The Obituary for Western Civilization Can Now be Written

Paul Craig Roberts — July 9, 2019

Europeans Are as Dumbshit as Americans

Here is a video of one of the migrant gangs that have been welcomed into Europe sticking a pistol’s barrel into the mouth of a male Swedish teenager and ordering him to dance. Having been taught that it is racist, and perhaps a crime, to oppose invaders from the Third World, instead of fighting back the Swedish teenager complies and accepts, like a good European male, the humiliation. Of course, all of these decadent European countries have gun control laws, but nevertheless, the recent invaders are armed. I have heard nothing from the gun control lobby about disarming them. Try to imagine what would happen to a Swede who stuck a gun’s barrel into the mouth of a privileged invader. No chance of that. The spirit of the Vikings is stone dead in Scandinavia. The cowards even look the other way when their women are gang raped.

The gangs of the invaders are so aggressive, because they can sense that there is no fight in the people whose countries they have invaded. They also know that for members of the core white populations to resist them constitutes racism and a hate crime against a privileged migrant. White girls as young as 10 are subjected to gang rapes. The authorities no longer collect statistics on migrant crime. It is considered racism to do so. Scandinavian women are discouraged from reporting their rapes by privileged migrants as complaints against migrant crime is a form of racism, and the politicians are afraid of being known as a racist country. We have witnessed the resurrection of the ancient English aristocratic practice of “first night,” the privilege of the lord having the right to break in the bride for the groom.

Young German girls welcome refugees in 2015. One wonders if they would be quite so welcoming now? Click to enlarge

Do you remember all those photos and news report videos of all those dumbshit European women with banners welcoming the over-running of their European countries by the invaders? They were well paid by George Soros for the propagandistic orchestration designed to silence the protests of nationalists at the invasion of their countries. A goodly number of these dumbshit women have now been raped by those they were paid to welcome. I suppose we can dismiss it as a new varient of prostitution. Pay me and I will accommodate my rapist.

Very few of the crimes of privileged invaders against their dumbshit European victims are reported, because they are suppressed both by the political authorities and the media which fears being called “racist” more than the presstitutes fear death itself. But the few accounts that do get reported show that Europeans are being subjugated by the third world invaders who do not need to use weapons or military force, because the self-doubt and self-incrimination of white peoples makes them unable to resist.

Insouciant white peoples permitted their corrupt governments to commit all kinds of crimes against other countries. As these crimes come to light, people of European stock feel guilty and unworthy, because they have a moral conscience, unlike those who are over-running them. If you want to understand how the psychology works that has doomed the white race, read The Camp of the Saints. This novel is our present and our future. It is the most prescient novel ever written. Indeed, it is a totally accurate prediction of the future.

Perhaps Identity Politics is correct. The days of “the whites” are over. The days of white people brainwashed into cowardice and impotence are at an end. The Americans and their empire are incapable of self-defense. All white gentiles can do is to attack Israel’s enemies for Israel, thus multiplying the crimes of whites and the associated guilt that has destroyed a once vigorous people who made the modern world with all its faults and advantages.


Paul Craig Roberts is an economist, commentator and former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

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  1. I dont agree my son was in the army, a lot of british servicemen refused to take part in the illegal war on iraq, he tells me the situation now is even more so with iran,
    many decorated men know its a scam for the jews and are planning to refuse.

  2. QUOTE: “Europeans Are as Dumbshit as Americans”

    True statement but the cause of dumbshitness is completely unknown to all except for a handful of writers. No one else wants to hear the truth – including the editors of this fine website. With all due respect I will tell you the problem and you are not going to want to hear it.

    A few years ago myself and a handful of people on John Kaminski’s email list went through a long exchange of exactly what was the problem with western civilization. The most important revelation with all our intense energy exchange was a statement by someone that went by ‘worldchanger’:

    Here is the entire essay text (make sure to copy/save/and read this over and over):

    Title: Three sides of the same coin

    ‘What you are not told is that ‘The Lord’ is actually ‘the Jews’

    15th February 2010

    I am graced by many brilliant and concerned email correspondents who are eloquent and to the point about what’s happening to us now. These three email iterations from Pyrigenes, Phishna and World Changer explain our situation about as well as anything I’ve seen. -jk


    Christians are brainless people or lost it due to an early age brainwashing.

