NEW Enslavement of the Working Class

Herland Report – July 3, 2019

Paul Craig Roberts is an economist, commentator and former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

6 responses to “NEW Enslavement of the Working Class”

  1. secret documents found dumped
    expert says they are all out of date anyway
    does it reveal mass torture and drugging of german prisoners AFTER w w 2
    on churchills orders ?

  2. The documents from Porton Down found in a dumpster were NOT all out of date
    Some were photographed and emailed all over the country,
    It would seem porton down was part of a scheme to experiment with weather weapons the nearby Glastonbury festival, this would explain the extremes of weather experienced there in recent years, where revellers were persuaded and paid by reporters to roll about smiling in the mud as if it was a desirable practice.
    5 G was a heavy presence there, and many arrived in the first aid tents with severe headaches nausea dizziness and other problems, related to 5 G, for those who found out at the last minute, many changed their mind about attending the festival.
    In recent years Michael Eavis who owns the farm where it is held sold a 51% share to mama festival s, these are a NWO anti British anti christian group who have the reputaion of being total money grabbers, it is no longer an alternative event for the people

  3. israel controling the news media on its criminal past

  4. The Herland Report….well it comes from Norway….it’s worried about the collapse of the West…..
    Will it mention one of the signs of collapse….the breakdown of morality amongst the elites…in Norway itself?.
    How about Princess Martha Louise and her relationship with a Shaman…..Well if they did they would be accused by the gutter press of racism.There are NO constraints on the behaviour of the elites….so this slut takes up with a witch doctor….which,just a few years ago would have bought her public condemnation.

  5. When you said Chomsky can speak freely and is not with the establishment, that famous bovine excrement meter went off the charts and that was only less then 2 minutes in.

  6. we hear constantly about the jewish merchants who bought slaves from africa
    to be sold in the USA and UK
    but UK people are also slaves, rothschild has said every jew will have 3000 goy slaves
    it says so in out holy books, the children who had to crawl under neath slashing mill machinery did not live long, the children forced to clean up inside chimneys or forced to go to sea, and dont forget every child born in the UK already owes the jewish banks £30,000
    why do we put up with this ?