Government Can Know Everything About Us Except Our Citizenship

Paul Craig Roberts – July 9, 2019

The US Supreme Court has done next to nothing to enforce the Constitution and stop the government’s spying on the population.  Phone calls, text messages, emails, credit card purchases, state driver’s license databases, literally everything about our lives is collected as privacy-violating information.  Yet the Supreme Court based on speculation about the government’s motives has blocked the 2020 Census from finding out how many of the people living in the US are citizens.  Apparently, the jurists on the court regard whether one is or is not a citizen as the only piece of private information that can’t be collected.

Apparently, the Supreme Court is responding to the organizers of Hispanics, such as the Mexican-American Legal Defense Fund, who are protecting their power in numbers and who speculate that the citizenship question is being used to reduce immigrants’ willingness to participate in the census survey, with the result being an undercount of Hispanics and, thus, less representation in legislatures.

Many Americans are concluding that the Supreme Court wants to make sure that illegal aliens are as represented in elected legislatures as US citizens. Identity Politics has produced a Supreme Court that regards achieving diversity more important than citizenship. The precedent is being established that citizenship is established by mere presence.  If a person can place a foot on US territory, the person becomes a citizen. President Trump’s attempt to enforce US borders is regarded as a racist act.


Paul Craig Roberts is an economist, commentator and former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

2 responses to “Government Can Know Everything About Us Except Our Citizenship”

  1. Jews used their puppet Obama to remove citizen info from the US census by executive order even though it was included in previous ages.

    The Jewish scheme is to gain more left-wing seats in the House of Representatives by making illegal immigrants appear the same as US citizens; by removing citizen status from the census.

    Jews plan for left wing sanctuary states like California to claim they deserve additional seats in congress based on population increases resulting from immigrant invasions.

    But if the US census shows no population increase in legal citizens then California gets no additional seats and power in congress.

    As is so often the case, it’s all about replacing white christian culture with the anti-christ Jew World Order.