Trump Admin Dangles $50Bn Bribe for Palestinian Surrender

Finian Cunningham – Strategic Review July 3, 2019

President Trump’s senior aide on Mideast affairs Jared Kushner tried last week to sell his much-vaunted “deal of the century” for a Palestinian-Israeli peace settlement. The core of it was a purported foreign investment plan worth $50 billion.

The sales pitch made at a conference in Bahrain amounted to a $50Bn bribe dangled at the Palestinians to accept permanent illegal occupation of their ancestral lands in exchange for foreign investment. Kushner rebranded it as the “opportunity of the century”.

He claimed that political peace depends on a viable economic plan. Others would see that formulation as back-to-front: economic development and prosperity depends on a political solution to decades of injustice against Palestinians.

American diplomacy has been an utter failure for decades with regard to settling this bitter dispute. It would therefore be impossibly naive to expect the Trump administration to succeed. More likely, its blundering and bias will only make this historic problem a whole lot worse.

That’s no doubt why so many regional players decided to give the Bahrain event this week a clunking big miss.

Like his father-in-law in the White House, Kushner comes from a real estate background before Trump appointed him as his top aide on the Palestinian-Israeli issue. For the past two years, Kushner has been working on a “master plan” to end the eight-decade-old conflict. That conflict has been at the center of most other disputes and tensions in the region. Trump has billed his son-in-law’s peace plan as the “deal of the century”.

In Bahrain, the Trump administration gave the first-ever preview of its peace plans. Skeptics of Kushner’s ability to deliver a realistic, workable framework were not to be surprised. The boyish-looking Kushner looked way out of his depth as he presented his vision of business and investment as the supposed key to peace. He invited the audience to “imagine” Palestinian territories in the West Bank and Gaza bustling with enterprise and trade. That entrepreneurial “promised land” would arrive if the Palestinians accepted Kushner’s vision of a $50Bn foreign investor fund.

What that boils down to is Palestinians accepting the present status quo of illegal occupation by Israel and in effect surrendering their historic claims for sovereign statehood. Moreover, the $5oBn in investments that Kushner was swooning about are not existing funds. They are only promises of potential investment, which may never actually be delivered.

Nowhere in the Trump administration’s “deal of the century” is there any attempt to redress historical violations of Palestinian national rights. There is no mention of the right of return of millions of Palestinians displaced by the 1948 war that established the sate of Israel. Nor of returning land annexed during the 1967 war. Illegal occupation is merely a fact on the ground that needs to be officially recognized as Israeli territory, according to the Trump administration. In the same way that Trump earlier this year officially recognized the occupied Syrian Golan Heights as part of Israel.

Kushner’s bias in a supposedly peace mediator role is flagrant. He is Jewish and a family friend of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Kushner’s wife, Ivanka, Trump’s daughter, is a convert to Judaism. Last year, she personally unveiled the controversial new American embassy in Jerusalem, which Trump had promised to Netanyahu on his election in 2016 in recognition of the city as the capital of Israel. That move was seen by Palestinians as a betrayal of their historic claim to East Jerusalem as the capital of their future state.

During the past two years, the Trump administration has cut off development aid and diplomatic links with Palestinian authorities. Respected Palestinian negotiators like veteran envoy Hanan Ashrawi have been denied travel visas to the US. The consultation conducted by Kushner with the Palestinian side in formulating his peace plan has been minimal.

During a recent interview in the US, Kushner revealed his colonial-type mindset when he asserted that the “Palestinians were not ready yet for self-government”. In other words, in this supposed mediator’s view, he is saying that there will be no foreseeable state of Palestine. That is, the Palestinians must accept their inferior status as an occupied people while the state of Israel is permitted to continue annexing more and more of their ancestral land. Indeed, Kushner is believed to have personal business investments in the construction of new Israeli settlements in the occupied territories.

