Teenager who argued with teacher that there are only two genders barred from finishing his education

Bonnie Christian – Evening Standard July 3, 2019

The teacher who kicked the student out of class for saying there were only two genders, male and female. Click to enlarge

A teenager who went viral after arguing with his teacher that there are only two genders will not be allowed to return to the school where he filmed the confrontation.

The unnamed 17-year-old secretly filmed the moment he was reprimanded by a teacher at Mearns Academy in Aberdeenshire, who said his view on gender was not in line with school policy.

The video, which was uploaded to Reddit, was shared tens of thousands of times online. It later emerged that the student was suspended after the video emerged, and his school has now confirmed that he will not be allowed to return

A fundraising page has also been set up for the boy, in an effort to raise up to $10,000 to cover getting him into new education and his living costs.

The boy has claimed staff told him not to return to the school in the wake of the incident.

A man claiming to be the teenager has given a recorded phone interview to the YouTuber who initially shared the story, explaining why he decided to film it and what happened afterwards.

The YouTuber who first highlighted the boy’s story said the money will go to him “to help him with whatever he needs, which may include finishing his diploma at a private institution, tuition for college, or even rent and other basic expenses.”

The page has raised more than $2,000 of a $10,000 goal since it was set up on Monday.

In the interview, the boy said the issue first came up in class when they had been asked to sign up for a website and the teacher pointed out there were only two gender options.

“He basically started going off on a tangent about how bad that was and how old fashioned it was and I said: ‘But sir there’s only two genders,’” he said.

“He instantly snapped back and said ‘are you really going to go there’ and I was like yeah there’s two genders and he said ‘Murray if you want to have this discussion we can have it outside.’”

The teenager said he was waiting outside feeling “shocked and angry” for 30 minutes before the teacher came out to speak with him, during which he decided to hit record on his phone to “capture his explanation”. 

The video shows the teacher telling Murray the opinion that there are only two genders is “not acceptable” to the school. 

He also says to the teenager: “You’re entitled to your opinion”, to which the boy responds: “If I am, then why did you kick me out of class? It’s not very inclusive.”

The teacher replies: “No, I’m sorry, what you were saying is not very inclusive. This is an inclusive school.”

The teacher later asks: “Could you please keep that opinion to your own house? Not in this school.”

Murray said that, after the exchange went viral, his mum called to say the school had been in contact and “they were not happy”.

During a meeting with Murray and his mum he said the school “emphasised that I wasn’t getting into trouble for what I said but for recording a teacher, which is fair enough because its a known rule not to record your teacher.”

He said they suspended him for one week and told him he would have “strict rules on his phone use” from that point on. 

He said they later extended the suspension by another two weeks and told him he could return after the summer break.

“We got called back in for another meeting and they said after having lots of talks with people higher up they said it’s not ok for me to finish my education at that school effectively and they told me there’s no chance I can return,” he said.  

An Aberdeenshire council spokesperson said Murray was not permanently excluded from the school, but that he had reached the end of his time in compulsory education.

Students cannot be permanently excluded when no longer in compulsory education, which ends at the age of 16 in Scotland.

“The young man in question has not been permanently excluded from Mearns Academy, but rather at the age of 17, has reached the end of his time in compulsory education,” they said. 

“Staff from the school are working hard to ensure that the young man has a positive future placement either in further education or in an area that he chooses.”

It is understood that he was suspended for recording his teacher, rather than the initial conversation. 

Murray said he is not sure what he will do now because if he applies for a new school he is worried they will first speak to his old school for a reference. 

“This won’t just affect me in this school this could affect me in getting into another school as well,” he said. 

“(I’m) in limbo, I’m either going to have to find a new school or go to college but it’s definitely a big speed bump in my life at the moment.”