    Consider this: The “gardener” god expels the proto-plasts from his farm. Just before that, he gives them cloacks of SKINS to wear.

    Question: Where did that god got those skins? Which annimals were killed and skinned? (I guess he did not tan them to leather as the humans at that time did not know this technology and god too did know it.)

    Why did he give them skins of animals and not some kind of other clothes? (Textile technology was not known then to humans and god did not know it either.)

    Why was it neccessary for them to be dressed? Did he not make them naked in the first instance?

    Was he really god, the demiourgos of the cosmos and the father of some other Jeudaian who SUPPOSEDLY came to save us?

    Later this farmer god expels the only remaining child of the protoplasts. He protests. God assures him that THEY WILL NOT KILL him because of what he had done because this god would put a SIGN on him. (Indicating that the boy was his slave!)

    Then the boy goes and setles near some other people just across the paradice. He gets a wife from them…

    So outside the paradise there were many others with cities and farms and laws and ethics…and the PROTOplasts were NOT the first at all!!!!

    but no xtian ever loks rationally to all those things and takes notice of them. He/she, dies not wish to see that these things are just MYTHOLOGY and an absurd one to the maximum too.

    Likewise the rest of the bible.

    But try to reason with them..By the way, when this famous bible, “the word of god” tells us that some persons had lived from 400 to 900 years, cosider this: Those years were LUNAR MONTHS.

    So, divide that number of years by 13 and you’ll see they were living- if at all- no more than anyone else.

    Later the year became SOLAR but they did not change the numbers.

    (The Japanese did well when sometime told some visiting preachers “This book is only suitable for small children as its contens are just fables.” and sent them away.)


    Once again I agree with World Changer’s comments:
    “Judiasm and Christianity are JOINED AT THE HIP SEAMLESSLY ALL THE WAY UP TO THE TOPS OF THEIR HEADS in an inoperable Siamese twin condition. The only way you can destroy Jews and Judiasm is to destroy Christianity.”

    The Jews are a tiny minority, they only have power because we give them our power, and nobody can force you to give up you own personal authority.

    That’s why religion is used, to con you out of your own self.

    Christianity is all about “turning yourself over to the Lord”, “obey authority”, “do what you are told”, etc.

    What you are not told is “the Lord” is actually the Jews. It’s filled with hocus pocus rituals to make sure you never figure that out. What if we all just stopped believing, the Jew thieves would be fully exposed.

    There are millions of Americans waking up right now, the Universe or whatever has laid the truth bare at our feet.

    We see plain as day that the Zionist Christians are evil warmongers. We see that the Neocons are a Jewish subversive movement. We see that the Federal Reserve and Wall Street Banks are Jewish racketerring. Everything is right in plain sight, the plain as day, laid bare, exposed. Federal laws like the RICO Act prohibit all of this criminal behavior yet the Jews walk free.


    Because of the myth. But that is ending fast. The revolution will be about many things, but one primary theme, the overturning of the reigning myths that keep us bonded.

    World Changer

    Counter Bias: The only thing about your below comments is that Judiasm and Christianity are JOINED AT THE HIP SEAMLESSLY ALL THE WAY UP TO THE TOPS OF THEIR HEADS in an inoperable Siamese twin condition. The only way you can destroy Jews and Judiasm is to destroy Christianity. You cannot put the cart before the horse.

    The Christian cannot divest himself of the influence of the Jew without throwing out the dogma of the Bible. If you rally around Christianity you circle the wagons around the Jew.

    “The concept that God wants blood is at the bottom of the atonement and rests upon the most barbaric savagery.” (Robt. G. Ingersoll)

    “Where you have forgiveness of sins you will have sins in abundance.” (T. Paine.)

    The whole fabric of Christianity is based on Blood Sacrifice and fantastic fraud such as raising the dead. If you submit your life to Christianity you in the same act surrender your mind and give your life over to the aristocracy of the air and kneel before the fabrication of idiots. I myself was raised a Lutheran and every month immediately after Communion (eating the body and blood of Christ) the minister forgave you your sins (abracadabra) in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen pass the plate. And this in a church whose founder, Martin Luther, railed against the Catholic Church selling indulgences.

