Royal Navy joins huge Black Sea exercise that angers Russia

Plymouth Live – July 4, 2019

The Royal Navy has joined a huge military exercise in the Black Sea that is reportedly angering Russia.

Approximately 3,000 troops from 19 countries – including the the US and the Ukraine and a dozen other NATO allies – are taking part in the 12-day Sea Breeze 2019 exercise, which began in the northwestern part of the Black Sea on Monday.

A total of  32 warships and 24 aircraft will take part in the show of strength  – with HMS Duncan sailing into the Black Sea alongside HMCS Toronto of the Royal Canadian Navy, whose Commodore Josée Kurtz  is currently in command of  Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2).  They were joined by the  Turkish frigate TCG Turgutreis  and Romanian frigate ROS Regele Ferdinand.

The Russian military says it is monitoring the exercise and has voiced concern about previous NATO drills near its borders, saying they threaten its security, reports US website Navy Times.

Conversely, NATO allies have expressed worries about Russian military manoeuvres in the Black Sea – where Russia’s warm water fleet is based at Sevastapol in the Crimea, which Russia controversially annexed from the Ukraine in  2014.

Type 45 Destroyer HMS Duncan has now arrived in the Ukraine, and  has been photographed arriving at the Black Sea port of Odesa.

Russian language news website  reports that the Russian National Defense Management Center has said “ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet are monitoring the British destroyer and the Canadian frigate that entered the Black Sea waters on July 2”.

The  Sea Breeze 2019 exercise is taking place while the Royal Navy is also involved in another operation which Russia has been closely monitoring –  Operation Baltic Protector – the Royal Navy’s ongoing mission to protect the Baltic and Barents  seas.

As part of Operation Baltic Protector, the UK-led Joint Expeditionary Force  (JEF) Maritime Task Group has seen as many as  4,000 troops -including 1,100 Royal Marines –  and 44 ships from seven countries, conduct wargames in the region in recent weeks.

Baltic Protector is a two-month deployment that sends a message to President Putin about the UK’s commitment to keeping the Baltic sea safe.  Plymouth-based HMS Albion and 3 Commando Brigade’s Royal Marine Amphibious Task Group  (ATG) have been ‘at heart’ of the deployment so far – which has seen  Royal Marines practice Commando raids with allied forces – and the Royal Navy Commando Helicopter Force  hunt down submarines.

Commodore James Parkin, the Commander of the ATG has revealed these exercises have all been closely watched by Russia – who are said to pose a  growing challenge” in the region   – and its spy ship Fodor Golovin has been tracking the JEF around the Baltic


6 responses to “Royal Navy joins huge Black Sea exercise that angers Russia”

  1. The only global challenge to world piece is NATO and its warmongering supporters.
    I would like to see the Russians give em 24 hours to get out of the area or face the consequences.

  2. Perhaps a tit for tat and Russia and its allies hold the same games in the gulf of Mexico.

  3. All these activities by the west are simply the anglos attempt (also using bribed gullible non anglo countries) to contain Russia and China from extending their political influence and economic growth past their own borders. It really has not much to do with R and Cs military threat to the world, but unfortunately their efforts to strengthen themselves militarily against the anglo threat of containment and subjugation is used by the anglo world as evidence of their global threat and as justifiable excuse for their actions to the bribed gullible.

  4. And in the “English” Channel.

  5. This agressive action does NOT have the support of the British electorate
    the evil Zio governments we have had since the bastard pervert churchill, have not listened to the people, these traitors should be stodd against the wall and shot, and their bodies sent to israel.

  6. @ Activisor in the top comment: Let’s be very clear. THE greatest challenge to world peace and stability is Israel and organized Jewry. Period. While a warmongering NATO has presented a challenge, and unnecessary tension, they typically take their marching orders from the Jews and Zionists who control the finances of the member countries. I do like what you propose in your second sentence though.

    @ skipNclair and grrr: Those were my thoughts precisely. Could you imagine the reactions of unbridled outrage, hand-wringing, shrieking, and volcanic pants-shitting from the absurdly hypocritical United States (JewSA! JewSA! JewSA!) and UK (United for Kikes) if the Russians and Chinese conducted military “exercises” in the English Channel and the Gulf of Mexico, better yet, in the Atlantic off the coast of the DC sewer?

    On the other hand, the US took it totally in stride when the demonic Israelis bombed the USS Liberty and mercilessly machine-gunned US sailors during “exercises” and when they murdered a few thousand people in the US on 9/11 by way of “intelligence” and “anti-terrorism” exercises, when the US bowed down, raised it’s puckering poop-chute in the area, and bleated “thank you, Israel and world Jewry, may I have another?” But God help the Russkies if they utter a peep about NATO shitting all over their doorstep.