Iranian Commander: U.S. “Afraid” of Iran

News Commentary – July 4, 2019

The Khordad-3 air defense system that was reportedly used to shoot down the U.S. Global Hawk. Click to enlarge

In a recent Fars News report, a senior Iranian commander is quoted as saying that the U.S. is “afraid” of war with Iran and in a way he may be right.
Although we suspect that U.S. commanders are more concerned with the potentially high casualties that might ensue rather than “afraid”, the fact is that the U.S. military would have its work cut out in any conventional conflict with Iran. Because apart from being a much bigger country with a bigger population, Iran is also much better prepared militarily than Iraq was in 2003.
Having seen what happened in 2003 Iran has developed or acquired an array of sophisticated weapons to counter U.S. aggression.
U.S. military commanders know this and they understand that Iran would be no pushover. Conflict with Iran would make the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan seem like minor skirmishes in comparison.
So Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Commander Major General Hossein Salami is correct, in a sense, when he says that U.S. military commanders are “afraid” of conflict with Iran.
However, that DOES NOT mean that the U.S. military won’t obey if they are ordered to launch strikes on Iran. Because although Trump recently called off strikes in retaliation for the downing of the U.S. Global Hawk, he may still be intent on confronting Tehran.
The U.S. is currently engaged in an incremental military build-up in the region. F-35s and F-22s have recently been deployed along with a carrier strike group, Patriot missile batteries and over one thousand U.S. Marines.
This is still far from sufficient to strike Iran so Trump may be waiting until enough U.S. forces are deployed before he does anything. In the meantime he is playing psychological games with Iran, making threats that he doesn’t intend to follow through on. Not yet, anyway.
We hope, as Iranian military commanders seem to believe, that this is merely to intimidate Iran. After all, Trump doesn’t have the same international coalition behind him that Bush had in 2003.
However, according to a recent UPI report much of the U.S. military build-up in the region is going on surreptitiously and may be bigger than has been reported.
According to the Daily Express the U.S. may have deployed as many as a dozen top-line F-22s, together with an unspecified number of F-35s. To be sure that’s still not enough to strike at Iran but the U.S. is gradually building up its forces to the point where it will be able to do so.
In April, David Goldberg (left), who had obtained top-secret White House documents, reported that Trump was planning to launch strikes on Iran this fall. If that is indeed the case these deployments could be the initial, low-key build-up to those strikes.
Adding credibility to his claim is the fact that Goldberg was subsequently found dead in his apartment after he had written an article detailing the nature and composition of the planned strikes.
Was he murdered to prevent him revealing anything more?
Apparently the police and other unidentified security types searched his apartment from top to bottom looking for something. Were they looking for the documents detailing the planned attack on Iran?
If so they didn’t find them because Goldberg had secreted them in a hidden under floor safe and given copies to friends.
According to the documents, a false flag was going to be used as a pretext for massive strikes on Iran involving nuclear weapons.
We cannot confirm this but a reliable clairvoyant friend says that Trump’s inner circle and his Zionist allies are planning something big. They are, he warns, planning wide-ranging strikes on Iran that will culminate in catastrophic destruction.
Of course that doesn’t mean that this will necessarily happen but he’s been right about many other events so these strikes may at least have been planned. Whether they happen or not remains to be seen.
Other recent developments lend weight to his assessment:
-> According to some reports, Israel has reportedly been encouraged by the fact that one of its F-35s penetrated Iranian airspace undetected last year. If Israeli Air Force F-35s can do it then U.S. F-35s will be able to as well. Opening the way for air strikes on key Iranian sites.
-> In addition, Israel is reportedly preparing for some sort military “conflagration” with Iran. Does this mean that Israel and maybe Saudi Arabia will assist the U.S. in its campaign?
Are the U.S. forces currently in the region and others who may join them later, being deployed to take part in this campaign?
Goldberg’s documents speak of 120,000 U.S. service personnel being deployed. Crucially, that figure of 120,000 has been partially confirmed in plans for a U.S. military response to an Iranian attack on its forces in the region.
To be sure 120,000 is not enough for an invasion of Iran. But if widespread nuclear strikes were delivered it would be enough for mopping up operations afterwards.
Is this why U.S. forces are being deployed to the region? Not to invade but to clear up and subdue Iran after a series of devastating nuclear strikes?
Despite sanctions Iran has developed some sophisticated weapons. If it continues to develop its military/industrial capabilities then at some point soon it will be able to challenge Israel and America’s dominance of the region.
Bullies and cowards are at their most dangerous when challenged. Even now the U.S. would be unlikely to prevail in a conventional military conflict with Iran. The best the U.S. and its allies could hope for would be a bloody stalemate. In another decade or so that may not be possible, as Iran may have developed the means to overcome America’s military supremacy.
Make no mistake, there are some genuinely evil people in the Trump administration (Bolton). There are also some vain, easily influenced airheads (Trump). It’s and explosive mix that could have catastrophic consequences.
This is why the prospect of U.S. nuclear strikes on Iran is plausible and why it would appeal to U.S. and Israeli hawks. They could bomb it back into the “stone age” and neutralise an emerging threat to their regional dominance.
Admittedly this may sound alarmist but time is running out and Mike Pompeo, John Bolton and their Zionist allies know it. Ed.