It’s no wonder then than his so-called “deal of the century” amounts to a shallow business plan bereft of any deep historical, political issues. Palestinians are expected to shut up and surrender their historic rights for statehood by accepting a quixotic vision of economic wonders descending on them while living under permanent marginalization and deprivation. A UN report last year found that Gaza will no longer be habitable in a few years due to water and power shortages.

The Trump-Kushner proposal is the sort of con job that real estate agents excel at. Everything is reduced to the value of money while prospects are talked up with the most ludicrous glamor. Unscrupulous real estate agents would have the temerity to sell a cardboard box as if it were a penthouse suite. Trump and his son-in-law would seem to be of that same wheeler-dealer ilk.

After two years of bragging about its big Middle East “vision”, what people saw this week was little more than a glossy brochure of hype over historical realities. Indeed, it would seem that the purpose of the hype is to bury the hard historical problems that underly the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The excessive emphasis on billions of dollars of investment by Kushner is an attempt to seduce Palestinians into relinquishing their political and moral rights.

This week, however, while the Trump administration was making its sales pitch in Bahrain, it was notable that there was no Palestinian delegation present. All across the West Bank and Gaza, Palestinians shut their businesses in protest and took to the streets to burn effigies of the “deal of the century”.

Israeli government representatives were also not in attendance. That was only after the White House belatedly pulled their invitations in the weeks before the Bahrain conference took place. No doubt that hasty move by the White House was meant to minimize the embarrassing spectacle of a Palestinian boycott by also not having an official Israeli delegation.

Russia and China also gave the Kushner presentation a miss. Some Arab countries, such as Iraq and Lebanon, did not attend either. Iran, a major regional player and supporter of the Palestinian cause, was not represented. The European Union sent only technical-level officials; EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini was not present.

The glaring absences reflect the lack of international credibility of this White House’s peace efforts for the Middle East. The “deal of the century” is more seen as the “con of the century”.



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  1. How Much Is A Palestinian Worth? To Americans And Jews Not Much!

    Fifty billion dollars. Read it, ladies and gentlemen, it is $50,000,000,000. That’s 50 with nine zeros after it. Does that sound a lot to you?

    Well apparently it sounds a lot to Jews and certain Americans, namely Jared Kushner, son-in-law to Donald “The Billionaire” Trump.

    So let’s examine this. Billionaire Trump, aka Pharaoh Trump, is apparently worth 3 Billion Dollars (US). So what is that worth in Trump terms? Well 50/3 ~ almost 17 Trumps. So how much is a Trump worth in Palestinians? There are some 12 million Palestinians in the world, of which 5 million are the occupied territories known as the Present Palestinian Territory (why Present? well don’t hold your breathe that it will stay that way). So how magnanimous are the Americans and Jews? It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. But for a Trump, like that moron Jared Trump and his cretin wife Ivanka, that turns out to 50 Billion /12 million = $4,200 PER PALESTINIAN!

    So now we know how much Trump is worth! $3 Billion /$4,200 ~ 715,000 Palestinians.

    1 TRUMP = 715,000 PALESTINIANS!

    That’s right, the 5 or is it 6 (I’m having a tough time keeping up with this crook) bankrupt, is equal to 715,000 Palestinians.

    But it gets better! Oh hold on to yourselves, for what are you are going to read now is even more phenomenal. From the previous links we also have this juicy tidbit, “…it is estimated that half of the population in the Palestinian territories are refugees and that they have collectively suffered approximately US$300 billion in property losses due to Israeli confiscations, at 2008–09 prices.” That’s half of the Palestinians of the Palestinian territories. That’s about 2 million Palestinians. That is 300 Billion/ 2 million ~ $150,000 per Palestinian has lost.



    JEWS PROFIT: 12,000,000 X (150,000-4,200) = 1.75 TRILLION DOLLARS!



    link text

  2. How Much More Is A Jew Worth To A Palestinian

    I Continue The Above Analysis….

    So how much is a Jew worth more than a Palestinian?