    There will be no perceptive turning back of the fraud of religion and the Jews until a means to overcome the stranglehold of the media over the dissemination of information is initiated. A method to completely bypass the checkpoints of the Jews AND the Christians is necessary. All religion is a fraud. The US Constitution is a instrument of serfdom and protects relgion. There is no separation of government and religion when government protects the indictment of fraud The answer is not simply the destruction of Judiasm and by extension its support group, Christianity. It will be an Event Horizon that will come when the world is literally brought to its knees as a result of venerating the worthless and the sterile.

    This is coming.”

  3. Good article. Another similar book to ”Camp of the Saints” is Christopher Priest’s ”Fugue for a Darkening Island” It’s worth reading.

  4. America was founded by Christian pilgrims who fled Europe to avoid being drawn and quartered, burned at the stake, and so forth.

    America became the best nation to live in because it was nearly 100% Christian. People wanted to come to America more than anywhere else when it was a Christian nation.

    Now that America is no longer a Christian nation but a nation subverted by the devil and his children, America is about like other nations.

    America was a wonderful place when it was a Christian nation. Now Christianity is gone.

    The problem is that Christian America has been replaced by Jewish evils such as abortion, war, perversion, divorce, LBGT, race riots, and the many other anti-christ evils.

    The Jews have removed Christian culture not only from America but from the other former white Christian nations also.

    When the power of the holy people has been completely shattered, then all these things will be finished – Daniel 12:7

    Christianity has been completely shattered. The children of the devil (John 8:44) are running the world now. Good has been replaced with evil.

    It appears the Protocols of Zion will result in the great tribulation.

  5. Quote:Perhaps Identity Politics is correct. The days of “the whites” are over. The days of white people brainwashed into cowardice and impotence are at an end.
    Well, I’m always reminded of the following quote ..
    Let Rome beware of the anger of the legions! “

  6. The more we analyze the decline and ruination of Western civilization, the more obvious it is the decline, depravity, and downfall has been engineered by organized Jewry. There is no doubt Jews have been the prime culprits in the active subversion of the white Christian West. The problem is multi-layered, but the common denominator in all the conditioning, depravation, and destruction is organized Jewry and the scam had it’s genesis in the Jews managing to hitch their wagon to Christianity and distort and manipulate it from the start. See, the idea of “Judeo-Christian” values or culture, that it is somehow some kind of related, symbiotic relationship is complete bullshit as true Christian values are supposed to be, other than perhaps the 10 Commandments (which Talmudic and Cabalist Jews scoff at and completely ignore), the furthest thing from satanic Judaism. The Jews have cultivated the gullibility of the Christians, making sure forgiveness and “turning the other cheek” (aka Christians allowing themselves to be masochists, doormats, and cuckolds) were pounded into the poor suckers. The Jews also made sure the big lie, the dangerously absurd idea of the Jews being the “chosen people”, was relentlessly pounded into the gullible Christians. There is no Judeo-Christian symbiosis. It’s a complete falsehood and an entirely one-way street with the Jews running roughshod over everything in their path.

    The only hope for humanity is the destruction of organized Jewry. The power of organized Jewry is rooted in the monumental criminal scam of “central banking”, in which they managed to gain complete control over the systems of credit and money in practically every nation on earth. It’s absolutely insane to let the most ruthless, depraved, parasitic, and manipulative race of jackals to ever darken the earth have so much power and control. We know who these people are and it’s way past time to take action against them. I suggest impoverishing them and their families, throw the criminal banksters into the street, strip them naked, flog them vigorously, roll them in pig shit and salt, make them live in wretched poverty for a while, then flog them again and nail them to trees.

    A sentence is the last paragraph of the article above reminded me of a line in Lord of the Rings. “The days of “the whites” are over” reminded me of when a disgusting alpha Orc said something similar about the days of men. Then men, all of them white in Lord of the Rings by the way, took a stand and fought heroically for their survival, destroying the Orcs (invading niggers, rogue Muslims, Jews) in the process. That is about to happen here in the real world.