Trump-Kushner’s Palestine Swindle – July 6, 2019

Eric Margolis: “This whole ‘peace deal’ is a big smokescreen  to cover Israeli land expansion and more ethnic cleansing. Many thoughtful Israelis are dismayed by their far right-wing government’s expansionist plans, seeing nothing but more troubles and violence ahead.”
1. Israel steals Palestinian land, homes and businesses. 2. The US convinces the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia to pay off the Palestinians. Shouldn’t Israel be paying reparations here?  I forgot. Israel doesn’t pay for anything.
Palestinians response: First lift the siege and stop stealing land
Trumpites always negotiate with a gun to their adversary’s head. Doesn’t work that well when the adversary is strong.

A Deal No One Will Accept 

by Eric Margolis — ( 

President Donald Trump’s attempt to sell the Brooklyn Bridge to the Palestinians – using Gulf Arab oil money – has so far been a resounding failure, as was widely predicted.
The so-called ‘Deal of the Century’ turned out to be a shabby swindle.
I watched Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, deliver the first part of his big deal to a bunch of tame Arab oil monarchs and assorted hangers-on. Kushner looked like a nervous sophomore taking a tough oral exam. There were no Palestinians or Israelis present. But Israel’s powerful American backers were watching from the sidelines as their ‘deal’ was enunciated.
Trump’s offer was pure New York City real estate hipper dipper. He would get the rich Gulf Arab states, all of them American protectorates, to offer some $60 billion in payments, credits, loans and other financial inducements to the Palestinian Authority – but nothing to the democratically elected Hamas government in the open-air prison of Gaza that holds two million Palestinian refugees.


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7 responses to “Trump-Kushner’s Palestine Swindle”

  1. This article is 100% correct, it is a swindle and what most people don’t understand is that is how Trump and Kushner conduct business. They are not actually offering the Palestinians anything, whatever money they say they are putting up (50 billion from whom?) is going to end up in Trump/Kushners pocket after all the dust settles.

    The “Art of the Deal” is really the Art of the Swindle. Trumpenstein and little gay boy Jared are going to fleece then genocide the Palestinians. There is no plan to save them. The deal is ludicrous (even though it will be talked up as the greatest ever). The Palestinians have already rejected it and Trump will use this to destroy them by helping Bibi slaughter them.

    There is only one plan for Arabs and that is their elimination. And I have that on the authority of Eustace Mullins who said that 30 years ago. The big bloodletting in Gaza and the West bank hasn’t even started yet. You watch and see.

    Eustace Mullins The ‘New’ World Order (1991)

  2. Yukon Jack is of course 100% correct….so the next question to ask is HOW will they achieve this while still maintaining their “holocost” victim status….
    Obviously under cover of a massive Jewish orchestrated conflict in the middle east….probably involving Iran.
    The “bloodletting” will include Lebanon since they’re after water resources from the Litani river.
    Expect Hollywood to prepare Anericsns via veiled propaganda in the movies.
    To maintain their victim status….it might kick off with a false flag attack within Israel…after that they can claim they were only defending themselves which “purely coincidentally” results in a massive territory grab…..

  3. The jews use stupid americans and brits to join the forces and go bomb brown people
    their families and homes and people, the israelis then foster terror gangs like al nusra al qeada islamic front isllamic state isis etc to clear the people over to us to look after,
    while the jews then steal the land which has been cleared for its mineral wealth oil and
    The jews are behind all wars.
    do NOT buy from jewish shops supermarkets or produce

  4. any money donated to palestine is taken by israel in the form of taxes
    long tunnels have to be dug to bring in food drinking water and medical suplies
    the jews will periodicaly come and bomb the tunnels, killing among others a doctor and a nurse

  5. All I can say is this:

    We need more Trump! Please vote for Trump! AGAIN! AND AGAIN!

    I hope Trump goes for a third and forth term!

    Is there a word for “national suicide”? You know, an act that the entire country does and ends up killing itself? How about Trumpicide?

    What more can I say!

  6. @Dorian This article cracks me up, it is way worse than you are saying:

    Britain’s man in the US says Trump is ‘inept’: Leaked secret cables from ambassador say the President is ‘uniquely dysfunctional and his career could end in disgrace’

    ‘We don’t really believe this Administration is going to become substantially more normal; less dysfunctional; less unpredictable; less faction riven; less diplomatically clumsy and inept.’

    He also says that he doesn’t think Trump’s White House will ‘ever look competent’.

    ….the President’s economic policies could wreck the world trade system;

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha Trump is not just a lunatic he is a destroyer and is going to bring down the entire world economy

    maybe trump is so incompetent he’ll wreck the us military empire and bankrupt the usa

  7. @Yukon Jack

    Calm down Yukon, calm down. Trump will not destroy the world. Really, I don’t know how many ways I have to say this, it does appear I have to take a more direct route. So hear goes….

    Trump as I have said, is all vain! Yes he as an ego too, but its nothing more or less than anyone else’s. Trump’s Achilles heel is his vanity. The man needs to project the image of a Pharaoh. Beautiful wife, perfect children, great house, perfect this, that and the other, blah, blah blah, you have heard that all before.

    Pharaoh Trump will not let anything happen to the world. For if he did, he would be remembered forever more as The Destroyer Of Worlds. Trump needs, and I mean, NEEDS, the perfect image. Even if it is all based on fake and hollow substance.

    So relax people, especially you Yukon, Trump will not destroy the world. But he will bring the US to utter ruination. But that ruination will happen after he has gone! While in office, Trump will do all he can to build up the image of what a great guy he is, anything and everything that gives him glory points on his Trump Image that he can put on his epitaph.

    There will be no wars. The US Navy will bob up and down on the sea, from here to there with their jets, and just swab decks for the remainder of Trump’s time in office. Trump can’t go to his grave with his image maligned. He has to check out of existence, the way he lived, as T-R-U-M-P.

    Trump will huff and puff and never blow the house down. So long as though nobody doesn’t do anything in the house that is stupid, like shoot at the big bad wolf that is out side.

    Trump is so image conscious of himself that I am sure, every morning he spends hours in front of the mirror making sure every follicle of hair is combed correctly.

    War is bad image for Trump. Dying soldiers on his watch, means he is no better than that black dude before him. Trump could never stand for that.

    As each day passes, I am seriously getting more and more convinced I am right about this Trump. So let the man play President the way he likes to, and just sit back and enjoy the show!

    Five more years of Trump! This is better than Game Of Thrones! GoT was ok after the first season, and really started dropping away every season after. But Trump, is just get better and bolder….we have a new show guys! Game Of Trump! lol!

    Seriously, I don’t know why I feel so sure about this, that is about Trump. But I really do think I am right. I have never stuck out my neck like this ever before. But this Trump and this vanity theory I have about him, just fits so perfectly!

    Anyway, like I said people, pull up a comfy chair, get some pop-corn or pie, and just enjoy the show. Its going to be glorious! Especially watching the Main Stream Media continuously made to look utterly stupid. Five more years of Trump, how low do you think Trump will get CNN’s ratings to drop to? 😉