Penguin, Rothschild and Zionist Pressure

Gilad Atzmon – July 2, 2019

Penguin announced this week that in response to claims of ‘antisemitism’ it has stopped printing Col. Pedro Baños’ best selling book, How They Rule the World.
The scandal erupted when it was revealed that passages in the original Spanish edition of the book related to the Rothschild dynasty were omitted from the Penguin Random House English translation. The meaning of this deletion is in itself devastating. It suggests that Penguin attempted to kosherize a book by editing and deleting sections so it would not offend Jewish sensitivities.
The publisher initially rejected allegations that the book which claims to reveal “the 22 secret strategies of global power,” is antisemitic. But after continued pressure from various organisations including the Campaign Against Antisemitism, Penguin commissioned an “external review” led by Rabbi Julia Neuberger.
The Jewish Chronicle (JC)  ‘reveals’ that Col. Baños’ original Spanish edition makes several references to the Rothschild family, including a passage accusing the banking family of holding “gigantic” economic power and influence which has “led to multiple speculations about their capacity to intervene in key global decisions”. Needless to say, this is an historical description of the family and its role in history.
The hypocrisy displayed here by the Jewish media and pressure groups is mind blowing. Jews, themselves, do not hide their pride and admiration for the Rothschild Dynasty and its global political power. In the following video you can watch a Zionist bragging about the Balfour declaration that “changed the course of history” and the power and influence the Rothschild family exercised behind the scenes.

Most English speakers are familiar with the musical, Fiddler on the Roof, but not many Brits or Americans are aware that in Hebrew and in Yiddish the musical’s greatest hit ‘If I were a Rich Man’ is sung “If I were a Rothschild.”  In the following video you can listen to ‘If I Were a Rothschild’ (in Yiddish) while viewing the many estates of this influential family.
Penguin initially argued that while the book  “clearly expresses robust opinions,” it was not anti-Semitic. However, persistent pressure from Jewish organisations  led the publishing giant to commission a Rabbi to review the book. It came as no surprise that Rabbi Neuberger with the aid of two Spanish ‘antisemitism experts,’ reached  the conclusion that the Spanish edition contains “echoes of Jewish conspiracy theories.”  The phrase ‘Jewish conspiracy theories’ is confusing. It basically applies to events in the past which reflect badly on Jews in the present. It is there to suppress free discussion.  Jewish power as I define it, is the power to silence criticism of Jewish power. Penguin Random House shamelessly succumbed to precisely this power last week.
In an attempt to justify his company’s decision, Penguin’s chief executive declared that “Penguin Random House UK publishes for readers of all backgrounds, faiths and nationalities.”
One may wonder what Penguin’s next move will be. Is the compromised publishing house going to remove George Orwell from its catalogue because some Jews insist that deep inside, Orwell was a vile ‘anti-Semite? Maybe Penguin should provide us with the list of titles that are fit for “all backgrounds, faiths and nationalities.” Out of interest, is Penguin planning to delete Deborah Lipsdat’s books because they may offend ‘Aryan sensitivities?’ Will Penguin delete Salman Rushdie’s titles because he once offended a few Muslims? For some reason, I‘m guessing that T. S. Eliot will be the first to go.
For my part, I  welcome Penguin’s shameless decision. It affirms every warning I have produced for the last two decades. The fact that a publisher omitted innocent factual segments from a book simply to appease one Jewish group or another reveals a gross lack of intellectual integrity and commitment to truth. In the Britain of 2019, a leading publishing house doesn’t trust readers to think for themselves. This exposes how radically Britain has changed. It is no longer an open society. Britain is now an authoritarian society. It is, in effect, an occupied zone.
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Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

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  1. Nice castles you got there, rot child. Too bad they are on that nice list of choice targets put out by Plutonymus Maximus… You better get your bug-out gear and camping equipment ready.

  2. No Voltman, something far FAR better and appropriate awaits these demonized bastards. .

  3. Many in British intelligence knew that the UK fought Germany in 2 world wars for rothschilds bank
    When Hitler took the financial system away from rothschild and the jews, rothschild told his followers ( almost all homosexual deviants ) that he would cause the world to go up in flames and Germany would be burnt ( and japan )
    The speech at Londons Grosvenor hotel in the early 1930s was secretly listened to by several hotel staff, my grand father took notes and went to a now defunct newspaper the Daily Sketch and told them Rothschild was going to take England to war for the jews
    They refused to print it.
    But the real reason for the war was that rothschild wanted financial control of Germany
    back for the jews, and we went to war and gave the country back to the bankers.
    Putin took Russia away from them, and thats why there is all this nonsence about the skripals, insiders know the real reason.
    I attendeda talk in the Freinds meeting House Euston rd London in the mid 80s
    the talk given by Peter Wright of spycatcher fame and Trevor Stokes, told us back then
    that Rothschild ran the communist spy ring that took us to war against our fellow Anglo saxons in Germany.
    These 2 men were the main breifers to Roland Perry who named Lord Victor Rothschild
    as the 5th man and the man who enginered the war

