Where Did Jeffrey Epstein’s Money Come from?

Democracy Now – July 8, 2019

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    Blackrock Holdings own Google Facebook and Vanguard who control
    the companies that own all the music and the Prison complex system.
    They need to have the prisons full so they invented rap music with its talk of
    gun and knife crime, women being “hoes” with lots of violence to keep the prisons full.
    The same people who run the music industry are the same people who run the prisons, and also big agriculture.
    Viacom and Time Warner particularly sponsored Hip-Hop and Rap because
    of its appeal to black people, they manufacture celebrities, Nothing people with no talent like Paris Hilton
    and the Kardashians, many of their musicans cannot actually play and their work is done by session musicians.
    These folk in charge believe they have been put on earth as Gods Chosen people.
    and all other people wil be their slaves, they believe particularly that black people have black souls
    and were meant to be just slaves.
    They also own the Big Pharma medical supplies and offered to vaccinate everybody in Africa
    but the vaccines had AIDS to spread to black people, depopulation is important to them and is the prime focus of annual Bilderberg meetings.
    They control the Vatican and petitioned for homosexuals to become preists, knowing the many scandals that would come from this.
    They also own people like John Of God, religious non conformists such as Gurmeet Ram Singh Heidi Fliess and Sai Baba who abuse both children and adults.
    Mother Teresa is alleged to have been a part of this, she would vaccinate children and take babies ridden with AIDS and nurse them until they pass, all she had to do was give out condoms and the babies would not have been born to such short lives of suffering.
    Sabrina Bittencourt became a whistleblower on these fake religious gurus, and was quickly murdered.
    They promote Homosexual deviance across the world, and attack anti war campaigners
    websites are regularly attacked and links to child sex and deviancy are burnt in.
    They campaign gently in favour of child sex and pornography, any dissenting voices are shouted down
    as” antisemitic” they own world leaders such as The Clintons the Bushes and the pervert Obama.
    They push for all countries to follow the ” Holocaust code” and put up memorials and museums
    they believe as gods chosen, folk other than them do not deserve any mention,
    even though studies show the people really do not want these memorials.
    These Gods Chosen people, own JP Morgan Bank of America Citigroup Goldman Sach US bankcorp Bank of New York Mellon Morgan Stanley and others.
    They own the US economy and the Federal Reserve, in short they own America.
    Donald Trump gained power not because the pubic wanted him, but they were desperate to keep Hilary out.
    The White House astrologers say Trump is a Gemini, as such he is dual in nature
    one side may serve the chosenites who put him in power, but the other side says many think he will do as he promised and Drain the swamp of the vile creatures who are destroying America.

  2. GOON SQUAD says it all
    but remember trump stopped protecting this guy.

  3. Yes, where did Epstein’s money come from, and the big question right now is who is actually behind the takedown and why? Is Epstein being thrown under the bus by Netanyahu to bring down the American establishment because Bush, Cheney, Clinton, Obama, and Trump have so far refused to attack Iran.

    Will Trump pardon his best bud Epstein? Is Trump going to be outed by Epstein? Is Trump cutting a deal with Epstein? What about Bill Clinton? Hillary’s run for 2020? What about the royal Brits who are all part of this extensive pedophile network. How many titans will fall?

    Jim Stone “Zero Hedge has reported that Epstein is going to rat everyone out.”

    How many dead bodies are in the Clinton’s closet? Over two hundred. How about adding one more? Epstain might never make it trial. This is way bigger than the OJ Simpson show trial. This is not just going to take out dozens of top politicians, it will ruin family names for all eternity. I want to know how many pro-Zionist Christian preachers were repeat offenders at Epstains facilities.

    There is NO DOUBT that Jeffery Epstain was part of a huge MOSSAD framing operation. Funny how so many politicians went to fantasy (orgy) island anyways. Have you seen the pics and drone footage of what St. James looks like? There’s a big prominent building with Israeli flag blue and white stripes (looks ugly as hell).

    Stay tuned as the world churns. What about the HuffPo and all the rest of the pro-feminine newsrags that hardly covered this story and refused to file charges? See Mike Cernovich interview with Stefan Molyneux.

    Jeffrey Epstein Arrested! Mike Cernovich and Stefan Molyneux

    How many news agencies will be outed in the coverup? And what about Cernovich? Is he a Mossad agent? Is he acting on Satanyahu’s orders? Is this entire debacle an Israeli operation? Or is it the cards falling – a natural implosion of the extensive corruption inside the District of Criminals?

    wikipedia: “Cernovich has been a regular host of The Alex Jones Show on InfoWars, a show known for promoting fake news and conspiracy theories.”

    See these images and links, go to google images and enter “orgy island pics” or
    “st james island epstein facilities” or “occult temple st. james island”

    Here’s the good part of this story, you can’t go to war with this loose end. LOL ROFL