    There are about 15 million Jews in the world as opposed to 12 million Palestinians. So with a Jewish profit (as per previous comment), $1.75 Trillion, we have 1.75 Trillion/15 million = ~$120,000 US. From above we have $4,200 per Palestinian.

    Now we know how much more a Jew is worth than a Palestinian

    1 Jew = 120,000/4,200 ~ 28.5 or almost 30 Palestinians.

    So does this mean for every Jew that is killed at the hands of a Palestinian, 30 Palestinians must die? Does this mean that for every square meter of land that a Palestinian has, 30 times that should be given to a Jew?

    Remember this ratio people, 30 Palestinians to every Jew, its called the Kushner-Trump Factor! Or just the KT Factor, it will go down in history, for the first time a part of humanity has been actually priced to be inferior to another part of humanity!



  3. Surprise surprise!

    Unscrupulous real estate agents, Donull Trumpenstein and his nephew, Jarhead Pushner, presented their Fleace Plan to an empty room except for as a bunch of warmongering psychopathic hypocrites.

    Future Gobel Peace prize recipient, Jarhead Krushner, promised the Palestindians they might get some big money if they bow down and accept the domination of their superiors.

    “A UN report last year found that Gaza will no longer be habitable in a few years due to water and power shortages.”

    Another good article by Finian Cunningham!

    The Goyim Know

  4. No reference obtained that what is the source of $50Bn. Who desired to pay this amount, Saudi nor Bahrain nor Israel? Does Israel hold financial capability at present to make payment of the said amount? If not, then usually Saudi Bahrain or UAE come in front of visualization.

  5. Are you all sure they are planning on paying anything as part of the deal. The 50 billion will be put in a trust then at some future date when pretty Jew boy Kushner needs the money back the Palestinians (for some new real estate deal who’s address starts with 666) will be found guilty of some violation of some “signed” agreement, blah, blah, blah….

    These crooks aren’t going to give the Palestinians jack sh-t. Trumpenstein’s art of the swindle is not going to fool the Palestinians and they will never agree. So that means that this “deal” is just another one of Trump’s loser failed strategies just like with NK, Venezeuala, and Iran. So watch and see how Trump and Kushner will use the failed deal to demonize the natives and wipe them out.

    The “Deal of the Century” = PalesiIndians Fleece and Genocide Plan

    If it wasn’t so tragic this would be funny. And oh yeah, Q says “trust the plan”, our fearless leader has 6 million secret sealed arrest warrants and any day now Hillary will be in chains. GO TRUMP! GO TRUMP! Sayeth all the tards!

  6. @ Dorian

    Trump companies have gone bankrupt 6 times. The seven bankruptcy will be Amerika as predicted by the Symptoms, you know that famous cartoon show aired on FOX:

    Trump bankrupts the US – The Simpsons

    Do I detect a pattern here? Bankrupt six times? Stiffing creditors six times? It seems to me that going bankrupt is Donald Trump’s personal real estate strategy. Put little of your own money into the deal then use bankruptcy to own your creditors.

    Trump is a swindler. There is no honesty in any Trump deal. Anyone who agrees to a Trump deal is going to get screwed.

  7. @ Dorian

    I think you forgot to carry the one in your math. If you take the number zero and then divide all of your calculations into zero you get the “true” value of a Palestinian = 0

    The Kushner-Trump team of swindlers are going to pay ZERO for a Palestinian. (That’s the new math they teach in Jewish controlled schools in Amerika)

    Bibi Netanyahu was heard yelling “GO TRUMP!” “GO TRUMP!”

    And I heard a voice in the back of my head of Trump making a speech in the future after being elected a second time:

    “My fellow Amerikans, it was I, the ZOG Emperor of the World, who brought peace to the Palestinians who are now all resting in peace. Everyone claps and screams Hosannahs of Praise to our Lord and Savior Donald Trump.