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  1. The Days Of False Flags Are Over: Military Leadership Is Nonexistant

    Dare I say it! Dare I say it! You damn right I’m going to say it! The United States couldn’t pull off a false flag today, even if they had the entire film industry in Hollywood to help them. After all, they did fake the Moon landings with Hollywood help in the guise of Stanley Kubrick no less!

    No folks. As much as the US Military thinks they are in control, the reality is that the US Military is “One Flight Away From The Cuckoo’s Nest.” And there lies the problem.

    These military “cuckoos” are so out of touch with reality, that they will think they can sucker an Iran into a fight, read war.


    With each passing day, the US Military is seriously starting look like it is led by bunch of geriatric delusional war desperate twits! Let’s explore these twits some more….

    Enter the
    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: General Joseph Dunford: the chief big-wig that is pushing for war with anything that moves. Now what could possibly be making General Joseph Dunford pushing for war with Iran? Lets take a look at the Good General’s war record:

    – Gulf War (2 August 1990 – 28 February 1991): Joseph Dunford was <a href="assigned as the Marine Officer Instructor at the College of the Holy Cross and Officer Candidates School at Marine Corps Base Quantico. Hmm, not very flattering, Dunford was a teacher while the real soldiers were fighting. Hey General Dunford? Why is the Gulf War added to your war record when you had nothing to do with it?

    – Iraq War (2003 to present): So what was our brave general doing this time, “[d]uring his command of RCT-5 in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, he earned the nickname ‘Fighting Joe’ under James Mattis.” Sounds very impressive, was Dunford actually leading Regimental Combat Team 5? Read on my dear people, I quote, the telling line here for all its heroic glory, during this illustriousness period of American combat glory, “[Dunford] served in the 1st Marine Division where he was assigned to command the 5th Marine Regiment, as the division’s chief of staff and assistant commander. …he served 22 months in Iraq.” Oh no, Dunford spent 22 months as a shoe shine boy to the real soldiers! My oh my, how could you Dunford? You put the Gulf War on your War Record, as a shoe-shine boy! Lets forget this one to, moving on ….

    -War In Afghanistan (2001 to present, the longest war in US history, 18 years and still counting): Never saw action in Afghanistan. Just led the bureaucracy to send other troops to die for [add anything you like here, its still up in the air what Americans are dying for in Afghanistan other than for opium].

    Oh my. General Joseph Dunford is a no war general. The man has never fought in battle, has never put his life on the line, has never fired a shot in anger, has never been shot at. This is the kind of man you Americans are prepared to go and lay down your lives for? Dunford is a paper pushing coward.

    Surely we can find someone in the US Military that has some real soldier credentials? Ok, so the Number 1 military officer in the US Armed Forces is a charlatan.

    Lets have a look at the number 2 big shot general. Enter General Paul J. Selva. General Selva’s war record:

    – Gulf War (2 August 1990 – 28 February 1991): So what was our brave solider during those 6 months of war? Selva was stationed, ” January 1989 – July 1991, company grade adviser to Commander, Strategic Air Command, and then from August 1991 – July 1992, student, Air Command and Staff College, Maxwell AFB, Ala.” Hey Selva how can you put down in your war record that you were advising your superiors on how your company was performing, hey does that mean you were a “snitch”, basically the company snitch to the officers! And then because you “snitched” out your fellow soldiers so well they let you enter Air Command Staff school to be a student? And that is what you put on your war record! Oh Selva, how could you. How do you look in the face of soldiers that are under fire, day-in and day-out?

