Peter Ford comments on UK seizure of oil tanker bound for Syria

Vanessa Beeley via Patreon – July 4, 2019

Royal Marines board a ship. Click to enlarge

Former UK Ambassador to Syria gave me this comment on the UK seizure of an oil tanker bound for Syria:

Former British Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford. Click to enlarge

“Technically the measure will find UK Foreign Office lawyers to defend it, but other lawyers will deem the action illegal. While sending oil to Syria may be illegal under US law it is not illegal under EU law. The far-fetched justification seems to be that the Banyas oil refinery in Syria provides financial benefit to the Syrian government, is therefore subject to EU sanctions, and thus any contact with it whatever is sanctionable. An Iranian lawyer would point out that if the EU had intended its restrictions to prevent oil shipments to Syria it could easily have adopted a relevant regulation. It didn’t.

For five years until now since Banyas was sanctioned tankers have been making their way past Gibraltar heading for Banyas and the UK has not seen fit to intervene. Why now?

This is obviously Hunt trying to look macho; the UK currying favour with Trump to get a better trade deal.

This will increase tension with Iran, of course, at precisely the wrong moment, when even the US by its own admission is looking for a ‘workaround’ for Iranian oil shipments to China. How do we think Iran is more likely to react – by meekly kowtowing, or doubling down in some way?

Ordinary Syrians are suffering greatly because of the impact of US oil sanctions. Hospitals don’t have fuel to power their generators. Car drivers have to queue for up to 12 hours to get petrol. We should be proud of ourselves…..Hunt on the Today BBC radio programme this morning refused to say if he considered fox hunting cruel. Bravo, macho man! Putting the boot into a prostrate Syria as well.

Spain may not be best pleased at this reminder of UK colonial arrogance. A spanner Macho Man has thrown into the Brexit works?”

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9 responses to “Peter Ford comments on UK seizure of oil tanker bound for Syria”

  1. The very thing that forced the Japanese to war, raises its ugly head again, and led by none other then the same criminals, and evil doers.

  2. Hunt is just another politician without a conscience. Anyone who is not an elite is simply cannon fodder.

  3. Queen Elizabeths Love Pirates!

    Some three and a half centuries ago, Queen Elizabeth I introduced the world to privateering, via Sir Francis Drake no less, a colloquialism to be sure for pirating. British pirating days are back, with the same named queen no less! Queen Elizabeth II now has a new pirate fleet. Well it is understandable the British economy is under due economic stress. Those blue blooded thieves have huge expenses, and need to diversify their income streams again, and what better way than to do that, than rob from those poor miserable Syrians.

    So what do we have now? The United States of America doing land based pirating, stealing oil directly from the wells, while now the British sea based pirates steal oil from the tankers on the sea.

    What is it with you Anglos? Pirating on land, on sea, what next, the air?

    And where is the International Court? Nowhere. Where is the United Nations? Nowhere.

    There is only one solution for this pirating. Bring back the noose, and hang all the pirates!

  4. The four greatest warmongering and plundering nations the world for the last few hundred years are Britain, the US, France and Israel. Are they inherently that way with their monarchs and establishments corrupted by their greed and power, or is it because for the same period of time their finances, media and political systems have been largely controlled by the Rothschild cabal? Things no doubt would be much better for the world if the cabal was stripped of its money and power, but the warmongering and plundering by these nations would likely still carry on. There appears to be only one solution for those who want real reform and that is effective passive resistance, which we can begin to do by supporting nations trading outside of the US dollar and to boycott all goods made in these four nations.



    Article 1

    1. The sale, supply, transfer or export of certain equipment, goods and technology which might be used for internal repression or for the manufacture and maintenance of products which could be used for internal repression, to Syria by nationals of Member States or from the territories of Member States or using their flag vessels or aircraft, shall be prohibited, whether originating or not in their territories.

    The Union shall take the necessary measures in order to determine the relevant items to be covered by this paragraph.

    2. It shall be prohibited to:

    (a) provide, directly or indirectly, technical assistance, brokering services or other services related to the items referred to in paragraph 1 or related to the provision, manufacture, maintenance and use of such items, to any natural or legal person, entity or body in, or for use in, Syria;

    (b) provide, directly or indirectly, financing or financial assistance related to the items referred to in paragraph 1, including in particular grants, loans and export credit insurance, as well as insurance and reinsurance, for any sale, supply, transfer or export of such items, or for the provision of related technical assistance, brokering services or other services to any natural or legal person, entity or body in, or for use in, Syria.


    3. Paragraphs 1 and 2 shall not apply to the sale, supply, transport or export of certain equipment, goods and technology which might be used for internal repression or for the manufacture and maintenance of products which could be used for internal repression or to the provision of related technical or financial assistance, where a Member State determines on a case-by-case basis that they are intended for:

    (a) food, agricultural, medical or other humanitarian purposes, or for the benefit of UN Personnel, or personnel of the Union or its Member States; or

    (b) activities undertaken in accordance with paragraph 10 of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2118(2013) and related decisions of the Executive Council of the OPCW, consistent with the objective of the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on their Destruction (Chemical Weapons Convention) and after consultation with the OPCW.


  6. legal under EU?

  7. Ford right or wrong?

  8. An outrageous act of piracy and theft, period. The perpetrators should be hung from a yardarm and used as human pinatas then keel-hauled.

  9. @Fred B

    Here! Here! Boycott all US trade!

    Only problem is, the US will then use cannon ball diplomacy, like they did with Japan with Commodore Perry.

    Frankly, I think a better way is to target the biggest bully first. That is the USA. The others like Britain and France will then follow. So what do I mean to target the USA first? Here are some suggestions:

    – Countries with US bases need to wisen up and kick out the US bases, in fact, no country should allow another country to have military bases within their borders!,
    – All countries need to start trading with North Korea, Iran, and any country the US has sanctions against, like Russia,
    – International trade should be demonetized from the US dollar, all trade should go back on the gold standard,
    – The United Nations needs to change, the Security Council based on the Five World War II victors must end, and all decisions especially sanctions must be voted on by the whole world democratically, in other words, NO MORE VETO POWER,
    – No more International Banks. All Banks must be local to their countries, no bank is allowed to own another bank in another country (if people can’t live in two countries at the same time, then why should people’s hard core assets allowed to be used in other countries when they can’t directly be allowed to benefit from them at the same time, i.e. you can only be in place at any one time, so should the assets of the people!),

    Anyway that’s just a few thoughts. Its time the world started following what it always preaches to everyone else!

    Think about those points above people, they will sort out a lot of problems we have today.