7 responses to “Teenager who argued with teacher that there are only two genders barred from finishing his education”

  1. This shows how corrupt teaching is in the UK
    i have seen british kids leave school at 15 and 16 unable to read and write
    The excuse is that teachers have to struggle with migrant kids who dont speak the language in school or at home,
    schools and colleges do not give you an education you get an indoctrination,
    and its into all kinds of left wing jewish filth.
    The case of the asian taxi drivers up north, ferrying drugs and school kids back and forth to abusers was hidden up for years, but when a class action was being presented
    against the Greville Janner jewish gang, they decided to burst the asian abuse bubble.
    People like the amazing james randi, real name randall zwingli, has been exposed as abusing over 100 biys in care homes over 50 years.
    Leon Britten the Krays Peter mandelson Peter Tatchell peter wyngarde yuri geller and a host of other vermin, all got away with it

  2. About 10 of us stood outside supermarkets and big shops and collected almost a milion signatures to stop perversion being tauight in our schools
    we delivered it to number 10 and heard nothing back
    Its like like the million and a quarter signatures to get churchills face off our bank notes
    nothing, and as for the 3 quarters of a milion signatures to get the churchill statues taken down, again nothing heard back
    I have come to the conclusion that signing petitions dont work
    so have refused to get involved with the massive amount of folk who dont want a holocaust memorial in our capital

  3. Teenagers are very vulnerable,
    the fashion for tattoos will pass then they will be stucj with them
    fora man nothing is more beautiful than a womans skin
    to ruin it with tattoos is awful,
    The NWO try tob get folk to have one arm and one leg done
    similar to the one eye gesture, they also push bits of metal in the face, what right thinking person would do either ?
    see this froma trash newspaper

  4. This is more than despicable, when the teacher insisted that the student is using sectarian/non-inclusive language – he should have been quizzed about who is not included in the category of male and female gender [possibly 1 in a million hermaphrodite?]
    And more infuriating is that people aren’t turning up at that school with torches and ploughshares!!!!!!
    This cannot be tolerated, turning black into white or things into their opposite or corrupted variants goes beyond cognitive dissonance and is a form of black magik.
    Truth is the standard,
    truth is truth
    the teacher behaves like an order following psycopath – time for a just and ordered peaceful rebellion – PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN OR ANYONE GO THROUGH THIS MINDF…. again

  5. murray – you did a great service to highlight this stupidity. in nature there is only two genders – call it ying and yang, positive negative, male female – otherwise the world would not exist. it is an absolute absurdity to say that there are many more genders. it is all politicisation and . the fact that school has now excluded you for recording the contretemps beggars belief and shows we are gradually descending into a world where facts are discarded and any debate is smothered. you will go far. take your exams via the internet as well as your tertiary by long distance

  6. When people in general depart from the one true God, they are open to every demonic doctrine, or doctrines of devils, as the Bible calls it. Of course, it is insanity to say or teach that there are more than two sexes. God made mankind male and female. The thing that people are ignorant of is that there is a demonic spiritual realm that operates on lies. It is led by the prince of darkness, Satan or Lucifer. Jesus warned us about him and said that he comes to murder and deceive. If one will notice, there are many TV shows that are glorifying devils. The only way to fight the devils is with the Word of God, the Bible. That is what Jesus used when He was tempted in the wilderness for 40 days. He overcame every temptation, not just the 3 which are mentioned. That is why Satan keeps the Bible suppressed, because he knows Christ defeated him, and all men can have power over the demons if they will turn to the Lord and read His Word, and repent.

  7. Everybody working in a school is dead scared to lose their jobs. I do not blame the teachers. I blame the top of the hierarchy of school authorities who set the official policy, which is harmful to the future of the children and the country as a whole. A few people at the top of the hierarchy should not impose their opinion on the country’s youngsters. Free speech is 100% incompatible with the concepts of hate speech and being offended and similar. For immature beings it is very rewarding when everyone agrees with them. Unfortunately we live in a very diverse world with very diverse opinions, so should I be offended that my opinions are not shared by all of the more than 7 billion other humans on the planet? Who is the hater? Is it everyone who is not of the school admin’s opinion. Or is it the national “educational” “authorities”, who hate whoever does not align with THEIR opinions?
    And inclusivity should also INCLUDE all those who decline such strange and non-scientific opinions. Inclusivity should include the majority!