Retd. US Army general spooks Trump out of attacking Iran: Politico

Press TV – July 2, 2019

Retired four-star Army general Jack Keane “spooks” US President Donald Trump out of attacking Iran, according to a report. 

Keane’s comments on the evening of June 20 regarding how to respond to Iran’s downing of a US drone dissuaded Trump from an Iran attack, according to sources close to the president.

Retired General Jack Keane

The comments on Trump’s favorite TV news channel made a profound impact on the president, who was “spooked”, according to a report published by Politico on Tuesday which cited two sources briefed on the president’s reaction.

Keane, who was making his second appearance of the day on the Fox News Channel, said that Trump, who had speculated earlier in the day that the Iranian action might have been a fluke rather than a deliberate provocation, had a point.

“Our viewers may have forgotten, but during the tanker war in the late ‘80s when Reagan did take some action, we actually made a mistake,” Keane said, referring to President Ronald Reagan. “We had a USS warship shoot down an Iranian airliner in Iranian airspace. Two-hundred ninety people killed. Sixty-six of them were children,” claimed the 76-year-old former Army vice chief of staff.

Keane added, “we made a horrific mistake!”

Trump, who had green lighted airstrikes, told NBC News the day after changing his mind on the airstrikes that, given a Pentagon estimate that the retaliatory strikes could leave 150 civilians dead, he didn’t believe the strikes were a “proportional” response to the downing of an unmanned drone.

It is unclear to what degree Keane’s description of the decades-old incident was in the president’s decision to call off the airstrikes on Iranian targets.

According to Politico, Trump has twice offered Keane the job of Secretary of Defense .

He declined Trump’s first offer during the summer of 2016.

The president repeated the offer in 2018.

Keane declined again.


3 responses to “Retd. US Army general spooks Trump out of attacking Iran: Politico”

  1. NHS figure in the UK show English people are now very much a minority in the UK
    any British forces who join in an attack on iran are playing with fire.
    After Tony Blairs war on iraq, returning soldiers were told ” do not wear your uniform in public” as many were being beaten up in shopping centres pubs and on the streets
    A lot of men living rough on the streets are ex soldiers thrown out of their homes by their families, this happened in the USA after vietnam.
    People marched in every UK city and town telling the soldiers DO NOT GO
    for those who disobeyed the public, they paid a heavy price, but its nothing to what will happen if they go and bomb the people of iran, lists of soldiers adresses in various counties have already been circulated on the internet, just as the bastard churchill took the war to the German soldiers families in w w 2, its what will happen in the UK.I sometimes wonder what our politicans use for brains, if you are going to bomb another countries people, the last thing you do is bring milions of them into your home country
    its a ready made 5th column

  2. The last battle fought, on British soil, believe it or not, was Culloden Moore (16th April,1746). This was the last time any British people defended their lands from outside attack. Since then, every war, thereafter, involving British troops, has been a war of aggressive invasion to another people.

    People in the UK are waking up. I was on the anti war march, against Iraq in 2003 in London. As much as I despise Galloway, he gave a rousing speech, mirroring the sentiment, of people’s thoughts on the day.
    To anyone who is in the armed forces, or is considering joining, know that you will very much be hated by many people, who clearly see you as murderers and, to those awake of the globalist bankers. You ARE NOT protecting your homeland and people. You are making it a far more dangerous place to live.

    The Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians and Iranians were never and are NOT your enemy. Heck, the former Yugoslavians, the Argentinians, the Germans were not your enemy either, but you happily marched, gun in hand, off to kill at the orders of some politician in Parliament, who would never send his children off to fight. The Zimbabwean regime and the South African regime (now) is your enemy and to white people, as they murder and steal the lands of whites. And you have done nothing to help them.
    Your people, young girls, all over England were victims of Muslim rape gangs and what did you do? Is your job not to defend your land? You failed them. But you haven’t the Jew, who spits on your Yeshua and sees you as animals, cattle, soul less beasts there to serve them as their slaves. You murder Muslims, whose families come to the UK to hate us, all for the creation of Greater Israel.

    You offer the people of the UK nothing. The same for America and every other western nation. Your armed forces are traitors to their people, a mercenary force of assassins, destroying nations, murdering the protectors of those lands, who posed you no ill will or threat at all, but you march onwards for Zion, while your own lands are being destroyed.
    You make me sick.
    I would go to the aid of any soldier being attacked on the streets of the UK, let alone if it was from immigrant peoples. “So shall you sew, so shall you reap” and you have sewed the seeds to a horrific whirlwind that is going to engulf you, your loved ones and the people of this land.
    It’s time you started doing some serious thinking in your lives, instead of blindly following orders from people, to go maim and murder foreigners. Your people are watching and I foresee a time in the very near future where you are attacked, upon returning home from foreign wars, more so the UK is becoming full of the peoples whose religion you are attacking for Jews/Israel.

    Wake up for crying out loud. Stop fighting for Jews. Fight for your people. Fuck the Jews!

  3. This is all fantasy bollox. The US must inform countries like Russia and China they are going to strike Iran. They do this to avoid escalation. I am pretty sure that Putin said something along these lines. “Don’t expect Iran to take this strike. They will defend and retaliate & the US will suffer big loses”. Trump buckled, he doesn’t want a PR disaster 18 months from US election. Trump also wants a major North Korean deal…will nutters like Bolton allow it?