Beheading of Nicholas Berg: Unanswered Questions

The death of Nicholas Berg. How convenient it is for the Bush Regime — already taking flak for the abuse and torture of Iraqis under US occupation and being compared with the abuse and torture of Iraqis under Saddam Hussein at the same Abu Ghraib prison.

A beheading will get anybody’s attention. But enquiring minds want to know…

* Why was Nick Berg wearing a orange jumpsuit like those issued to US prisoners?

* Why was Nick Berg arrested and held captive in Iraq for 13 days?

* Why was Nick Berg, a Jew, dumped in the middle of hostile Arab territory?

* Why did Michael Berg have to sue the US Government to get his son released?

* Did Michael Berg’s vocal opposition to the US Patriot Act have anything to do with Nick Berg being sacrificed on the altar of world media?

* Was the gruesome beheading of Nick Berg a convenient distraction for Bush Regime media problems?

* Why does the Bush Regime deny that Berg was under detention which later led to his capture and death?

* Why did the FBI visit Nick Berg 3 times during his detention in Iraq?
* Why do Nick Berg’s parents blame the Bush Regime for the death of their son by holding him “without due process or civil rights” rather than the so-called “terrorists” who beheaded him?

* Is Nick Berg’s beheading part of a Pentagon psy-ops (psychological operation) designed to muddy the waters about the failed War on Iraq?

Enquiring minds want to know.

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