Know More News with Dooovid and Christopher John Bjerknes

Know More News – July 2, 2019

3 responses to “Know More News with Dooovid and Christopher John Bjerknes”

  1. The Coleman Experience, a great website which exposes homosexual abuse
    has been blocked again.
    The website covered in detail abuse of kids in care homes runaways etc
    and with the help of many subscribers, actual details of the greville Janner gand of jewish homosexuals, which is possibly why its been taken down

  2. Just so you all know Bjerknes is a well known disinfo agent in certain nationalistic internet circles. It is a mistake to listen to him, he will spin your mind into total confusion leaving you completely confused as to what is up or down.

  3. Isn’t it interesting that after several GOOLAG-YOUTUBE purges of all anti-Jewish content that Adam Green’s Youtube channel still stands? That is beyond a little suspicious, it is circumstantial evidence that he is a disinfo agent.

    What this video illustrates is the complete idiocy of trying to get truth out of a “good” Jew. Jews will NEVER tell the Goyim the truth. If you have the stomach to watch this insanity two Bibletard Gentiles (Green and Bjerknes) politely try to discuss reality with a believing Torahtard Jew Doooovid. PURE INSANITY.

    Doooovid says he believes in the one true God of the Bible who is the Creator God. That is pure bullshit. Jews destroy Creation and no Creator God ever told the ancient Israelites/Hebrews/Jews to go destroy other tribes (living things). No Creator God ever demanded blood sacrifices for atonement. How obvious it is that the Jews do NOT believe or follow a real Creator God but some imposter destroyer god.

    Here’s the real scoop, we actually know who the fake god is, it is Enlil of the Sumerian mythos. Enlil is the Anunnaki commander in charge of the earth mission, Enlil is Yahweh, who is not God with a big G but an imposter alien intruder on earth who was in charge of a troop of 500 Anunnaki who came here and created mankind as a slave race. All of this information has been presented on Ancient Aliens and the popular Zacharia Sitchin books.

    The Hebrew retelling of this story is religious spin and intentional deception of the Rabbinic writers of the Old Testament. They tell the story wrong and confused apples with oranges. Yahweh (Enlil) is not God like the Bible says. He is a flesh and blood progenitor of the human race. This is not my conclusion but of Dr. Jack Pruett:

    “The Bible is not a story about God or the Supreme Being. The Bible is a story about the Annunaki.” — Dr. Jack Pruett