    – The War On Terror(????): there is nothing in the history of war that defines this term. Hey Selva? You referring to what here? Lets say that it does exist, even if it is in your mind. Could you please explain to me General Selva, where you fought this War On Terror, since you HAVE NEVER BEEN STATIONED (OR IT APPEARS EVEN LEFT) THE UNITED STATES IN YOUR ENTIRE CAREER! YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN ACTION! YOU HAVE BEEN STATIONED YOUR ENTIRE CAREER IN THE BEST VACATION PLACES IN THE USA (LIKE HAWAII)!

    Ladies and gentlemen, these two General Clowns, Dunford and Selva are what is controlling the Military today. They have never fought in a real war, they have never seen action, they have never led soldiers into battle. The United States Of America Military is run by wanna be soldiers, who are in reality fake soldiers, pretending to be war heroes.

    If I do recall, this kind of military, used to happen from time to time throughout history. Like the French Army, led by pompous royalists, until a real soldier came along by the name of Napoleon. You do remember what happened to all the royalists don’t you? A little hint: sleeeeesh…chop!

    So as you can see the situation today is not like any other time in modern history. So do you really think these clowns in the Joint Chief of Staff have the brains or the bravado to fight a real war, even with the likes of Iran? These war-less Generals are looking to make a name for themselves before they retire. I mean, think of poor General Silva. Never set foot on foreign soil, much less a battle field.

    The US Military is a war machine run by circus clowns. So to all those people out there who think that the US is spoiling for a fight with Iran, I have a message for you, if Iran did take on the US, these clowns leading the US Military wouldn’t know the first thing to do in a real shooting war. You have clowns leading soldiers that will be dying for clowns not country.

    Message to the US: Go ahead and start a war with Iran. In two weeks, the US forces will be yelping back to America, and then you will have to deal with all the mutinies that will occur, when the soldiers and seaman find out how ridiculously underprepared and under experienced their military leadership is.

  2. Our country and all the other country’s need to be ready, WHY? Satin is running the show, and in order for us to win, we must put ourselves back with “I AM the I AM” and HIS Son “CHRIST” and living GOD ‘Our Father’s, ” WAY”. He made this planet and put us here to learn HIS WAY and STOP listening to Satan. Satan does not own this planet. He was put here given a time to change his evil ways, which he has not done, nor intend’s to follow “I AM the I AM” and CHRIST, HIS Son. We were given 2 serving choices, GOD, or Satan. GOD: REAL TRUTH AND REAL LOVE, or Satan with his lies and hating everyone.

  3. “its still up in the air what Americans are dying for in Afghanistan other than for opium”
    – Dorian

    The US terrorists are lying in Halfgonistan for its lithium and other minerals. They have built terrorist camps there to attack Iran from the East. They are also there to keep an eye on Pakistan that keeps India at bay. (at Bombay) {{{smiles}}}

    They are there because it’s part of the brilliantly non-threatening strategy of encircling Russia with terrorist bases and weapons of blast destruction.

    They are there because Halfgonistan has a backdoor border with China.

    Finally, the world’s biggest terrorist organization is in Halfgonistan because they really like to shoot people like groundhogs, they just love to terrorize people for money, and they prefer getting their chicks for free.

  4. @Voltman

    Firstly about the lithium. Afghanistan isn’t really rated for lithium, but China, Australia, Chile, Argentina are. Even the US has large deposits, but who cares about lithium, its very over rated, future batteries will not be using lithium, i can assure you.

    Secondly, Afghanistan location. As the under belly of Russia, its a non rater. Why? Take a good long look on the map, there isn’t a single jet in the US Air Force that can fly that far, there’s too much territory between Russia and Afghanistan.

    There are many, what I would call tertiary reasons for being in Afghanistan still. Including those you suggested. But no, I think the only REAL reason why the US is stuck in Afghanistan, is all because of the stupid Bush war on Al-Qaeda and its continuously prolonged unextractable legacy. Not just now, but historically, Afghanistan has done this to past Empires, Russia being the last before the USA. But this story goes back to even Alexander The Great, for he too found Afghanistan difficult to deal with.