    Nicolai Ivanovich Yezhov was just 5 feet tall and he became boss of the NKVD the forerunner to the KGB and as a youngster he was severely bullied for his small stature, he made up for this by being very cruel to animals and smaller children, he was to become the worst tyrant and torturer of the Jewish Soviet Union.
    Yezhov was Joseph Stalins sadistic chief of the great purges, the mass murders of millions of Christians, his knickname was the Bloody Dwarf and this awful period became known as “yezovshcina”
    Yezhov dismissed his love of torturing and killing with his saying “when you chop wood, chips fly”
    Under Pres Putin a new openness with wartime files has been helped by freedom of information requests here in the west,
    Most FOI requests are redacted, but pieced together with documents in the British library and published wartime Venona decrypts we have discovered the following.
    It should be said that a prospective Soviet defector Soviet Vice consul Constantin Volkov in 1944 told British embassy he wanted political asylum and handed over some documents and said in exchange he would give info on 250 British communists and agents working against Britain and also the names of 80 possible agents from ordinary men to high ranking politicians, Winston Churchill is believed by Soviet bloc agent sweet William to be one of these agents working for Russia against Britain, and a document signed by Yezhov instructing the plan for the attacks on jewish businesses in Germany.
    In one of the worst blunders and total incompetence in British intelligence history, Volkov and his wife were taken hostage by the Soviets horribly tortured and killed before this amazing information could be passed over, we have the word of the writer of Spycatcher Peter Wright T Stokes Arthur Martin and Alexandre Solzenitsin to thanks for part of the information which follows.
    On November 7 th 1938 Herschel Grynzpan on the orders of Yezhov a relative of the worlds most powerful banker Alan Greenspan walked into the Paris German embassy and shot 3rd secretary Ernst Von Rath, it was already planned that he would be defended in court by the top French lawyer Gerald Swab who would later along with the other jewish judges give out death sentences to German wartime officials at Nuremberg trials.
    Recently released archive documents from British intelligence show all people involved in these plots this were jews,
    The assassination of the German 3rd secretary, the boycott of all German goods and the mass purges of Christians all instigated by Yezhov and the jews in the USSR were to set the stage for Krystallnacht false flag attacks where 265 jewish synagogues were attacked and 700 businesses had their windows broken, previously believed to be the work of the German people we now know this was a Yezhov active measure to get the world against Germany for supposed attacks on the jews, and in the coming retaliation by jews, 30,00 jewish male activists were rounded up and put into the work camps, this fell right into the hands of the worlds press who blamed the German people for the crystal night attacks, Winston Churchill became the unelected Prime Minister and used the false flag Krystallnacht attack to build hate against Germany, it was said that the insurance money was enough to build several huge new synagogues after the war.

  5. The whole ‘anti-Semitism’ complaint is really just a compliant of ‘anti-Satanism’.

  6. I’m with “gdpetti”, above. And kudos to “david lambert” for that great information.

  7. Balfour…..Yes….no doubt whatsoever that Balfour was a crypto Jew……so Jews formulated their own agreement…..and the Goyim seems to have bought it hook line and sinker.
    Currently two candidates are facing off for the job as British PM.
    BOTH of them are crypto Jews…heads they win tails you lose.
    If anyone buys into the Johnsons “Boris Johnson has some vague jewish ancestry” stuff…..How is it all his wives girlfriends have also been Jewish!…..NO Johnson is a fully paid up member of Global Jews Inc….which means those people who believe his recent words on controlling immigration……are going to be disappointed…..WATCH THIS SPACE.

  8. Ugghh I feel like I was just brain-raped watching the video of that satanic sack of shit spewing his filth. I may need to wash out my eyes and ears with a strong disinfectant. And was the interviewer wearing a fucking yarmulke? I’d like to repeatedly bash his head against that table, a) for being a sniveling sycophant, and b) for not strangling that demon to death while he was close enough to reach out and do it.

    Every Rothschild, EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ONE OF THEM, needs to be impoverished, stripped naked, dragged through the streets by their ankles, vigorously horse-whipped, and forced to live in wretched, soul-crushing poverty for some time. They should then be vigorously horse-whipped again, rolled in pig shit, then nailed to rails and floated out to sea. Same with the heads of all the criminal “central banks”, the most vicious scam ever shoved down the throats of good working people.

  9. Oh yeah, and FUCK YOU Penguin Publishing for being a bunch of miserable cowards. I actually buy a lot of books ( yeah yeah, I’m a bloody dinosaur) but I will never spend one single cent on a Penguin product again.