Prescriptive Programming — July 8, 2019

They’re called commercials but they are really mind control.
If you have time, surf TV for a half-an-hour to glimpse the dysfunctional Clockwork Orange world the Illuminati bankers are instituting. 

by Henry Makow PhD

If you watch TV, you will experience a world not as it is, but as the cabalist bankers have decided it will be. This is a glimpse into the future. I call it “prescriptive programming.”
Cabalists believe that they are God and can define reality merely by spinning it in their favor.  They are well positioned to impose their perversions on society because they control the mass media companies and all major corporations who advertise.
The first thing you might notice is that, although colored people make up about 15% of the populations of the West, they are becoming a majority in the world of TV commercials. This world is fully integrated. There is always a colored person in any social gathering. Often, the actors are all colored. Regardless of what is happening in society, mixed race marriages and colored families are extremely common in TV commercials.
Furthermore, the representative of the corporate sponsor is usually colored while the customer who is often a doofus is white.
Clearly colored people have been given the “Jew Treatment.”  These saintly creatures have suffered centuries of persecution and must be compensated by white guilt, deference and displacement. The bankers sprinkle the same magic dust on all their divisive agents: women, homosexuals and now transexuals.
Racial minorities can make a valuable contribution to Western society, but not when they are being imposed without consultation or vetting, as part of a larger malevolent agenda.
You would think many whites might be turned off  by commercials featuring racial minorities. Clearly mind control is more important than selling product.
Strangely enough, the message often is that whitey can repent for “white supremacy”  by buying the product advertised. They think white guilt actually can drive sales.
There is a 7-Eleven commercial playing in Canada where an East Indian enters the company lunchroom where a white doofus has eaten his lunch to save some money. The white doofus asks for a menu-change next time.
Whitey has literally eaten brownie’s lunch!
The noble East Indian is rightly flabbergasted.  The words, “BAD IDEA” flash across the screen.
In the next frame, the white guy redeems himself by shopping at 7-Eleven. “GOOD IDEA” flashes across the screen.


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6 responses to “Prescriptive Programming”

  1. You only have to see the current Wimbledon tennis tournament to see how the media masters treat black players….the “fifteen year old tennis prodigy” black player from the USA”….
    It is completely over the top….WAY over the top….they even had Roger Federer chancing apon her outside the stadium shaking her hand….they neglected to say the blackette actually has a connection with an organisation run by Federer….so the meeting was not by chance at all.
    Then there is the near reverence of the awful hulk Serena William’s….she is said not to like whites…a black racist in other words….One of the mysteries I’d her billionaire Jewish husband …why would any sane already rich person cosy up to Serena William’s who is not the least bit attractive…
    They even shifted the 15 year old black to centre court….when the vast majority of people would have preferred to watch one of the top seeds.
    So state ideology has now even penetrated centre court…..the fawning of commentators over these black players is sickening……nine times out of ten they simply don’t deserve it…..When the cameras pan the crowds and settle on the William’s family watching the match….and remember they’re not poor….BUT THEY ARE A RABBLE seemingly going out of their way to be as rude and obnoxious as possible.
    Once again….if the public were pulled about them…the reaction would be mostly negative.
    Then there is the politically correct Catholic Marrano Jew (all his wives or girlfriends have been jews) John McEnroe…

  2. On British TV every single couple seen is a black man witha white women
    this is saying black women are not good enough for black men and a lot of black women are very angry about this.
    The fact that every single advert has this same policy shows they all speak with one deeply racist voice. The BBC is probably the worst and most racist of all
    its soaps are god awful, and its top director once described Britain his own country and horribly white.
    What a filthy racist this man is, he should have been sacked from his job instantly

  3. On the Wimbledon theme we also have the ‘mixed’ couple Serena Williams and Andy Murray who are continually describe as the ‘dream couple’. The very unsubtle inference being that mixed race couples are better than white couples.

  4. The reason you should eliminate your television is to cut the link the Jews have to your mind. Turning that god damn thing on is how you are programmed to think and behave like a Jew. Even the sitcoms are normalization of Jewish behavior where every unmarried woman behaves like a godless slut.

    Then there is the “news” which tells you what they want you to know. Every night they proudly boast of you is being prosecuted for some crime but they never tell you why so many people are criminals as they struggle to exist and prosper in a Jewish fractional reserve debt enslavement scam. Oh they show commercials for “Liberty” tax preparers and Patriotic banks lending you a home loan.

    Every night they show you images of the homeless, the antifa riots but they will never tell you people are homeless because the law made them homeless. Not one Native American was ever homeless, not one Native American ever had to get a building permit or go to a Jew bank to borrow Jew fiat paper to build/buy a home. Not one Native America was ever arrested and put in jail until the Europeans showed up with their King James Bibles and forced the system on them.

    The worst part of television programming is that it normalizes the evil Jewish system, the Jewish simulacrum which we suffer. The television is how the matrix broadcasts itself into the mass mind. And for God’s sakes it is voluntary. So what the f-ck is wrong with everyone, do they like being slaves?

  5. Speaking of Wimbledon….although slightly off topic..The Daily Zio-Mail…..has just run an article about none other than Cliff Richard….
    He has been successfully rehabilitated by the media….sort of a bit like USSR thought criminals sometimes were if they managed to get back in favour of the state.
    Going on appearances alone…Cliffy seems to have something not quite right about him…to say the least…like all the aging pop stars like McCartney and Jagger Cliffs hair has an Egyptian mummy quality about it and it looks like he has had the plastic filler injected in his face.
    Richard strikes you as a rather pathetic figure and may himself have been abused by pedophiles.
    Richard is buddies with some tennis lesbians…with testosterone add ons….they’re still in the closet.
    A bit of brief research about Richard is all you need to know….he even at times associated with the Catholic Marranos…the Krays.

  6. Now that jobs and factories have moved to China, India, and non-white nations, the TV commercials dont have anything to advertise except “My Pillow” or similar trash.

    So the Jews Media is faced with the problem of what to advertise. Now that weapons of war are about all that is still made in the USA, the commercials are promoting interracial marriage, blacks in sports, white guilt, and all things anti-christ.