  8. @Yukon Jack

    Five times, six times, frankly for all I care it could be 600 times! It all amounts to one thing, how can anybody be allowed to supposedly go from rich to poor and back again to rich, supposedly, six times, without ever once losing his personal wealth. If this act alone doesn’t show how outrageously crooked the US justice and economy is, then I don’t know anything, anymore.

    Having said that, I do know one thing though. If the world is ever going to rid itself of the likes of the United States Of America and its pirating ways, it will be cause of thanks to people like Trump. Trump will speed up the process, in fact he already has, with nations starting to move closer to the Russia/China coalition. I thank Trump and of course the US Military and Industrial Complex for that.

    Frankly, if it weren’t for people like Pharaoh Trump, the slow suffocation of the World economy would go on for many more decades. Trump is speed up the inevitable correction, that is required, with his incessant clownish pontificating self destroying ideas.

    So Yukon, join me! And celebrate in Trump’s uniqueness. For through Trump, we all get to see sooner the inevitable end of the United States hegemony on the world stage.

    As for the ordinary US citizen, whom would find those previous words distasteful, all I can say is this:

    —–start of letter
    A Letter To All Americans: Why There Are No Good Americans

    “Dear Americans,

    For over 500 years you have raped, pillaged, destroyed, stole, and waged war all around the world, and have profited from it. To those few of you Americans whom think that you have some sort of sympathy for what your country has wrought upon the rest of Mankind and its suffering, and deserve some sort of leniency or compassion from the rest of the world, all I can say is this,’on behalf of all those men, women, and children that have died by your country’s intolerance and evil ways, I say, if you have put Saudi gasoline in your car, if you have ever voted for your country’s government, if you have paid taxes to support your evil government, if you have waived your flag to show support to your country on the 4th of July, if you have raised children or were raised by parents to show pride in your country, if you go blindly every day to either work, school or church while at the same time take full measure of the benefits of what your economy provides, which were largely provided by the rest of the world’s enforced forbearance through your Manifest Doctrine, then you have absolutely no justification for the rest of the world’s sympathy when you are eventually, and will be, destroyed.'”

    —–end of letter.

    And Trump and his idiotic children, will speed this inevitable conclusion along.

    The Trump legacy, will be glorious! At least for the rest of the world outside of the USA!

  9. It’s utterly laughable, though I’m not laughing, to expect a demonic pig fucker like Jared Kushner to offer any sort of “peace plan” that would result in anything but the extermination of the Palestinian people and 100% theft of what remains of their land and resources. Kushner is an avowed member of Chabad Lubavitch, an extremely dangerous group of rabid Jewish supremacists who feel anyone who isn’t a Talmudic ZioJew is literally a piece of shit. That overly smarmy smirk on Kushner’s face is begging to be forcibly removed.

    Voltman nails it, as always, by calling it what it is, a fleece plan.

    As for the photograph at the top of the piece, it is truly tragic there wasn’t some sort of devastating accident in which every one of those assholes was set on fire then blown to smithereens.

  10. @ Dorian Agreed, Trump isn’t making Amerika great again or even staying the course, he’s causing the decline to accelerate. Trump is some sort of insane morally bankrupt lunatic who is waxing his out of control ego and vanity on us.

    QUOTE: “If the world is ever going to rid itself of the likes of the United States Of America and its pirating ways, it will be cause of thanks to people like Trump.”

    The Lying Scumbag Trump and the War on Iran

    “Trump isn’t making America great again, he is not even staying the course, he is causing the implosion. Those that follow him are in for a big surprise and even bigger disappointment as Trump the loser captain sinks the USS Titanic.”

  11. @Yukon Jack

    I’m Shocked! I’m Shocked! Are you all of a sudden starting to to think like me! 😉

    Yukon, and to all else, remember these words that follow, either we try and work within the system to make things better, which never works, or we accelerate the system to its inevitable end, that is, its inevitable and total collapse. I am one for the later than the form. Why prolong the suffering for more generations?