The Secrets of Silicon Valley: What Big Tech Doesn’t Want You to Know

James Corbett — The Corbett Report July 5, 2019


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6 responses to “The Secrets of Silicon Valley: What Big Tech Doesn’t Want You to Know”

  1. I won’t be watching this video. Video can be a great format for getting ideas across. But for many, & I am one of them, connecting to a video is too time-consuming. If I watched all the relevant videos, I would be spending most of every day watching them. SO I don’t bother. These vids should come with a written intro with basic points and a conclusion. Then I might watch. I am not a singleton nerd who lives in his bedroom playing computer games on one screen and youtube on another.

  2. Jews are all over the secret agencies and spy agencies. The CIA, FBI, NSA, and such secretive institutions might never have existed without Jews.

    At Silicon Valley in high tech companies around Santa Clara, San Jose, Sunnyvale, there are lots of Jews at the top levels who exemplify big tech being run by Jews.

    Secret meetings, secret plans, hidden plots to do evil deeds, were prophesied about the tribe of Levi from which Judaism came, all the way back at Genesis 49:6 –

    I will not join their secret talks, and I will not meet with them to plan evil.

    Consider the secret societies created by Jews in light of Gen 49:6, the Masons, Skull and Bones, Illuminati, World Zionist Congress, American Jewish Congress, Council on Foreign Relations, CIA, FBI, World Jewish Congress, Bilderberg Group, and so many similar fiefdoms founded by Jews.

    Satan showed Jesus the kingdoms of this world and offered the kingdoms to Jesus if Jesus would bow down to Satan. Christ refused the offer but Judaism accepted it.

  3. @Carl Jones: I Echo Your Words!

    Yes, videos are very time consuming. Especially when most of the video is just filled with empty filler. Information is better portrayed via the word, not the image. Entertainment, is better viewed through the image.

    That’s why I don’t YouTube or even watch it. It is very time consuming for so little, if any, reward. Even all the university lectures are so poor in content and method. Ah I know, lecturing is really a skilled art. But it does go to show you how truly poor educational standards are, even the major universities.

    Its a shame, but I truly believe the dying of literature and knowledge through books will come to haunt us one day.

    Hey Admins! More Word Less Video! At least that’s my vote, for what poor few cents its worth.

    No wonder the world is become more stupider with each passing year: video may have killed the radio star, as the song says, but its also doing a grand job of massacring the storied word.

    When video books become the norm as opposed to the printed word, you know we have come full circle, and have returned back to those days of thousands of years ago, when Man knew not a single word to read or write! And what happens then when the lights go out? And not a single person knows how to read an old fashioned book to figure out how to make light or anything else, when there is no more stupidtube or farsebook!

    Yes indeed, Humanity is coming again full circle in its quest for enlightenment; to become more knowledgeable, Man must become less capable! And that ladies and gentlemen, is no oxymoron!!

  4. @ Jim

    Peace be with you Jim.
    The enemy is within, do not fall into the trap of blaming the ‘Jews’ for everything.
    Extract from the letter I wrote to all my friends:

    The converts of this world
    know that when the Son of man came the first time,
    his mission was to bring salvation to this world.
    The Son of man
    did not die for this world,
    he was crucified, because of this world.
    This world did not accept him then,
    and this world cannot accept him now.
    It is only a convert like you, my friend,
    who can humbly say;
    “The Son of man died for me, because I crucified him.”

    The faithful witness

  5. Well said Carl Jones. I agree whole heatedly!! I have a DAY job and NO TIME for video’s some of which last the same length as a film!!

  6. I’d say it is a waste of time listening to critics who offer opinions on information that they refuse to even review. There is an old saying about a picture worth a thousand words, and therein lies the potential for video to surpass writing in certain cases. Granted literacy unlocks a mental strength of being able to read books and review text rapidly with great comprehension, and imagery tends to not support literacy, but with both a person can rapidly learn things. I am surprised that people would assume Corbett put in a bunch of time-wasting fluff in this video. I watched the vid, and it was condensed and to the point. One can learn alot from it about the origin of the internet.
    While Corbett makes his point about the military origins of the internet, and its continued development as a command and control tool, he misses an equally big story by calling his story of military origin the hidden secret of Silicon Valley. No, the real secret of Silicon Valley is its connection to Israel where all the tech companies relocate.
    It’s hard to have much faith in Corbett when he treats the big secret as a domestic story of American tech development, when the greatest developments are being made offshore in the new hub of global cyber command. Just ask Bibi, Corbett. It shocks me alot more that Silicon Valley is considered second in command. I’d suggest people watch a few videos (them things again) by Adam Green on the shift of high tech to zion, to understand where global control is to be seated.