Flashback: Israeli War Criminals in Patagonia

Kawther Salem – January 30, 2009

The Israeli war criminals who participated in the so-called “Operation Cast Lead”, the offensive launched by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on the Gaza Strip between 27 December and 18 January 2009, in which they killed and murdered 1350 and injured over 5000, in addition to the demolition of thousands of homes, industrial and commercial facilities, and the displacement of tens of thousands of Palestinian citizens who were left without a home, continue traveling in large groups and even in complete military units to Patagonia in the south of Chile and Argentina, for bad and unknown purposes.

If you are a lawyer and aware to catch some of these criminals to bring them before the justice, then you should speak with the authorities in order to make them aware and if possible to arrest these Israeli war criminals, and provide their names to the Interpol or to the local police in order to catch them during their stay in Patagonia in Chile and Argentina stealing, selling drugs, doing military and scientific research, spying, and who knows what other military missions in the wilderness, possibly training and preparing to invade their neighboring countries, which have a vegetation and geography similar to Patagonia.

Last week, a lawyer from Chile wrote me congratulating me for my journalistic work and informing me about the presence of so many Israeli soldiers which he encountered while in the south, whom he describes as impolite and rude.

In Patagonia in Chile and Argentina you can see the IOF criminals piled everywhere, like heaps of garbage. In 2004 I saw the huge number of the Israeli troops spreading in the south of Chile. Some were carrying electronic equipment in their backpacks and under their T-shirts, as if they were on an official mission. I saw these Israeli criminals on ships, in the bus, on the streets of all towns and villages, at the coffee shops, in the restaurants, in hotels and … everywhere, right and left. Some of them identified me, and I also identified some of them who had been stationed in Hebron, but I kept my distance. I had to push away an Israeli officer who he tried to talk to me on a ship south of Villa O”Higgins, and the other tourists did the same as me; when we arrived at Candelario Mancilla, the officer told his commander about me. There were a group of Israeli officers and commanders waiting for him in Candelario Mancilla. They all were obviously in a military mission in Chile and not for tourism. This was my impression.

I know the IOF criminals and officers well, I know the Israeli troops. I know the Israeli military occupation. The IOF soldiers do not respect the nature. They are indeed the enemy of nature. The soldiers only know how to destroy, to assassinate, to kill, to cut trees and to raze beautiful green fields to the ground. They only know about mass destruction of human beings. During “Operation Cast Lead” in Gaza, the IOF soldiers burnt and destroyed trees, the birds, and even the stones before murdering the human beings. So what are these soldiers doing in the south of Chile and Argentina? Why they are targeting this incredibly beautiful part of earth?

Why are the Israeli war criminals still sending their troops, their special forces from different units, Golani, Givati, Death squads, Shimshon, Paratroopers, military Intelligence … etc. to Patagonia?

What is the next step and plan of these war criminals in Patagonia? Does the IOF plan to destroy the nature and to build more Jewish settlements in Chile and Argentina?  Does the IOF train during their continuous presence in Patagonia? What disaster will the Israeli criminal forces bring to the kind Chilean people, and why? Is Patagonia planned to become a new or alternative homeland for the Jews?

The Chilean people also ask these questions. They are also aware of tomorrow. The stench of the Israeli troops in Patagonia is causing congestion in the nose of the Chilean people. The patience of the Chileans is wearing thin before the unlimited tours of the IOF in Patagonia.

The Chilean people do not like the rude manners of the Israeli soldiers in their country,  and many do not hesitate to talk about them. “Nobody likes the Israeli soldiers in Chile and Argentina”. They are full of drugs, they are thieves, they are rude, impolite, and are criminals, friends of what belongs to others. They steal towels, the soap, the equipment of hotels, they steal in supermarkets, stores, they try to leave without paying bills. When a batch of them arrived at a village where I was staying, 18 chicken disappeared from one house in one afternoon, a small fortune in a region where weather is hard and people are anything but rich. “We prefer to stay without clients and keep on our things instead of renting these criminals the rooms in our hotels” the Chilean people would talk with deep bitterness and sadness about the presence of these Israeli troops in their country.

Here is what the Chilean lawyer wrote to me:

Dear Kawther:

I am a 41-year old lawyer from Chile and I would like to briefly write just to congratulate you on your brave work.

Recently I went with some friends of mine to do some trekking in Patagonia (Torres del Paine National Park) and, besides enjoying the beauty of the nature that we have the privilege of owning in Chile and Argentina (quite a contrast in comparison to the Atacama desert up in the North), I was extremely surprised and disgusted by encountering so many Israeli soldiers, unpolite and rude on top of that. As you know, besides many immigrants (including Jews) we have 500,000 citizens of Palestinian descent (I myself even had a girlfriend whose 4 grandparents were all originally from Palestine). Of course, after three generations they are as Chilean as any other descendants of Germans, Spaniards or Croatians. But the Jews of course never truly blend in and keep their loyalty rather elsewhere.

By investigating this strange phenomena on the internet, I came up with your blog:


Although posted in 2004, the information today remains as valid as ever. There is no doubt in my mind that the Israelis must certainly consider the possibility that someday those whom they have humiliated and slaughtered and who have nothing to lose might eventually obtain and drop the bomb on them. I recall the President of Iran suggesting the Israelis to relocate to Alaska (perhaps the U.S. should indeed consider this if they are continuing that far with their support). But I am afraid that the Israelis are eyeing our Patagonia as their future “promised land” (so, if they are the self-proclaimed “chosen people”, what does that make US?). That is why their partners such as Tompkins wish to prevent by all means the Chilean society and government from effectively occupying the far south of our country and from building roads or power plants. They say that we have to “preserve the nature”.. Ok, but for the benefit of exactly WHO would that be, huh?

All that can be done is to make as many Chileans as possible aware of this menace…

By the way, I have made a donation through http://www.un.org/unrwa/ and I have also convinced many friends in Chile to do so as well.

Kind regards and best of luck always!!



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