world wars. All the best and brightest were killed. That was the real purpose of those wars, as well as to move the other self-chosen ones to Palestine. After WW2 Europeans were encouraged into destruction with easily available addictive drugs, feminism and worst of all, the education system. The only ‘white’ people left will be the Chosen Ones and they are actually the Asian Mongols, or the original ‘Chosen Ones’ who moved back home

  3. I had a dream i was back in my dads shop in east london after the war last night.
    Mad Frankie Fraser who was an enforcer for the Krays said on TV that the jews would go to the jewish doctor and get let off military duties for world war 2 for flat feet short sight or other made up complaints, Frankie Fraser said London was awash with jews
    He spoke of the jewish gangs jack spot, peter rachman the kray twins etc imposed by mossad who ran protection rackets,
    soldiers did not get their pay ona regular basis so many women at home had to go to the jewish loan sharks, if they fell behind they were forced into prostitution for the gangs, any who refused or ran away had their faces slashed. many homes were taken from the wives of serving soldiers in this way.
    These men were called on the streets the razor gangs. Frankie Fraser also said the gangs would go out in the blackout and rob shops and wealthy homes, set fire to it and say it was a stray german bomb.
    Petticoat lane was where all the stolen goods would be sold, fences such as Harry Etting Dan Cohen Abe Levy etc had police lookouts at either end of the road, and anything stolen could be bought and sold
    Things were so bad that a British politician, the brightest star of his day who was asked to lead both Tory and Labour parties set up his own party, and Sir Oswald Mosley would have his men guard shops and homes at night from the jewish gangs.
    Abe Levy worked for my father in the 50s and he would brag about all the silver and gold he got from petticoat lane, either from women paying back loans or houses burgled during the blackout
    There was at that time just after the war a 90% purchase tax on luxury goods, it meant we the only christians in the trade lived in absolute poverty, but the jews copied my fathers goods down to the last detail and sold without tax, the tax people were constantly raiding my fathers shop as the jews would tip off the authorities that my father was trading illegally which he never did.
    Eventually the tax people cottoned on, and the head tax collector said”we thought you must be fiddling as no one could live on whats left, a sleft the little shop in the mile end rd
    Winston churchill appointed Herbert Morison as procurement for the war minister and home office minister, this man Peter mandelsons grandfather, only gave work to other jews, uniforms ammunition boxes food everything for the war went to jews this meant after the war all the jews coud move out of east london to the better areas of Ilford Barkingside and Essex.
    When my father closed his shop i carried on working for myself, the jews again would do their dirty tricks, i did several months work for a big jewish firm in london
    and went in the week before Christmas to collect my cheque, i got there and the place was all closed up, i came home on the bus, realising that my wife and children would have no christmas, i wanted to get off the bus I got home very upset and explained what happened, and my wife said it doesnt matter we will manage some how. i tooka part time job in a school to get by
    There was a saying in london
    that “a jew will pay every bill except the last one”
    old solly Levy said it was the duty of every jew to catch the christian every way he could
    and they did, the krays woud come into my fathers shop and he knew the jews had sent them, he always managed to get away without paying any protection money
    as profits were so poor.
    The jews are already geared up for w w 3
    we should all say NO WAY

  4. Greetings Mr. P C R,
    Unfortunately 99% of what you said is right and true, except for one thing, you left God, our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ out of the picture; as was Sodom and Gomorrah so will these last days be, as was the days of Noah so it will be in these last days. Suddenly over night the end of this era will come, just as God’s prophetic Word states. ALL these things you mentioned were prophesied through the prophets and the Apostles long ago, so why are you surprised at these present state of affaires, and why do you think they are happening? It is the last days of the age of Man under Satan, when very soon, as the Word of God clearly states many times, this era will be swept away at Christ’s soon Coming to establish the kingdom of God and to rule through the government of God, when Man will finally come to know and experience what it will be like living under God’s rule; finally true peace, happiness, joy and fully productive lives living with the true knowledge of GOD and HIS way of life. But, unfortunately the worst is yet to come before this happens, for now this is still the era of Satan’s rule over men since Adam rejected GOD 6000 ago; why do you think we have all this abominable evil running rampant and wild at this time? because Satan knows his time is coming to an end!!

  5. another shooting in the head by jews ofa 10 year old boy in palestine today
    when will the world stop this jewish terrorism ?

  6. Absolute insanity. And I think we all know organized Jewry is the driving force behind the division, instability, treachery, and devastation. The calamity and chaos resulting from the dangerous allowance of unimpeded immigration and the tragically bad idea of forced “multiculturalism” has been just another divide-and-conquer tactic of the Jews to foment instability, and a major smoke-and-mirrors distraction to keep the masses from getting close enough to the curtain to pull it back and see the hooked-nose vermin pushing the buttons of destruction. The deceit and treachery of the Jews has been an on-going problem for centuries and they have somehow managed to gain even more power as darkness spreads over the world.

    The criminal central banking scam, the root of their power, must be destroyed.

    There will be a point at which white people will be pushed too far (which has already happened), say enough is enough, join ranks, and start fighting back. Initially, it will lead to a slaughter of the immigrant invaders and the morally depraved, but then the slaughter will move on to the Jews as the word spreads as to what evil creatures were behind it all. There can be no peace while organized Jewry is allowed to survive. Those Jews who are innocent of the evil actions of their brethren had best speak up, step up, and get them in line asap, or they too will be rolled up in the purge.