The Western World Is Finished: Over and Done With

Guest Contributions – July 8, 2019

The white world is overrun with immigrants taught by Identity Politics to hate white people and all their works.

Classical music, being a white activity, has been branded racist.  There is an effort underway to prove that Beethoven was partly black so we can continue to listen to classical music without being white supremacists.

Vladimir Putin wonders why countries with core white populations decided to destroy themselves with unimpeded immigration of different cultures and races. Why is it racist for governments to consider the interests of their core white populations?

Math teacher in private school fired for racist act of defending Western civilization.

Suicide of the Left: America Destroyed by Diversity

Multiculturalism has a free hand to erase the history of the core white population:  

“From European Russia and the rest of the Eurasian landmass, there is a distinct sense of sadness in watching Europe die.” — Dmitry Orlov

Orlov explains that diversity and multicultralism are the weapons that were used to destroy Western civilization.

The Deconstruction of White Society Shifts Into High Gear

Cambridge to assign white academics an ethnic minority mentor to combat racism and assist ‘institutional change’

White professors at Cambridge University assigned black political commissars to stamp out whiteness in British education.

The Camp of the Saints at Cambridge University

Cambridge University is running a “reverse mentoring” scheme for staff to combat “structural racism”.

Under the project, white senior academics and management staff are assigned one of their black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) colleagues as a mentor in order to encourage “institutional change” at the university.

It is part of a raft of initiatives that the university’s equality and diversity department has introduced over the past year, aimed at boosting diversity and driving out racism.

Who was responsible for the destruction of Western civilization?  Jews explain that it was them: 


4 responses to “The Western World Is Finished: Over and Done With”

  1. How about asking WHO is running Cambridge university today…..if it is anything like Harvard and other top universities in the US….it will be the Jews….who have used Jewish nepotism to take over from within

  2. Migrationwatch uk have said it before
    here is the proof that migrants get paid more than brits
    Government tell the CBI employ foreign first
    its horrific racism like this which makes people hate their government and refuse to fight its wars

  3. here we are again
    racism was suposed to be against the law

  4. In related news the May US Federal deficit was reported as $208 BILLION. Times twelve that is an annual rate of 2496 billion or 2.5 trillion per year. So just that will end the United States as a functioning entity because it is only a matter of time until chaos engulfs the bond markets. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND LENDS MONEY TO THE UNITED STATES WHEN 30 YEAR T-BONDS ARE 2.5%? Like do ya think they can pay you back without inflation?

    Back in 1980 I was buying T-Bills (via a mutual fund) because short rates were up to nearly 20% – and the national debt had not yet exceeded 1 trillion. It took over 191 years (1980-1789) for the United States to accumulate over one trillion in debt. Now the debt is going up at a rate over 1 trillion per year.

    This insanity is perfectly reflected in the chaos that is power politics in the US Gov which is bankrupting itself in endless wars for Israel. If anyone thinks Trump knows what he is doing I SAY you are high on crack. Trump is at the tip of batshit insanity now engulfing the western world.