    Slowly the tentacles of the mountainous regions from the Hindu Kush to the Khyber Pass wrap their deadly suckers around invading foes, only to form a suffocating net around the invader. Just read about the British during Queen Victoria’s reign, specifically, the death marches by the British soldiers during the great uprisings that gave Afghanistan the epithet, “The Graveyard of Empires.” And rightly so, I might add; indeed what harrowing stories they make!

    Yes Voltman, my opium jibe was more of me taking the mickey out of this whole US insanity in Afghanistan than anything else. The US are really being driven by ghosts right now. With military leaders like Dunford and Selva whom have never shot at anything in anger, but have grown up, with utter humiliations like North Korea and Vietnam, they find themselves now having to hold onto a “dead horse” to make out they are still in this horse race. If you get my drift. This is why the US is desperately trying to curry favor with the Taliban. But the Taliban is stalling, because they know they have the upper hand.

    I have been reading on other sites, they are not in English, so I wont link, that there is a lot of chatter about Taliban and Iranian and even Chinese co-operation. Why I don’t read this stuff in the English world, I do not know why, I find it a bit strange. But the short gist of it is that the Taliban are stalling. In fact, they don’t want the US to leave, at least not just yet! Strange that, isn’t it! For you see, there seems to be a much larger “game” going on in that part of the world. As well as I as understand it, is that the Chinese are really working on some serious deals with the countries in Central Asia, for they are serious about this Belt And Road Initiative. And it helps that the US is focused on stupid things like opium and oil than the real “game”. I have hinted at this before in other comments, when I say the Chinese are DAMN SERIOUS about doing hyper-fast trains between Asia and Europe. This mode of travel doesn’t need oil, but electricity! And where is the greatest resource of hydro-power in the world today? Yeahhh Baby! The Himalayas!


    While the USA is focusing on procuring the next oil supply for the next few decades, the Chinese are procuring the right of ways and energy sources for the next 1,000 years! And it ain’t got anything to do with oil, baby!

    The Chinese are focusing on the long term, while the Americans are only worried about how they are going to get to the Mall without gas.

    Its early days yet, but one thing is for sure. The Americans are looking more and more ridiculous with each and every passing day. And don’t blame Trump! Trump is only going to help things along. Blame the ordinary American, that is only focused on his daily bread and doesn’t care where it comes from, and the blame the “intelligentsia”, aka academics and political experts, they are so wrapped up in their distorted realities that country’s like China are maneuvering behind the scenes, that not a single one of these American so called Geo-political experts can’t see what is really going on.

    Ooooh! The Chinese are sneaky! But fear not Voltman, many are talking about this, but in other languages other than English. My, Anglos are so full them of selves; and the Russians and Chinese couldn’t wish for it for any other way!

    Oh well, we are soon to enter the 2020’s, by the end of the next decade, America will be in for a shock. Stick around people! Don’t go anywhere, The Great Game is about to take a very interest turn!

    (“The Great Game”, it has a very specific meaning to a very specific region, it is about to come back again to haunt the Anglos!)

  5. @Doris Biggerstaff [and everyone else interested in sound reasoning]

    I wasn’t going to say anything, but sometimes people like you Doris really need some cold, sound, common-sense reasoning.

    So lets play along with your thesis, Doris, how did you put it ….

    “we must put ourselves back with “I AM the I AM” and HIS Son “CHRIST” and living GOD ‘Our Father’s, ” WAY”.

    So some questions for you, Doris:

    – Who do you suggest we should listen to? Do you have someone in mind? Maybe it is yourself? Can you prove you are not Satan? Can you prove that you are not here to deceive us with your message? Why should we believe you or any one else for that matter, including me? So before you ask the rest of Humanity to follow your suggestions, can you please prove to the rest of Humanity that you are not acting with Satan first! We need to establish that we can trust you. Otherwise we could have hundred’s of Doris’ running around the place telling everyone that they should follow or listen to 100s of other people’s messages, then where will we all be?

    – Doris you said, “He made this planet and put us here to learn HIS WAY and STOP listening to Satan. Satan does not own this planet. He was put here given a time to change his evil ways, which he has not done, nor intend’s to follow “I AM the I AM” and CHRIST, HIS Son.”

