Russia condemns UK for seizing Iranian oil supertanker off Gibraltar

Press TV – July 5, 2019

Royal Marines board a ship. Click to enlarge

Russia has condemned Britain for its seizure of an Iran-operated supertanker off the coast of Gibraltar, calling the provocative move a deliberate step geared to further deteriorate the situation in the Middle East.

“We condemn the seizure of a super tanker flying the Panamanian flag committed on July by the Gibraltar authorities who were backed by UK Royal Marines,” the Russian foreign ministry said in a Friday statement, carried by TASS news agency.

On early Thursday morning, British Royal Marines in Gibraltar stormed the 300,000-tonne Grace 1 and detained it, accusing it of carrying oil to Syria in possible violation of the European Union’s sanctions on the war-torn Arab country.

“We consider the detention of the vessel and its cargo as a deliberate step geared to further aggravate the situation around Iran and Syria. Commentaries by UK and US officials that came immediately after this operation only prove these assessments and indicate that this operation had been plotted beforehand and involved corresponding services and agencies of several countries,” the Russian foreign ministry further said.

According to Gibraltar authorities, the 28 crewmembers, who are nationals of India, Pakistan and Ukraine, are currently staying aboard the tanker, along with local police and customs officers boarding the vessel for a period of a probe.

Iran has condemned the move as “maritime piracy” and summoned Britain’s ambassador in protest. It has vowed to employ all its political and legal capacities to secure the release of the vessel and uphold its rights.

On Friday, Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaei called for the reciprocal seizure of a British oil tanker in case London refuses to release the vessel.

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Tanker detained by Gibraltar on U.S. request to Britain, Spain says

Reuters – July 4, 2019

Gibraltar detained the supertanker Grace 1 after a request by the United States to Britain, acting Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said on Thursday.

Spain was looking into the seizure of the ship, suspected of carrying crude oil to Syria, and how it may affect Spanish sovereignty as it appears to have happened in Spanish waters, Borrell said.

Spain does not recognize the waters around Gibraltar as British.


5 responses to “Russia condemns UK for seizing Iranian oil supertanker off Gibraltar”

  1. Terrorists from the United Snakes informed British Terrorists in Gibraltar that the Atlantic entrance to the Mediterranean Sea was the best place to steal some Iranian oil.

    A bulging, ballooning Supertanker called Grace 1 was seized by Brutish terrorists. United Snakes Commander-in-Thief, President SuperWanker hadn’t had time yet to
    tweet a fabricated bullshit justification for this act of war.

    Spain was looking into the seizure of the ship, suspected of carrying crude oil to Syria, and how it may affect Spanish sovereignty as it appears to have happened in Spanish waters, Borrell said.

    Spain does not recognize the waters around Gibraltar as British.

    The United Snakes and Gread Britain didn’t give a clam about the Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell or anybody else for that matter. This is just their latest act of piracy against 2 countries renowned for successfully fighting terrorism, Syria and Iran.

  2. Acting on instructions is right, although the jews e g Churchill Roosevelt and Stalin
    planned the war well in advance, the german people had to be taught that they must not take control of their own finances, Churchil sold the UK to the USA for 50 rotting warships mothballed by the USA after w w 1
    These were to be filled with merchant seamen and used to draw german submarine fire away from the ships churchill wanted kept safe, we had broken the german intel codes and knew which ships would be attacked, churchill sacrificed a lot of men needlessly.
    The fact that the USA controls the UK is why 75 years after w w 2 we still have US bases here.
    To be free of the rothschild EU is one thing, but we must also be free of the zio run and owned USA

  3. Britain and the US have clearly demonstrated that they are as one, in behaving like rogue states pursuing hegemonic ambitions totally against the rules of International law.
    As “Empire” starts to decline, the actions they are taking become more clearly defined which should leave the public in no doubt as to who the bad guys are, in this chaotic world which the elites have created. The time for standing up to be counted is with us. We can no longer sit idly by while “psychopaths” with no moral values and only the pursuit of money and power drive their ambitions. The civilian death count continues in the Middle East and still apathy rules. Action is needed now.

  4. Britain, the USA, and so many other nations do these evil deeds because they are all controlled by bankster Jews.

    It’s Jews in high place who plot against Iran. In this instance, Jews chose tanker piracy against Iran instead of directing Trump to use the US military against Iran.

    The Jew World Order leaders are obsessed with overthrowing Iran and Syria.

  5. This was a brazen criminal act of piracy and theft. The pirate(s) attempting to board should have been doused with buckets of shit and piss then shot and their boat sunk with the remaining pirates along with it.