Hizbollah Slams Beheading of American as Un-Islamic

BEIRUT – Lebanon’s Hizbollah guerrilla group condemned Wednesday the beheading of an American hostage by Iraqi militants as an ugly crime that flouted the tenets of Islam.

“Hizbollah condemns this horrible act that has done very great harm to Islam and Muslims by this group that claims affiliation to the religion of mercy, compassion and humane principles,” the Shi’ite Muslim group said in a statement.

An Islamist Web site Tuesday carried a video clip of the execution of the man who identified himself as Nick Berg, with a statement saying a group linked to al Qaeda did it in revenge for the abuse of Iraqis by U.S. troops.

Hizbollah said Berg’s killing had diverted the world’s gaze from an escalating furor over the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by occupation soldiers.

“The timing of this act that overshadowed the scandal over the abuse of Iraqi prisoners in occupation forces prisons is suspect timing that aims to serve the American administration and occupation forces in Iraq and present excuses and pretexts for their inhumane practices against Iraqi detainees.”

The Syrian-backed group which the United States deems “terrorist” said the executors’ behavior was closer to “the Pentagon school — the school of killing and occupation and crimes and torture and immoral practices that were exposed by the great scandal in occupation prisons.”

Washington blames Hizbollah, whose attacks forced Israeli troops to withdraw from south Lebanon in 2000 after a 22-year occupation, for 1980s suicide bombings against its embassy and Marines barracks and the abduction of Westerners in Beirut.

Courtesy Steve Adams and Liberty Forum

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