    I’m a bit confused here Doris. Maybe you can help me out. When you say “He made this planet…”, I presume you are talking about God. Well if He made this planet just so that we can learn His Way and to stop listening to Satan, then when is He going to start teaching His way, we can’t learn anything unless somebody teaches it, you know! If you are referring to the Bible that we are supposed to learn from, then why is it that Bible came thousands of years later after Man was created. It seems a little pointless to create Man, and not give him the guide-book to how He wants us to live. Or is it that we should have listened to all those “wise” men and sages of the past first, you know, like Moses, Abraham, Noah, etc etc. and we didn’t do a great job of listening to them, so he sent Jesus, and we did an even more terrible job of listening with him. So Doris, who is that we should be listening to, and to what message are we to be learning? But then we get to credentials again. Can you please tell whomever it is that we are supposed to listen to, to make sure they prove to everyone that they are who they say they are! It would help if they’d performed a modern day miracle, tested under modern scientific conditions of course, or even better, you know, you get one of those guys flying around with real biological wings! A simple short flight, nothing fancy, just up and down, say, oh I don’t know, 20 or 30 feet? That couldn’t be too much to ask, could it? Or is that sort of stuff, that was supposedly to have happened in the past many times, is now frowned upon? Yeah, I can understand that maybe the case, with modern aviation laws, you know, drones and stuff like that.

    – Then we come to your closure, ” We were given 2 serving choices, GOD, or Satan. GOD: REAL TRUTH AND REAL LOVE, or Satan with his lies and hating everyone.”

    Could you please define, “REAL TRUTH” and “REAL LOVE”? How are we supposed to recognize real truth or love, if you don’t describe to us what those things really are! Doris, you’re not seriously thinking that we are all mind readers and we all know what you mean by “REAL TRUTH” and “REAL LOVE”, do you now? Perhaps I am confusing you Doris a little bit. Shall I give a simple example? Take “REAL TRUTH”. Where are are we supposed to find this real truth? In the Bible? Surely, you’re not going to say you know the real truth? No of course not, you’re not that presumptuous are you? So let’s take the Bible, a simple example. You know the story of Noah and the Ark. And how the animals went two by two onto the Ark. That is the REAL TRUTH no? I suggest you go and read another comment of mind that proofs categorically that “REAL TRUTH” about the Noah’s Ark is a bold face lie! And Now To Destroy This Jewish Nonsense In One Undeniable Fact! From that link you will see that apparently God got it all wrong! He (capital not just because its the first letter of the sentence but for the Big Guy too!) apparently forgot that there are more than two sexes, and that some females carry the sex determination factor not the males! So Doris how do we now trust the Bible when it has been proven categorically that it has “REAL LIES” not “REAL TRUTH”? On the issue of “REAL LOVE”? Could you please make clearer the difference between “REAL LOVE” and just “LOVE”? I know I may be splitting hairs here, but what do I know! I am still trying to figure out, what’s wrong with quantum mechanics when it can force mixed states to have information passed to them faster than relatively says it should! So what would I guy like me know about “LOVE”, especially what you are talking about Doris? I little clarity would be nice.

    Or Doris, are you a Jesus person? If that is the case, can you please explain to me how is it allowable that Jesus can be a hypocrite, you know the story about “turning the other cheek”? Well why didn’t Jesus turn the other cheek in the Temple where he got angry and overturned the tables? Its a bit hypocritical isn’t it? So who is it should we listen too? How are we supposed “to know” when we accept an act that isn’t hypocritical to when it is? Mind reading again? I hope you aren’t into that sort of stuff, for I don’t mind read, I just read, a lot!

    Anyway, Doris, nice that you stopped by, and left your calling card. Please pop around again, and if you do, I look forward to your answers to my questions. As an ex-catholic myself, I have to say it is quite interesting still to bump into people like you Doris. After all these thousands or years, especially now, we don’t seem to get to many miracles anymore, and yet there are so many people, like you I am sure Doris, that seem to see miracles everywhere!

    Well I better close this, whatever it is, now. So don’t be shy, please do pop around again, but please Doris, be a little more engaging, for there are quite a lot of nice people here at truthseeker, at least after they get to know you a bit, and I am quite sure they can give to you as much as you are looking to give to them.

    Cheers Doris! 😉 😉